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Crisis Ready: Build an Invincible Brand Slide Deck

Melissa Agnes' presentation on building an invincible brand

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Crisis Ready: Build an Invincible Brand Slide Deck

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The entire organization instinctively knows how to:  Detect a rising risk/threat,  Assess its impact on the organization,  Respond effectively in a way that increases stakeholder trust in the brand. Crisis Ready:
  3. 3. The longer you take to effectively respond to a crisis, the more of a crisis response penalty (CRP) you will suffer. CRISIS READY RULE:
  4. 4. Define Issue vs. Crisis
  5. 5. CRISIS a negative event or situation that will stop business as usual to some extent, as it will require immediate decision making and guidance from leadership, as it threatens long-term negative impact on: • People (stakeholders), • Environment, • Business operations, • Organization’s reputation, and/or • Organization’s bottom line.
  6. 6. ISSUE a negative event or situation that either does not stop business as usual, and/or does not threaten long-term negative impact on any of the five business attributes mentioned. However, this is not to say that issues aren’t important to quickly detect and manage. Mismanaged issues can and do develop into crises.
  7. 7. ISSUE (Potential) CRISIS
  8. 8. Consider Worst-Case Scenarios
  9. 9. Examples of high-risk scenarios • Cybersecurity incident • Executive or employee misconduct in the workplace • Executive or employee misconduct outside the workplace, with direct impact on the organization • Foodborne illness / contamination • Key person event • Misconduct or failure of a key external stakeholder that directly impacts the organization • Misstatement of financials • Natural disaster • Offsite accident or catastrophe • Onsite accident or catastrophe • Organized activism against the organization • Product failure • Regulatory incident • Workplace disruption • Workplace violence
  10. 10. Take a 360o View
  11. 11.  Who are your stakeholders?  How will they feel?  What are their expectations?  How can you put measures in place to meet those expectations, in real-time? Understanding & meeting expectations
  12. 12. Build brand invincibility… Define issue vs. crisis Consider worst-case scenarios Take a 360o view 1 2 3
  13. 13. Crisis Ready Building an INVINCIBLE Brand in an Uncertain World By Melissa Ages