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Influencer Marketing: Helping a Bigger Audience Trust Your Brand


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An in depth look at how Influencer Marketing can help your business reach and build trust with a much larger audience of target consumers.

Topics Covered:

1. What Makes Influencer Marketing Such A Powerful Form Of Online Marketing

2. How Influencer Marketing Helps Brands Reach A Much Bigger Audience

3.Selecting The Right Influencers For Your Brand

4.Identifying Metrics That Matter To Your Business (And Those That Don’t)

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  • It's always been better to build an asset that give value to your audience. Brands did this in the past, that's where "soap operas" come from. It was so effective that mass media had to limit commercials. Today, it's possible to scale a huge number of such projects. And a vast number of content creators and promotional ideas go unfunded. Some are not worth the investment, but many creative ideas just waiting for a commercial partner to fund and help distribute. Find them, nurture them. Accept that some will fail. Those that thrive will pay with ROI beyond anything you get from interuption media.
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Influencer Marketing: Helping a Bigger Audience Trust Your Brand

  1. 1. INFLUENCER MARKETING: Helping A Bigger Audience Trust Your Brand
  2. 2. Steven Tulman Co-Founder & CEO Social Pulse Marketing Inc. Steven Tulman has over 15 years of industry experience developing, leading, and executing successful influencer and social media marketing strategies for top brands such as Ford, Visa, Aflac, Canadian Tire, Entertainment One Group, and many more. Having successfully helped grow and sell and, two multi-million dollar online companies, Steven understands the needs of brands when it comes to marketing, brand development, and customer acquisition. @StevenTulman
  3. 3. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN TODAY 1. What Makes Influencer Marketing Such A Powerful Form Of Online Marketing 2. How Influencer Marketing Helps Brands Reach A Much Bigger Audience 3. Selecting The Right Influencers For Your Brand 4. Identifying Metrics That Matter To Your Business (And Those That Don’t)
  4. 4. What Makes Influencer Marketing Such A Powerful Form Of Online Marketing How Influencer Marketing became one of the best forms of marketing ever!
  6. 6. CONSUMERS TRUST OTHER CONSUMERS MORE THAN BRANDS “83% of consumers take action based on the opinions of others” - Nielsen “32% of online consumers trust a stranger more than a brand” - Forrester - Research “96% of people who discuss brands online do not follow those brands’ owned social media profiles” - PwC
  7. 7. The use of ad blocking technology is on the rise due to consumer distrust and dislike in traditional online ads. Ad blockers do not affect Influencer Marketing because the messaging is integrated natively into the social feeds of Influencers rather than as ads or pop-ups. AD BLOCKING MAKES TRADITIONAL ONLINE MARKETING LESS EFFECTIVE
  8. 8. How do you connect with your audience when they choose to trust strangers over you? CONSUMERS LISTEN TO EACH OTHER “74% of consumers rely on social media to inform themselves about purchasing decisions.” - ODM Group “0.04% is the Click-Through Rate of Display Ads.” - DoubleClick Only 4% of consumers notice traditional online banner ads. 96% experience banner blindness. - Infolinks
  9. 9. When traditional brands and agencies have tried pushing the same old messaging through new channels (social media) and they found that it doesn’t work. When these brands and agencies started bombarding consumer everywhere with content marketing promoting brands they found that approach not to work either. When these brands started reaching consumers through other trusted consumers online (influencers) with authentic product messaging, they began seeing the results they were after. This is where Influencer Marketing stepped in. MAKE WAY FOR INFLUENCER MARKETING
  10. 10. • It enables a business to reach more of their target audience to maximize brand awareness growth. • It connects brand with their consumers in an authentic way through sources consumers trust and follow empowering brands to influence consumer behavior. • It boosts sales and customer loyalty because most of consumers research purchases online and are influenced by the opinions of their peers. • It is not limited by AD Blockers, or other technologies geared towards preventing unwanted ads. Who do you trust more, a brand or another consumer? INFLUENCER MARKETING IS SO POWERFUL BECAUSE
  11. 11. 75% of professional marketers are having success with influencer marketing, are you one of them? CONSUMERS LISTEN TO EACH OTHER “75% of marketers are using Influencer Marketing.” - Augure
  12. 12. How Influencer Marketing Helps Brands Reach A Much Bigger Audience Whether you want to reach thousands of local customers or millions around the world, Influencer Marketing can help!
  13. 13. WORDS OF WISDOM ”Content that tries to sell, doesn’t. Content that tries to help, sells” - Linda Boff - CMO, GE
  15. 15. Questions to ask yourself: 1. What kind of exposure do you want - Global or Local? 2. Are you a local or global business? 3. Are you local, but global? (Do you have locations in certain parts of the country or world? ie. a national bank) 4. Are you fully global? (Can anyone have access to you – ie. Visa) LOCAL OR GLOBAL?
  16. 16. 5 Types of influencers: 1. Ultra Micro Influencers: <1,000 Followers - ideal for small, hyper local reach. 2. Micro Influencers: 1,000 < 50,000 Followers - ideal for local reach. 3. Power Middle: > 50,000 Followers, but < 1,000,000 Followers - ideal for global and local reach. 4. Macro Influencers: 1,000,000+ Followers - ideal for global reach. 5. Mainstream Celebrities: Movie & TV stars, Professional Athletes, Popular Musicians, Etc. - ideal for global exposure. GLOBAL OR LOCAL - CONTINUED
  17. 17. Facebook: • Personal – B2C (Non dependent on industry) • Personal – B2B (Non dependent on industry) Instagram: • Personal – B2C (Non dependent on industry) • Personal – B2B (Industry dependent) YouTube: • Personal – B2C (Non dependent on industry) • Personal – B2B (Non dependent on industry) LinkedIn: • Business – B2B ideal (Non dependent on industry) Twitter: • Personal/Business – B2C (Non dependent on industry) • Personal/Business – B2B (Non dependent on industry) EXPOSURE THROUGH DIFFERENT CHANNELS
  18. 18. Selecting The Right Influencers For Your Brand Your brand is unique and so are your customers. Selecting the right influencers for your brand is crucial to ensure success.
  19. 19. To be able to select the right influencers to represent your brand, you must first understand who your customers are. 6 Questions to Understanding Your Customer Who are your customers today? Who were your customers yesterday? Who do you want as customers tomorrow? Why would they want, need, and buy your product or service? What type of content do they engage with? What channels are they engaging on?
  20. 20. Building Simple Customer Profiles Name Job Title - Industry - Company Name - Details About Her Role Demographics -Gender -Age -Salary Range -Location -Education -Cultural Background -Family Goals and Challenges Marketing Message Values and Fears Elevator Pitch
  21. 21. Location • Country, City – oftentimes Micro Influencers have a strong following in the cities and countries where they live Categories • Pick influencers who speak about the topic that your brand's message relates to. Audience Size • Micro Influencers generally have stronger and more personal relationships with their audiences than Macro Influencers and Celebrities. Channels Engaged • Ensure that you choose influencers that have a strong following on the channels that your customers engage with. Content Style • Be certain that their content style is conducive to relaying your brand messaging to your target audience. Language • Do your influencers communicate in your audience’s language(s)? Engagement Rate • Ultra Micro Influencers who have fewer than 1,000 followers have engagement rates as high as 10%, where as effective Micro influencers with 1,000 to 50,000 followers can have engagements rates between 2-4%. Things to look for in an influencer: Pick Influencers Based on Your Customers
  22. 22. Identifying Metrics That Matter To Your Business (And Those That Don’t) To understand how to measure success, you must first have clearly defined goals.
  23. 23. Set clear and measurable goals • New Sales • Customer Loyalty • Brand Awareness • Brand Sentiment • Engagement / Brand Conversation Metrics That Matter To You! Determine what metrics relate to those goals • Website clicks • Offer downloads • Likes • Online orders • Comments • Etc. Finding the right tools to help you track and analyze the results • Nuvi • Radian6 • Sysomos • Keyhole • And more.
  24. 24. BRAND GOALS 1: LOCAL OR GLOBAL? Sales Clicks to online orders Conversions to sale Offer/Coupon downloads and redemptions Tracking tags Customer Loyalty Referrals Repeat orders Sharing Reviews and user-generated content Brand Awareness Reach Views Audience growth Engagement / Brand Conversation Comments Sharing Likes / Follows Data Capture Social Listening Brand Study Clicks Votes Brand Sentiment Likes / Follows Comments Social Listening User-generated Content
  25. 25. How We Help Our Customers You’re the expert in your industry, we’re the experts in ours. Leverage our expertise to help your business grow.
  26. 26. How We Help Access Vetted, Experienced Influencers Identify Influencers with Impact Simplify Program Management Analyze in Real Time Boost Engagement ROI 1 2 3 4 5
  27. 27. Steven Tulman Co-Founder & CEO Social Pulse Marketing Inc. @StevenTulman 416.661.3322 ext. 201 1.800.779.0226 ext. 201 Toronto / New York Questions?