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Guest Blogging for Fun and for Profit


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Guest Blogging for Fun and for Profit

  1. 1. F O R F U N A N D P R O F I T Guest Blogging
  2. 2. Presented by Don Sturgill Freelance Writer  Writing as a profession  Writer or Copywriter?  Guest Blogging
  3. 3. Guest Blogging Writing for free?  History of SEO … LINKS  Guest Blogging builds LINKS  How I found My Blog Guest uest/
  4. 4. Google and MC Stick a fork in it …  “So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy” (Matt Cutts) blogging/  Added: “I’m not trying to throw the baby out with the bath water. There are still many good reasons to do some guest blogging (exposure, branding, increased reach, community, etc.). Those reasons existed way before Google and they’ll continue into the future. And there are absolutely some fantastic, high-quality guest bloggers out there. I changed the title of this post to make it more clear that I’m talking about guest blogging for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.”
  5. 5. The Future of the Internet (got me)  PPC and Organic  August 19, 2004 (IPO 85)  Don’t be evil
  6. 6. How to Write Real Good  Parts make a whole  Visual value (photos/illustrations)  Don’t leave out the conclusion
  7. 7. Where to get ideas If you have to ask …   Feedly … writers read 
  8. 8. How to make money fast  Be a mini-Google (ads)  Sell something  Sell somebody else’s something
  9. 9. To all the writers Good luck  The Farnworth List: classic-copywriting-books/  Elements of Style (William Strunk)  Dream Into It: roadmap-to-freedom-dream-into- it/