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Photo inventory

  1. 1. Aguilar, Daisy Anthropology 102 Dr. Leanna Wolfe 12/02/10 Going in Dirty Coming out Clean
  2. 2. Signs on the walls help as guidelines for patrons to follow while they are inside of the facility. These are conveniently located right next to the window and the view. The signs in Spanish reveal the large cliental of Hispanics.
  3. 3. There is a conveniently located machine in the back to convert dollar bills to quarters for the coin operated laundry machines. These machines are only allowed to be used by paying customers.
  4. 4. Some of the machines help with the cleaning process. They provide essentials for the process of cleaning your clothes. Although many people come in with their own supplies, buying their supplies right from the laundramat is still a very popular option.
  5. 5. There are several snacks and drinks for people to buy if they become hungry or thirsty. By looking at what is in the vending machines people seem to enjoy the close proximity of these small fillers and drinks.
  6. 6. The front side of the room has several games for people to entertain themselves while they wait for their clothes to wash and dry. It is also right next to the front window which also helps promote business by showing people have fun while they are working. It is also a place where the kids can hang out while there parents clean the clothes. There are a few tables and chairs for people to just sit and rest.
  7. 7. There is a bathroom located next to a supply closet and the office. People have the comfort of having a restroom at their disposal. This is a privilege granted only to paying customers.
  8. 8. One of the most important things in the room are the carts especially made for clothes. These help transport the customers clothing all throughout the place. These carts are used by almost all the customers for convenient transportation. These are a must have at the laundry room.
  9. 9. The laundromat offers a variety of sizes for any kind of washing need from small, medium, to large loads. The various sizes help serve the large variety of clients that come in from large families to single people.
  10. 10. A couple of walls are filled almost entirely of dryers which allow people to use several at a time without having to over fill any. This helps prevent peoples clothes from significantly wrinkling which is always a plus since it means less work on the ironing board.
  11. 11. After the clothes is washed and dried people use the tables to fold and sort their clothes. When not in use the tables are to be left clear from any clutter, which most people seem to follow as a common courtesy to the next person.