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Eight Elements of a PR Plan - Joesph clarkson

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Eight Elements of a PR Plan - Joesph clarkson

  1. 1. EIGHT ELEMENTS OF A PR PLAN Insights (Not a Lecture) From a Young Pro Joe Clarkson @taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13
  2. 2. THIS IS NOT A LECTURE Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13
  3. 3. BUT IT IS IMPORTANT (AND RELEVANT) Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 PHOTO CRED: IMGFLIP.COM
  4. 4. THE EIGHT ELEMENTS OF A PR PLAN Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 PHOTO CRED: MEME GENERATOR 1. Situation 2. Goals + Objectives 3. Audience Analysis 4. Strategies 5. Tactics 6. Timeline 7. Budget 8. Measurement
  5. 5. SITUATION Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 Clearly outline the assignment to your “clients.” Demonstrate immediately you understand the ask. Provide a situation analysis. This can include state of the business, challenges/opportunities, industry trends, etc. Nail down the core challenge and/or opportunity your PR plan looks to solve.
  6. 6. GOALS + OBJECTIVES Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 GOALS Overall statement indicating the desired result of the campaign/PR plan. OBJECTIVES Quantifiable metrics the plan works to achieve throughout the campaign. Objectives should be clear, measurable, feasible, timely and latter back to business goals.
  7. 7. AUDIENCE Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 Who is your target audience? Outline the demos + geos. What cultural trends are relevant to your target audience? How does your target audience get their news? How does this target audience spend their money? What does your target audience like to do in their spare time? What do they care about? Any special causes?
  8. 8. STRATEGY VS. TACTIC Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 “Strategy describes the destination and how you are going to get there, and tactics describe the specific actions you are going to take along the way.” - @clearpointstrat
  9. 9. WHAT MAKES FOR STRONG STRATEGIES +TACTICS? Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 STRATEGIES  Connects to core intention of campaign  Outlines a clear path to desired end result  Reflective of your consumer insights TACTICS  Clearly aids the strategy  Helps convey campaign key messages  Timely, within budget, driver of results
  10. 10. TIMELINES Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 Incredibly important to hold both internal + external parties accountable. Make sure to give yourself some wiggle room. Expect fire drills and don’t panic. Be nimble and prepare to move faster/slower if need be.
  11. 11. BUDGET Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 Budgets must be comprehensive, clear and organized. Pad your budget; expect overages. Collaborate to ensure OOP + Fee figures are accurate and the budget isn’t missing important line items. Outlining extensions and plus-up options within your budget can be helpful in evaluating plan. Communicate with clients immediately when you expect overages.
  12. 12. BUDGET CONT. Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 PHOTO MEME: MEME
  13. 13. MEASUREMENT Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 KPIs are king (or queen)! Crucial for team to track results throughout the campaign to ensure accurate reporting. Results should be clear and tracked accurately. Organized evidence to results is important. Think outside of the box and report new, unique metrics that impact business objectives/goals. Don’t forget campaign photos, visual identity, POS, etc. Clients are drawn to photo proof.
  14. 14. Joe Clarkson/@taylorstrategy @joeclarkson13 THANK YOU!

Editor's Notes

  • Discuss how we want to provide insights vs. lecture
  • Discuss how this lesson is actually relevant to their career. Whether in school or throughout your career
  • Discuss how this lesson is actually relevant to their career. Whether in school or throughout your career
    A PR plan takes time and you really need to tackle in order
    Tell a Bateman story
  • Break up into three sections - assignment, situation + problems/opportunities
    So important to lay the groundwork for your client, teacher, etc. They need to understand that you understand what they need
    Situation – a lot of this will be regurgitation of the brief. However, it stroke client’s egos. Should not be long! Also could be helpful to sprinkle in a trend or two that might be new to them
    Core challenge/opp is IMPORTANT. Should continue to reference throughout your plan
  • Emphasize the importance and difference between goals + objectives
    Really want to focus in on objectives. The measurable piece is essential:
    -what are we measuring (results, percentage increase, business success, etc.)
    -how can you measure
    -what resources do you have to help you measure
    -a lot of resources, but people are fudging results. NEED to have a clear, logical trail to results and why/how are they relevant
  • Understanding your target audience is crucial to developing a sound PR plan.
    These are my tips when it comes to consumer insights
    Demos (age, race, etc.) + geos (where are they + how many)
    Outline these important factors we’ve used to build plans
    These insights should impact your creative thinking and reflect your plan
    Discuss campaign that was rooted in shitty consumer insights and how it completely failed
  • Arguably the trickiest part of a pr plan. A lot of people think tactics are strategies
    Think it’s really important to understand the difference here
    This quote outlines the difference well
    Give an example of a strategy
    “XXX brand taps into the target audience’s love of country music and activates within the space to deliver the campaign’s key message(s) and raise money for charity”
    “Host a benefit concert with Thomas Rhett, where all the proceeds go to the campaign’s charity”
  • Outline what makes for a good strategy + tactic
  • Talk about the importance of timelines and how sometimes they get out of control.
    Nature of our industry and the best workers are both organized and nimble.
  • Budget tips
    Accounting classes. Budget element is a low key skill in the industry. Talk about Todd Bailey advice
  • One of my favorite memes
  • KPIs + measuring results are crucial to showcasing PR’s worth
    ESSENTIAL to track results throughout out. Can’t back into results. Must log and track results
    Used to be placements, impressions, attendance. Go above and beyond in 2020 (engagement rates, how they compare to other engagement rates, message pull through, placements with branded visuals, demos of target publications, influence, etc.)
    Visuals can really help bring the campaign to life