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Manley Solutions - mHealth Solutions

  1. 1. Healthcare Solutions | Manley | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comAgenda● About Us● Mobility Projects Were Working On● Solution Focus -○ Digital Signage○ Asset, People and Vehicle Tracking○ Telemedicine○ mHealth Automation (In-Building LTE)● Emerging Technology● Quality of Care● Affordability
  2. 2. | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comHealthcare Solutions | About UsIn 2009, we developed a shortanimation outlining our SystemsIntegration Services. Today, ManleySolutions is the National SystemsIntegrator of choice by Verizon Wireless.In 2011, we developed a short animationdescribing our Air Quality Monitoringproduct called AirSense. Today,Airsense is in clinical trials at CaseWestern University and participating inthe Harvard Medical Study for monitoringrespiratory conditions like COPDIn 2012, we developed a short animationdescribing our mapping software calledMAP. Using the mapping software toquickly locate just about anything with anantenna and power.In 2013, we developed a short animationdescribing our monitoring software calledMonitor. Able to collect M2M Data,compile and generate understandablereporting. A great tool for all types ofM2M solutions. Point your data and letMonitor do the rest.
  3. 3. Healthcare Solutions | | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comMobility solutions give physicians and staff members access to the data they need, when and wherethey need it—from front office to point of care. Manley provides a full line of mobile solutions, includinghardware, software and support.● Mobile Device Management (MDM)● Mobile Device Security (MDS)● Carts● Laptops, Notebooks and Ultrabooks● Handheld Computers (DC-Point of Care)● Tablets
  4. 4. Healthcare Solutions | Manley | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comHealthcare Solutions | Digital SignageDigital signage solutions deliver information andeducational content in a highly visual, engaging manner.We offer the hardware, software and expertise you need todeliver end-to-end digital signage solutions. We can evenprovide custom content, including graphics, animation,video and copy, providing you with a true one-stopsolution.
  5. 5. | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comHealthcare Solutions | Asset TrackingAdvanced asset tracking can streamline healthcare operations and lower costs in areas ranging frominventory management and personnel tracking to patient intake. When integrated with EHR solutions,barcode- and RFID-based tracking can help manage the entire patient care process.● Radiology (film tracking)● Blood-transfusion verification● Dietary management● Preventive maintenance● Linen inventory and distribution
  6. 6. | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comHealthcare Solutions | TelemedicineVideoconferencing, transmission of still images, e-healthincluding patient portals, remote monitoring of vital signs,continuing medical education and nursing call centers are allconsidered part of telemedicine and telehealth.
  7. 7. | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comHealthcare Solutions | SecurityData in the digital age must be secured and protected. Access mustbe controlled. Mobile devices must be configured and managed inways that prevent security breaches in the event of loss, theft orvirus. Manley supports a full range of HIPAA-compliant securitysolutions.
  8. 8. | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comHealthcare Solutions | mHealth AutomationIn the healthcare environment, mobility has many diverseapplications. They range from providing doctors and nurses withreal-time access to patient records and data at the point of care,to medication dispensing, patient registration, patient securityand asset management and tracking.
  9. 9. | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comHealthcare Solutions | Emerging TechnologyWe provide all the tools you need, includingassessment services, compliance reviews,security audits, document management software,scanning and archiving, dictation and electronicpen capture devices, cloud-basedcomputing/access and healthcare ITinfrastructures.
  10. 10. | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comHealthcare Solutions | Quality of Service | Patient CareBetter patient care begins with the family. Staying connected,updated and informed of the patients well being is as importantto the emergency assistance being rendered."There is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on from the waiting area." A.Wlodarz, Father
  11. 11. | Infatrac | (877) 2.MANLEY | support@manleysolutions.comHealthcare Solutions | Technology GuidanceContact us todayStuart ManleyPrincipal 340-0088Daniel GhammachiManager, Business 340-0088