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Variable that moderate difference bw dhrm and ihrm


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Domestic HRM vs International HRM

Published in: Technology, Business
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Variable that moderate difference bw dhrm and ihrm

  1. 1. variables that moderates differences between domestic and international HRM •Host-country cultural environment •Type of the industry •Reliance of the MNC on its home-country market •Attitudes of the senior management
  2. 2. Factors influencing the global work environment
  3. 3. Forces for change  Global competition  Growth in mergers, acquisitions and alliances  Organization restructuring  Advances in technology and telecommunication 1/4
  4. 4. Impacts on multinational management  Need for flexibility  Local responsiveness  Knowledge sharing  Transfer of competence 1/5
  5. 5. Managerial responses  Developing a global ‘mindset’  Control mechanisms  Horizontal communication  Using cross-border and virtual teams  International assignments 1/6