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Extract on dynamic teams at Made By Many

  1. Made by Many Extract on flat structures and dynamic teams
  2. Static businesses Can be verified at each point in time Tend to be silo’d, structured Each part can be optimised independently
  3. Dynamic businesses Constantly moving Permanent revolution Dependent complex system Change one thing, change everything
  4. Static businesses organise themselves in pyramids
  5. and silos
  6. We aspire to be flat but what does that mean
  7. Stripping out many layers of management
  8. Agile Responsive Interconnected networks
  9. Structured around self directed, multi-disciplinary, cross-functional teams
  10. Self organising project teams Directed by a team leader Aware of each others roles
  11. High degree of employee engagement in decision making
  12. Power flows to talent not up an organisation chart
  13. ever shifting collaborations internally and externally built on respect, balance and personal responsibility
  14. No departments, no pigeon holes No one between you and the person you need to work with Self awareness and adaption is valued Access to everyone to bring up any issue
  15. T-shaped people • We train everybody in the basics of each discipline to create t-shaped people • But actually they are Tetris shaped with a degree of knowledge at the top and several vertical strips of deep knowledge • We don’t expect everyone to become an interaction designer/developer more to understand interaction design and development
  16. No job titles • No-one has a job title, you are the sum of abilities in disciplines • We want people to have many strings to their bow • We want people to contribute in any areas they can • No-one should be pigeon-holed

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