THE NORTHEAST OHIO                                                                           ECONOMIC INCLUSION           ...
Collaborative action to move theneedle on economic inclusion in 2012.With billions of dollars in new infrastructure and bu...
THE ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE?At the conclusion of the forum series, participants will develop a regional plan for inclusion– and...
THE NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM SERIESEVENT STRUCTUREThe forum series leverages the strengths of leaders in of...
12	  Winter	        	                                                                                                     ...
Speaker, Panelist and         Facilitator BiographiesThe Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
Jeff Cohen                                 Jeff Cohen, CEO Rock Companies, Vice Chairman Cleveland Cavaliers              ...
Jodi Leigh Berg                       Jodi Leigh Berg                       As a fourth-generation family member Jodi Berg...
David Hinson                       David Hinson, National Director                       As National Director of the Minor...
Warren Anderson                       Warren Anderson is the President and General Manager of The Anderson-DuBose         ...
Christopher M. Connor                       Christopher M. Connor is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Sherwin- ...
Sandra Pianalto                       Sandra Pianalto, President and Chief Executive Officer                       Federal...
Steve Millard                       Steve Millard, CCE, President and Executive Director                       Council of ...
Sonya Pryor-Jones                       Sonya Pryor-Jones is a life long learner and change agent with 15 years of        ...
Charmaine D. Brown                       Charmaine D. Brown                       Director, Diversity and Inclusion       ...
Dustin S. Klein                       Dustin S. Klein is Publisher & Executive Editor of Smart Business Magazine          ...
Barbara Oney                                   Barbara Oney has been a leader and innovator in business management, market...
Darrin Redus  Darrin Redus                   Darrin Redus     Chief Economic Inclusion Officer of JumpStart Inc.          ...
Kathryn M. Hall                                      Kathryn M. Hall is the Director of Major Gifts for Health Programs at...
Carlos R. Fuentes      Carlos R. Fuentes      Expert Consultant, Finance and Procurement Strategies      U.S. Department o...
Dr. Rachel Talton                                 Dr.	  Talton	  is	  CEO	  of	  Synergy	  Marketing	  Strategy	  &	  Rese...
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Northeast Ohio Economic Inclusion Forum 3


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The Northeast Ohio Economic Inclusion Forum Series brings the region’s most influential leaders together to engage in cross-sector conversations that leverage our existing economic inclusion programs and resources, ensuring that minority and women-owned business firms receive continued access to opportunities.

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Northeast Ohio Economic Inclusion Forum 3

  1. 1. THE NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM SERIES THE TIME IS NOW.“We are seeing historic investments, yet there “Historically, the people that helped to buildcontinues to be institutional barriers to access, the city of Cleveland called it home. I want tostifling upward mobility for minority [and women] return to that tradition and make sure thoseowned businesses all over our State. So, the question Cleveland residents, female and minority-ownedfor us today as we build upon existing collaborative businesses, and local companies benefit fromefforts, is this: What does an economic inclusion this most recent significant investment inagenda look like for our region?” our infrastructure.”~ U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown ~ City of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson
  2. 2. Collaborative action to move theneedle on economic inclusion in 2012.With billions of dollars in new infrastructure and business investment in Northeast Ohio, opportunities abound forsustained economic growth in our region. It has never been more important than now to ensure the success of smallbusinesses that create local jobs and fuel our economy – particularly minority, women and historically disadvantagedsmall businesses.The Northeast Ohio Economic Inclusion Forum Series brings the region’s most influential leaders together toleverage our existing inclusion efforts while creating a new framework for success that ensures entrepreneurs receivefair access to current procurement opportunities. In essence, the Forum Series seeks to collectively leverage thegreat work of the Commission on Economic Inclusion, Jumpstart Inclusion Advisors, the Minority Business Center,Northern Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council, National Association of Women Business Owners, NortheastOhio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and several others. THE NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM SERIES
  3. 3. THE ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE?At the conclusion of the forum series, participants will develop a regional plan for inclusion– and collectively act upon that plan. Ultimately, the goal is to change in the economiclandscape by substantially improving the survivorship and growth of diverse suppliersacross Northeast Ohio.This challenge cannot be taken lightly. The Northeast Ohio Economic Inclusion ForumSeries takes a strategic, sequential approach that builds on the deliverables from eachprevious event toward collective action. Each event also leverages insight from womenand minority entrepreneurs. At the concluding forum, representatives from all stakeholdergroups will kick-off a year-long effort to effectively move the needle. THE NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM SERIES
  5. 5. THE NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM SERIESEVENT STRUCTUREThe forum series leverages the strengths of leaders in of each sector of our community. Publicsector leaders will work to identify the challenges to effective economic inclusion. Nonprofitorganizations, funders and mission-driven organizations will build on the work of the public sectorby designing recommendations. Private sector executives will design metrics and create a tacticalplan. Throughout the forum series, insight from minority and women entrepreneurs will informthe discussion. Finally, representatives from all sectors will come together to ensure accountabilityand evaluate progress as the region successfully “moves the needle” on economic inclusion in 2012.PHASE ONE: Identify challenges. PHASE TWO: Define solutions.NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUMPHASE ONE: IDENTIFYING CHALLENGES PHASE TWO: DEFINING SOLUTIONSPERSPECTIVES FROM THE PUBLIC SECTOR PERSPECTIVES FROM THE NONPROFIT SECTORMARCH 31ST, 2011 SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2011Sixty-one elected and appointed officials from the public Approximately 150 executives from the nonprofit sector,sector, including federal, state and local government offices, including foundations, arts and research organizations,take the essential first step to improvement by identifying the universities, as well as CDCs and traditional economicbarriers to economic inclusion across our region and our state. development organizations, discuss how current best practices can be applied and existing resources utilized to address challenges identified in the public sector forum.PHASE THREE: Design tactics. PHASE FOUR: Ensure accountability.NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUMPHASE THREE: DESIGNING TACTICS PHASE FOUR: ENSURING ACCOUNTABILITYPERSPECTIVES FROM THE PRIVATE SECTOR PERSPECTIVES FROM ALL SECTORSMARCH 5TH, 2012 SUMMER 2012Top executives from the region’s business community assess Representatives from all sectors gather at the culminating event toall forum feedback to date, using previous forums as a guide to individually and collectively embrace the results of their efforts – adesign an overarching economic inclusion strategy, a concrete defined, measurable course of action to be employed by all sectors,and measurable tactical plan and associated success metrics. providing benchmarks and guidelines for accountability in 2012. THE NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM SERIES
  6. 6. NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM SERIESEVENT STRUCTURE [ CONTINUED ]PHASE FIVE: Move the needle.NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUMPHASE FIVE: MOVING THE NEEDLECOLLABORATIVE ENGAGEMENT FROM LEADERS ACROSS NORTHEAST OHIO2012 THROUGH 2013Although the forum series is a historic first step to designing a regionalframework for economic inclusion in Northeast Ohio, the most important elementof the initiative is collective action. After having framed the issue, uncovered thechallenges, designed recommendations and a tactical plan, leaders from acrossthe region will work toward defined success metrics to literally “move the needle”– substantially driving growth among the region’s diverse suppliers.Throughout 2012, economic inclusion milestones will bedocumented and evaluated. Public, private and nonprofit sectororganizations will work individually and collectively to enact theNortheast Ohio Regional Economic Inclusion Plan.Most importantly, at the conclusion of this process, a substantial number ofdiverse suppliers across our region will have improved survivorship rates,achieved sustainable growth and profitability strategies, increased capacity,expanded social capital, and attained better access to financial capital.DID YOU KNOW?• According to the U.S. Census, minority andwomen entrepreneurs are the fastest growingsegment of small business, collectively owningmore than 50% of all small businesses. – Over 65% of the jobs in the U.S. were created by small businesses – Small businesses created 31% of U.S. export value in 2007 – Roughly 37% of all minority businesses are owned by women – Women-owned businesses have sales receipts of over $1.7 trillion THE NORTHEAST OHIO ECONOMIC INCLUSION FORUM SERIES
  7. 7. 12  Winter     Media  Contact:     Dr.  Rachel  Talton     216.461.0008   FACT  SHEET       WHAT:       Northeast  Ohio  Economic  Inclusion  Forum  Series  No.  3  –  Designing  Tactics   Perspectives  from  the  Private  Sector   100  C-­‐LEVEL  EXECUTIVES  –  ONE  COMMON  GOAL:   Join  the  most  influential  corporate  executives  in  our  region  to  leverage  our   community’s  existing  inclusion  efforts  and  create  a  new  framework  for  success   that  will  fuel  sustained  economic  growth.     The  Northeast  Ohio  Economic  Inclusion  Forum  Series  brings  the  region’s  most   influential  leaders  together  to  engage  in  cross-­‐sector  conversations  that  leverage   our  existing  economic  inclusion  programs  and  resources,  ensuring  that  minority   and  women-­‐owned  business  firms  receive  continued  access  to  opportunities.     The  goal  is  to  help  create  prosperous  businesses  that  lead  to  flourishing   communities  with  new  jobs  and  improved  quality  of  life  for  Northeast  Ohio   citizens.     WHO:       In  this  third  forum  of  four,  you  will  hear  substantive  insights  from  Chris  Connor,   CEO  of  Sherwin-­‐Williams;  Sandy  Pianalto,  CEO  of  the  Federal  Reserve  Bank  of   Cleveland;  and  Warren  Anderson  of  Anderson-­‐DuBose,  in  a  panel  moderated  by   Director  David  Hinson  of  the  U.S.  Department  of  Commerce.       WHEN:       Monday,  March  5,  2012   1:00  –  3:00  pm     WHERE:       Corporate  College  East   4400  Richmond  Road,  Warrensville  Hts.,  OH  44128       Phone:  216.987.2800     WHY:       During  this  session,  participants  will  define  a  targeted,  comprehensive  economic   inclusion  action  plan  for  public,  private  and  nonprofit  sector  organizations  across   the  region  to  embrace  and  implement.     Economic  inclusion  isn’t  just  the  right  thing  to  do;  it’s  the  smart,  strategic  thing   to  do.       The  Northeast  Ohio  Economic  Inclusion   Forum  Series  
  8. 8.   Media  Contact:     Dr.  Rachel  Talton     Synergy   216.461.0008    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Top  Corporate  Executives  Create  Framework  for   Economic  Growth  at  Inclusion  Forum    (CLEVELAND,  OH,  February  29,  2012)  ―  The  third  highly-­‐anticipated  forum  on  economic  inclusion  will  be  held  on  Monday,  March  5,  from  1:00  to  3:00  pm  at  Corporate  College  East,  4400  Richmond  Road,  Warrensville  Hts.,  OH  44128.      This  invitation-­‐only  event  will  bring  together  more  than  100  C-­‐level  executives  with  one  common  goal—to  leverage  inclusion  as  an  economic  driver  in  Northeast  Ohio.  These  executives  seek  to  help  minority,  women  and  historically  disadvantaged  businesses  grow,  create  jobs  and  improve  the  quality  of  life  for  Northeast  Ohio  citizens.    In  this  third  forum  of  four,  substantive  insights  will  be  presented  by  Chris  Connor,  CEO  of  Sherwin-­‐Williams;  Sandy  Pianalto,  CEO  of  the  Federal  Reserve  Bank  of  Cleveland;  and  Warren  Anderson,  President  of  Anderson-­‐DuBose,  in  a  panel  moderated  by  Director  David  Hinson  of  the  U.S.  Department  of  Commerce.  Jeff  Cohen,  CEO  of  Rock  Companies  and  Vice  Chairman  of  the  Cleveland  Cavaliers,  will  provide  the  keynote  address.      This  collaborative  effort  is  sponsored  in  part  by  the  Ohio  Department  of  Transportation  (ODOT)  District  12,  COSE,  JumpStart,  the  Cleveland  Foundation,  the  Commission  on  Economic  Inclusion,  the  Fund  For  Our  Economic  Future,  and  many  others.      "For  families,  business  owners,  recent  college  graduates  and  local  leaders,  economic  opportunity  should  know  no  barriers,"  Senator  Brown  said.  "This  forum  is  a  part  of  a  continued  effort  to  eliminate  the  obstacles  to  economic  growth  by  encouraging  economic  inclusion  and  job  creation  for  women  and  minorities  in  Northeast  Ohio."    This  coming  June,  the  Northeast  Ohio  Economic  Inclusion  Collaborative  will  unveil  the  culminating  strategy  developed  by  over  500  public,  private  and  nonprofit  leaders.  The  June  event  will  be  hosted  by  the  Marriott  at  Key  Center  and  will  begin  the  implementation  of  the  18-­‐month  plan  to  “Move  the  Needle”  on  economic  inclusion  in  our  region.      For  more  information  about  the  Northeast  Ohio  Economic  Inclusion  Forum  Series,  visit   ###    
  9. 9. Speaker, Panelist and Facilitator BiographiesThe Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  10. 10. Jeff Cohen Jeff Cohen, CEO Rock Companies, Vice Chairman Cleveland Cavaliers Principal Rock Gaming LLC Jeff is CEO and Founder of the Rock Companies, which includes the following family of companies: Rock Construction Company, Inc., Rock Equities LLC and Rock Management LLC. Rock Construction is a builder and developer that was founded in 1991 and has principal offices in Detroit, Michigan. With its affiliates, the company has developed, built and managed numerous commercial and residential projects including offices, custom homes, condominiums, apartment communities and arenas. Rock Construction is a licensed Michigan residential builder, a member of the Michigan Association of Home Builders, and licensed Michigan real estate broker. Rock Equities was formed in 2001 as a vehicle for pursuing real estate investment opportunities. Its holdings have included properties in Florida, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio. Rock Equities has over $1 billion in transactions since its inception.Rock Management is a property management company that manages many of the Rock Companies’ holdings, particularly its propertiesin Southeastern Michigan, Metropolitan Orlando, North Carolina, and Southeast Ohio. Rock Management currently manages over 2,000residential units, Quicken Loans Arena (The “Q”) and the Cleveland Cavalier player development facility.In June 2002, Cohen was part of a small group of investors that purchased Quicken Loans (which today consists of Quicken Loans, RockFinancial and Title Source) from Intuit Inc. Quicken Loans closed a record $29 billion in 2010.In 2005, Cohen was part of an investor group that acquired the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball club of the National Basketball Association,becoming its Vice Chairman in 2009. The ownership group, is responsible for a complete overhaul of the franchise, including the frontoffice executive team, coaching staff, player personnel and game presentation. The group also renovated the newly named “QuickenLoans Arena,” (known as “The Q”) including new seats, state-of-the-art scoreboards, video systems, sound systems, arena graphics,signage, security, locker rooms, and suite upgrades. Rock Companies was responsible for overseeing the above construction activity,and acted as the Construction Manager/Owners Representative for the new state-of-the-art 55,000 square foot Cavalier Practice Facilitynamed Cleveland Clinic Courts.In 2006, Cohen was part of an investor group that acquired and currently operates two consumer–based, technology centered businesses– ePrize, an online promotions company; and Fathead LLC, which licenses and sells a new category of product for the true sportsenthusiast. A “Fathead” is a life-size, colorful, vinyl wall graphic of star athletes and logos from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB andNASCAR, as well as Hollywood entertainment characters.In November 2009, Jeff was part of a group that successfully backed a state constitutional amendment bringing casino gaming toOhio.  Rock Gaming will own and operate casinos in downtown Cleveland and downtown Cincinnati.  The casinos are expected toopen in 2013. It is estimated that this initiative will create 34,000 jobs and roughly $650 million dollars in tax revenue annuallystatewide. Rock Companies is responsible for overseeing the casino construction activities which total more than $1 billion.Additionally, Cohen’s group owns and operates Flash Seats, LLC. Flash Seats has created technology and processes that replacesphysical tickets for large sports and entertainment events with an electronic approach and offers a secure, online marketplace fortransferring and selling tickets in a digital format. The Cavaliers are the first team in professional sports to use this new technology.Cohen is a Director of the National Association of Home Builders, the Michigan Association of Homebuilders, and serves on the LegislativeAffairs Committee of the Michigan Association of Homebuilders. He is currently President of JARC Properties—a non-profit organizationproviding housing and services to the developmentally disabled—and also serves on the Board of the Jewish Federation of MetropolitanDetroit. He is active in the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation as well as various other charitable organizations. The Northeast Ohio Economic Inclusion FORUM SERIES
  11. 11. Jodi Leigh Berg Jodi Leigh Berg As a fourth-generation family member Jodi Berg is taking the world leader in high-performance blending equipment, for home and commercial use, to the next level. Prior to becoming president in 2009, Berg led the company’s sales and marketing efforts through significant global and domestic growth. She catapulted Vita-Mix from a company that only dabbled in international sales to a recognized leader in global business strategy. Before joining Vitamix in 1997, Berg has held management positions within the world-renowned hospitality companies of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Marriott Corporation. With a strong background in sales, and as a certified quality auditor and director of quality and training, Berg traveled the globe to train companies and government officials on the leadership practices of The Ritz- Carlton Hotel Company and of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Berg received her bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green University and her master’s degree from Washington State University. About Vita-Mix Vita-Mix Corporation is the world leader in high-performance blending equipment for home and commercial use. Recognized for product and marketing innovation, the privately owned company has specialized in versatile and durable kitchen equipment since 1921. Today, Vita-Mix blending equipment can be found in the finest cooking schools, hotels, restaurants and homes around the world, confirming its reputation as the industry’s most praised provider of innovative blending solutions. Since developing the first true commercial blender in the early 1990s, Vita-Mix has continued to deliver industry-leading home and commercial products – demonstrated by the company’s array of product innovation and performance awards. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Vita- Mix has distribution in more than 80 countries. For more information, visit www. Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  12. 12. David Hinson David Hinson, National Director As National Director of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), Mr. Hinson oversees a national operation of five regional offices and 48 minority business centers. This operation expands the U.S. economy and creates new jobs by providing services to promote the growth and global competitiveness of minority businesses. Since the start of the Obama Administration, this operation has assisted minority- owned firms in obtaining nearly $7 billion in contracts and capital, creating nearly 11,000 new jobs. The overall mission of MBDA is to achieve economic parity for the minority business community. In order to achieve this goal, MBDA is focused on building the foundation for the next generation of $100 million minority-owned companies. Mr. Hinson is uniquely qualified to lead MBDA. Prior to joining MBDA, Mr. Hinson was President and CEO of Wealth Management Network, Inc., a multi-million dollar independent, financial advisory boutique. Before his own path into entrepreneurship, Mr. Hinson managed a 10-state sales region as Director of Advisory Services and Managing Director of Business Development for Envestnet Asset Management, a publicly traded, $70 billion financial advisory firm. In addition, Mr. Hinson previously held a variety of senior-level and mid-management positions at Bank of America, Morgan Stanley & Company, First Chicago (now JP Morgan Chase) and the Village Foundation. Mr. Hinson received an MBA in finance from The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, and a bachelor’s degree in insurance and finance with honors from Howard University in Washington, DC. In addition, he completed a fellowship in international finance with honors from the Stockholm School of Economics and graduate-level studies in French with honors at the University of Abidjan, in Ivory Coast, West Africa. Mr. Hinson is a native of St. Louis, MO., and currently resides in Washington, DC. MBDA. Your Strategic Growth Partner. www.mbda.govThe Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  13. 13. Warren Anderson Warren Anderson is the President and General Manager of The Anderson-DuBose Company. The Anderson-DuBose Company is a distributor of various products to nearly 500 McDonald’s restaurants in northeastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia and over 40 Chipotle Mexican Grills. Warren became the owner of the McDonald’s distribution center in Solon, Ohio in 1991. During his career, Warren has created and/or sold several businesses including: A&W Carbonics, a liquid carbonics company; KWA, a leasing equipment company; A-D South Africa, a food distributorship serving McDonald’s franchisees in Johannesburg and Capetown, South Africa. Most recently, Mr. Anderson acquired a Miller/Coors beer distributorship in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and an additional McDonald’s distributorship in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has over 300 employees and gross sales of approximately $326 million. Anderson-DuBose is currently the seventeenth largest African-American industrial-service company in the United States, and the number one largest African-American company in Ohio. Warren graduated from The University of Michigan, School of Literature, Science and the Arts majoring in Radio and Television Production with a Bachelor of General Science degree in 1974. He then entered The University of Michigan’s School of Communication and graduated with Master’s degree in 1976 majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Beginning his career in 1975, Warren held various positions at radio and television companies in Washington DC, Detroit, New York and Hartford. Some of these positions include Account Executive, National and Local Sales Manager and lastly, General Sales Manager. Currently, being a board member of Playhouse Square Foundation, Cleveland Clinic Foundation Minority Men’s Health Center and Cleveland Clinic Urological & Kidney Institute, Warren feels very strongly about being able to give back to the community. The Anderson-DuBose Company contributes to various organizations including: United Way, United Black Fund, NAACP, United Negro College Fund, and the Ronald McDonald House. Warren is a graduate of Leadership Cleveland Class of 1995 and a member of the World President’s Organization. The son of Edward and Dorothy Anderson, he has one sister Cheryl and two children of his own: son Khari and daughter Alana.The Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  14. 14. Christopher M. Connor Christopher M. Connor is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Sherwin- Williams Company, an $8.0 Billion Global Leader in the Paint and Coatings Industry. Mr. Connor was elected Chief Executive Officer by the Company’s Board of Directors on October 25, 1999 and added the title of Chairman on April 26, 2000. Mr. Connor, 55, began his employment with The Sherwin-Williams Company in 1983 as Director of Advertising for the Paint Stores Group. Over his 28-year career with Sherwin-Williams, Mr. Connor has held a number of increasingly important assignments in many different functional areas of the Company. In every one of these assignments he has been privileged to work with the outstanding men and women of Sherwin-Williams as they have prospered and grown the Company together. Today, Sherwin-Williams operates over 3,350 paint stores in the United States, owns many of the paint and coatings industry leading brand names, and sells products in over 100 countries around the world. Sherwin-Williams’ culture of excellence has created an environment where outstanding technology, strong marketing, operational excellence and engagement all continue to play a role in the Company’s growing success. Sherwin-Williams has been recognized by many business publications for financial excellence, integrity of business practices, strong track record of dividend payments and notably, by Fortune Magazine, as one of our nation’s top 100 companies to work for on three separate occasions. In addition to The Sherwin-Williams Company Board of Directors, Mr. Connor serves on the board of the Eaton Corporation and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. His many civic and community board engagements include the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, The Playhouse Square Foundation, University Hospitals Health System, United Way Services of Greater Cleveland, Team NEO, Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, the National Manufacturers Association and The American Coatings Association. Mr. Connor is the past Chairman of the Board for Keep America Beautiful, University Hospitals Health System and Walsh Jesuit High School. Mr. Connor is a 1974 graduate of Walsh Jesuit High School and a 1978 graduate of The Ohio State University. He and his wife, Sara, have three adult children.The Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  15. 15. Sandra Pianalto Sandra Pianalto, President and Chief Executive Officer Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland As president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Sandra Pianalto has both national and local leadership responsibilities. She participates in the formulation of U.S. monetary policy, and she oversees 1,100 employees in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh who conduct economic research, supervise financial institutions, and provide payment services to commercial banks and the U.S. government. Ms. Pianalto’s tenure with the Bank spans 28 years. She joined the Bank in 1983 as an economist in the Research Department. She was appointed assistant vice president of public affairs in 1984, vice president and secretary to the board of directors in 1988, and first vice president and chief operating officer in 1993. She assumed her position as president in 2003. Before joining the Bank, Ms. Pianalto was an economist at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and served on the staff of the Budget Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ms. Pianalto is active in the Fourth District’s civic community. She is immediate past chair and a life director of the board of United Way of Greater Cleveland. She also serves on the boards of a number of other community organizations, including The Cleveland Foundation, Greater Cleveland Partnership, College Now Greater Cleveland, University Hospitals, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Ms. Pianalto earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from The University of Akron and an MA in economics from The George Washington University. She is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and holds honorary degrees from The University of Akron, Baldwin- Wallace College, Kent State University, Ursuline College, Notre Dame College, Cleveland State University, and John Carroll University.The Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  16. 16. Steve Millard Steve Millard, CCE, President and Executive Director Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) Steve Millard is president & executive director of the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) and has served in that role since 1999. Steve’s work is focused on advocating for the needs of small businesses with policymakers and the community and leading COSE to do whatever is possible to improve the ability for small business owners to achieve their goals. Prior to joining COSE, Steve spent five years as a management consultant in the strategic services practice for Andersen Consulting and also was formerly a supply chain specialist at GE Healthcare (formerly GE Medical Systems). Steve currently serves on the boards of the National Small Business Association; the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio; the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture; the Presidents Council Foundation; the United Way of Greater Cleveland; and the Center for Community Solutions. Steve earned top honors in both the completion of his Bachelor’s Degree from Syracuse University and his MBA from Case Western Reserve University. Steve is a certified chamber executive which is the topdesignation conferred in the chamber industry for professional achievement. Steve and his wife Lisa, reside in Auburn Township (Northeast Ohio) with their two children, Lexie (13) and Ben (9). About COSE Since its creation in 1972, the Council of Smaller Enterprise’s (COSE) mission has been simple…to help its more than 14,000 member small businesses to succeed by advancing their common interests and their common cause. And COSE does that in a number of ways: first, it connects members to each other to help them find and share the peer-based knowledge, support and resources they need to thrive; second, COSE saves members money on the costs of doing business by leveraging their collective buying power; and finally COSE serves as the voice of small business within the community and on important legislative and regulatory issues in Washington D.C., Columbus and local city halls.The Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  17. 17. Sonya Pryor-Jones Sonya Pryor-Jones is a life long learner and change agent with 15 years of experience in K-20 education. Sonya has been involved in some of Northeast Ohio’s most high risk and high reward initiatives ranging from the opening of the community’s first national Blue Ribbon charter school to the design and launch of a regional education effort with over 50 non profit and business partners. In 2011 Sonya established her own education and organizational development consultancy, Synchronicity Consulting LLC. Her current body of work includes facilitation, planning, and project management for clients like the Cleveland Public Library, Big Picture Learning, and Maya Design. She is also a sought after speaker with recent engagements including the Aspen Ideas Festival, National Governors Association, and the Project Lead the Way Innovation Summit discussing innovation in education, and the role of teaching and learning in today’s global society. Most recently, Sonya was the Executive Director of The Metropolitan Cleveland Consortium for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (MC2 STEM), the regional hub for the Ohio STEM Learning Network. This public-private partnership (including Battelle, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Cleveland Foundation, General Electric, and NASA) was established to promote and amplify STEM education for Northeast Ohio. During her tenure, Sonya secured over $3.5 million in funds, led the design and opening of two new regional high schools, managed the build of the MIT Mobile Fab Lab 2.0, and provided support to over a dozen schools and out-of-school STEM programs. Sonya received a B.A. in International Studies and History from Kenyon College, and a M.Ed. in Education-Adult Learning and Development from Cleveland State University. She also holds Certificates in Executive Education and Appreciative Inquiry from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. A community leader, Sonya was selected as a 2006 Cleveland Foundation CORO Executive Fellow. During this cross-sector fellowship experience, Sonya managed projects for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Eaton Corporation, The City of Cleveland, University Circle Inc., and the Cleveland Foundation. In June 2009, Sonya traveled to Europe as a German Marshall Memorial Fellow and studied the political issues of the day in Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, Montenegro, and Germany to build transatlantic relations. Sonya has also served the community as a board member for Sankofa Fine Arts Plus, ACE Mentor Program, the Glenville Development Corporation, and the Workforce Investment Board Youth Council. She and her family are also active members of Church of the Master, and the South Euclid neighborhood association.The Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  18. 18. Charmaine D. Brown Charmaine D. Brown Director, Diversity and Inclusion Charmaine D. Brown is the Director, Diversity and Inclusion at Forest City Enterprises, Inc., a national owner, operator and developer of distinctive and diversified real estate. In her role, Brown is responsible for guiding the Company’s diversity and inclusion strategy. Joining Forest City in November 2004, Brown is focused on increasing the impact of Diversity and Inclusion throughout the organization. She is responsible for achieving results in the area of talent management, culture and market strategies. In addition she has responsibility for cultivating relationships with national and local organizations to support the companies’ inclusion and philanthropic efforts. Prior to joining Forest City, Brown was corporate manager of diversity and inclusion at Charter One Financial, Inc. During her time at Charter One, Brown was responsible for developing and implementing a corporate diversity and inclusion program and establishing corporate goals for diversity. Brown is very active in the community serving on a number of boards in various capacities including the Northern Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council, Family Connections and Milestones Autism. In addition, she is a member of the United Way of Greater Cleveland’s Human Resource Advisory Committee and the Cleveland Commission on Economic Inclusion’s Member Impact committee. She is a graduate from the class 2009 Cleveland Bridge Builder program. Brown has also been active in numerous community events and initiatives. In 2003, Brown was president of the Partnership of African American’s in Human Resources and former hostess with the Society of Urban Professionals also known as S.O.U.P@Nite. Brown attended Michigan State University in East Lansing, Mich., where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. She is certified as a Professional Human Resource through the Society of Human Resource Management and holds a certification.The Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  19. 19. Dustin S. Klein Dustin S. Klein is Publisher & Executive Editor of Smart Business Magazine & Events, a national multimedia company based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company provides management and leadership insight, advice and strategy through numerous mediums, including 17 regional publications, more than 60 annual conferences and events, a series of Websites, Content Marketing, Apps, Website development, video creation, and a book division. Smart Business is the nation’s largest publisher of local management journals, with nearly three- quarters of a million C-level executive readers. In his capacity as Publisher & Executive Editor, Dustin is responsible for managing the company’s day-to-day operations. He directs production of all Smart Business publications and events; manages the editorial, Insights, production, circulation, events, books, content marketing, digital division, and interactive departments; works with the sales team and Smart Business clients to develop content-related products that position them as thought leaders. Under his direction, Smart Business and its editorial team have received more than 70 local, state and national journalism awards. Dustin, himself, has been recognized more than a dozen times with awards for his reporting, column writing, and editing. He is a regular speaker on such issues as innovation, media relations, management, leadership and the role of media in the business world. Dustin has authored or co-authored three books, including Lost in the Shadows, Stella’s Way, and most recently, The Benevolent Dictator. He is currently co-authoring a book on “unexpected” customer service with the founder and CEO of one of the nation’s largest privately held companies.The Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  20. 20. Barbara Oney Barbara Oney has been a leader and innovator in business management, marketing and business alliances for over 25 years. Ms. Oney has held senior positions in leading multi-national corporations where her “intrapreneurial” work served to grow multi-million dollar divisions. She is also a serial Entrepreneur having formed and sold several companies. Her career focus has been as an entrepreneur as well as a business leader in management, sales, marketing, entertainment and tourism. Ms. Oney is currently CEO/Founder of the UNCOMN.TV Network LLC, parent company to Got*City GAME! - a web-based talent attraction initiative using digital technology to promote the career, education and neighborhood assets of Northeast Ohio cities. Ms Oney is a recipient of the Cleveland Foundation’s Civic Innovation Lab Grant; was named “Hero to the Region” by the Employers Resource Council for the show’s talent attraction impact (ERC, largest HR organization in NEO); and has received Scene Magazine’s “Best of Cleveland” for “Craziest idea that just might work”. Most recently the company was awarded the GLIDE Innovation Fund Grant, a Third Frontier funded early stage fund for innovative technology companies with the potential for rapid growth and job creation in Northeast Ohio. And, in January, the company received the TITC Ohio status, (Technology Investment Tax Credit). This award is granted to promising emerging technologies and provides a 25% tax credit to investors in the company. Ms. Oney also serves as Executive Director of the UNCOMNTV Foundation Inc. a non-profitcorporation dedicated to attracting and retaining talent to Northeast Ohio by generating post-secondary scholarships and internships andthrough the development of volunteer networks that leverage Collaborative Community Engagement to effectively create and sustain brain-gain resources and initiatives that positively impact the emerging workforce of 15-35 year olds.Ms. Oney is also a managing partner in the marketing and business consulting company, TRUST LLC. The TRUST GROUP LLC is aconsortium of five award-winning marketer/business owners providing marketing expertise and collaborative training built on the principleof Trust-building.Ms. Oney served as interim Executive Director for Cleveland’s Red {an orchestra} in 2005-2006. Her responsibilities included staff andfacility management, marketing and PR. She was also the Executive Producer for the first simulcast of an orchestra into the 3-D web-world“Second Life” through a unique alliance with Red {an orchestra}, Case, CSU and OneCommunity and the New Media Consortium.From 2004 – 2005, Ms. Oney was the Chief Marketing Officer for the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland (CVB)– now Positively Cleveland. While there she conducted long-overdue audits to evaluate bottom-line deliverables, eliminate waste and setbaselines for ROI metrics. In addition, she launched the CVB’s first fully integrated marketing campaign “See Something New”. Enhancedand expanded technology-based marketing strategies accounted for a 10% reduction in marketing costs in key areas. She was responsiblefor establishing internal systems to stream-line the marketing and sales process. Marketing alliances were developed with key events suchas the Rock Hall’s CMJ Music Fest and the Grand Prix as well as with Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Team NEO and College 360 to leveragefor enhanced target marketing and financial efficiency.Prior to moving back to Cleveland in 2001 she served as Vice President of Universal Studios. While there she developed an in-housemarketing promotional department that provided over $11 million in incremental media and sponsorship exposure within the first 9 months.As the departmental representative to Universal Studio’s strategic partners she worked with many global companies such as Coca-Cola,Kodak and UNICEF on multi-departmental initiatives.Before working at Universal Studios, Ms. Oney was founder and president of Barbara Watts and Associates, Inc. (BWA). For overseven years, the full-service agency represented clients such as Warner Bros., Hollywood Video, Andrew Jergens, Universal Television andHBO secured multi-million dollar corporate partnerships that included event sponsorships, licensing, promotions and integrated alliancemarketing for both leading package goods corporations and entertainment companies. BWA was sold in 1998.In 1990 Ms. Oney joined Twentieth Century Fox as Director of Worldwide Promotions. In this position she managed the sale andexecution of promotions and corporate partnerships with film, video and television properties on both a domestic and international basis.Ms. Oney delivered the largest alliance deal ever realized by the film division in Japan with the Home Alone/Kentucky Fried Chicken deal.An alliance campaign she developed between Home Alone and Pepsi in the US secured over $8 million dollars in media for the video andincreased Pepsi sales by nearly $200 million.With MGM/UA Home Video in 1986, she started-up and managed a division that handled all of the direct mail, premium, laser andpromotional licensing deals. She was directly responsible for contracting and managing the fulfillment facility, establishing all of themarketing, sales, accounting and tracking procedures. She was also the Direct Mail Sales Representative where she was responsible fornegotiating agreements with leading direct mail companies like Time Life Books and Columbia House for programs that delivered up to $10Million a year in sales. The Northeast Ohio Economic Inclusion FORUM SERIES
  21. 21. Darrin Redus Darrin Redus       Darrin Redus  Chief Economic Inclusion Officer of JumpStart Inc.    Darrin is Chief Economic Inclusion Officer of JumpStart Inc., the Cleveland‐based nonprofit  transforming the economic impact of entrepreneurial ventures and the ecosystems supporting  their growth. Under his direction, JumpStart’s inclusion strategy, which includes a holistic  approach to increasing the success of minority, women, and inner‐city entrepreneurs in  growing high impact companies, has emerged as an innovative model attracting national  attention. Darrin also leads a team of inclusion advisors in creating and implementing  specific programs to prepare minority and female owned and inner‐city based  entrepreneurial ventures for investment.     Before joining JumpStart, Darrin was Founder and CEO of Redus Small Business Advisors,  LLC, a strategic planning and management assistance firm Darrin established in 2003. Prior  to that, Darrin dedicated 16 years to the commercial banking and finance industry, holding  a series of senior level management positions with National City Corporation and KeyCorp.  At National City, Darrin served the small and middle market business community,  providing leadership and support for enterprises ranging from startups to international  firms with up to $100 million in annual revenues. At KeyCorp, Darrin was Senior Vice  President in charge of the company’s business banking operations for Ohio, Michigan, and  Indiana. Darrin holds an MBA from Baldwin‐Wallace College and an undergraduate degree  from Mount Union College.   The Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionThe Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIESFORUM SERIES
  22. 22. Kathryn M. Hall Kathryn M. Hall is the Director of Major Gifts for Health Programs at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. In this capacity she is responsible for resource development for educational programs, exhibits and distance learning programs associated with health. Kathryn first came to the Museum in April, 2008 as the Resource Specialist for the traveling exhibit RACE: Are we so different? As a result of her leadership the Museum had more than 95,000 individuals visited the exhibit. Additionally she raised almost $200,000.00 in sponsorship dollars to support the wealth of public programming that took place as part of the exhibit, exceeding all previous sponsorships in Museum history. Currently Hall has also worked as an HR and Inclusion Consultant with the Evergreen Cooperative Companies. She supported the launch of the first three Cooperative Companies. Two additional companies are scheduled to open in the coming year. Evergreen has received numerous local, national and international acclaim as a result of these efforts. Evergreen is changing the face of employment, economic inclusion and wealth building in the Greater University Circle neighborhoods. Hall has had her diversity consulting practice for more than ten years.Hall was formerly the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity, at Case Western Reserve Universitywhere she was employed for four years. While at Case she was responsible for providing executive leadership for Diversityefforts throughout the University and its eight schools. She was also in charge of the University’s Supplier DiversityProgram. The University was awarded numerous awards and honors in diversity as a result of her executive leadership insupplier diversity. Prior to her employment at Case, Hall worked for thirteen years at Cuyahoga Community College as their Director ofDiversity and Community Outreach. In that role Hall created the Diversity Speakers Series, College wide Diversity Dayand in addition to managing the Supplier Diversity program for the College. Tri-C received numerous awards as a result ofher efforts.Hall is a Certified Diversity Professional having received a Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in DiversityManagement from Cleveland State University. Additionally, she earned Certification from NTL in Washington, D.C. withspecialization in Diversity Management after completing an 18 month training program. Kathryn received her undergraduatedegree from Baldwin Wallace College in Political Science and Sociology. Kathryn spends a lot of time in community servicethroughout northeast Ohio. Hall is very active with the Greater Partnership, the Commission in Economic Inclusion and theNorthern Ohio Minority Business Council working on various committees that address economic inclusion and diversity. She has served on the City of Cleveland Community Relations Board for three administrations having been appointed byMayors White, Campbell, and Jackson. She is a very active member of the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland Boardand serves on the Board of Trustees for Sankofa Fine Arts Plus. Hall was inducted into the 2006 and 2007 Class of Who’sWho in Black Cleveland. She is a member of the Kaleidoscope Magazine’s 40/40 Club, The Cleveland EEO Associationand Black Professionals Association. She is a Mentor for the Cleveland Chapter of the National Black MBA Association,and for Partners First, a local supplier diversity initiative.Kathryn was recently inducted into 2010 John Hay High School Hall of Fame as an outstanding Alumnus. She is a residentof Cleveland, Ohio and she enjoys music, traveling and collecting fine ethnic art. She describes herself as a people personwho is living life to the fullest while attempting to make a difference in the lives of others. Her passions are people, diversityand economic inclusion. The Northeast Ohio Economic Inclusion FORUM SERIES
  23. 23. Carlos R. Fuentes Carlos R. Fuentes Expert Consultant, Finance and Procurement Strategies U.S. Department of Commerce – Minority Business Development Agency Carlos R. Fuentes is an Expert Consultant for Finance and Procurement Strategies at the U.S. Department of Commerce – Minority Business Development Agency. Carlos was appointed to his position in July, 2011 and he is responsible for supporting the federally funded, public-private partnerships in the 10 states in the Midwest region. Carlos has specific oversight of the new Minority Business Centers in Chicago, Cleveland, and Minneapolis. The U.S. Department of Commerce – Minority Business Development Agency is an entrepreneurially focused organization committed to wealth creation in minority communities. The Agencys mission is to actively promote the growth and competitiveness of large, medium and small minority business enterprises (MBEs). Prior to joining the U.S. Department of Commerce, Carlos was the Director of Minority Business Attraction of Team Northeast Ohio (Team NEO), the regional private-sector-led economic development organization. Team NEO’s mission is to market Northeast Ohio’s many assets as a location for business investment and to work with individual companies on their investment/expansion programs. Team NEO is a joint venture of the chambers of commerce of the major cities of the region, including Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown. Carlos is an experienced marketing, procurement and diversity professional with senior leadership positions in the private, non-profit and now government sectors. Carlos has spent his career specializing in serving diverse and multicultural consumer and business segments through marketing, business development and strategic growth strategies. Over his 18-year career, Carlos has been recognized as a national leader in diversity- and multicultural-related business issues and has been invited to speak and lead training sessions at several national events. Carlos is a native of Chicago, IL and holds a masters degree in International Affairs from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and a bachelor degree from St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. Carlos has demonstrated his leadership in serving the business and diversity community by his wide range of public service activities, a brief listing includes: • Commission on Economic Inclusion – Committee Co-Chair, Board of Advisors • Northeast Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce – Chairman of the Board, Board of Directors • MetroHealth Hospital Foundation – Director, Board of Directors Carlos and his wife, Sheila, have two daughters and currently reside in Bay Village, Ohio.The Northeast Ohio Economic InclusionFORUM SERIES
  24. 24. Dr. Rachel Talton Dr.  Talton  is  CEO  of  Synergy  Marketing  Strategy  &  Research,  Inc.  Synergy’s  purpose  is  to  build  trust  and   unleash  passion  in  organizations,  people  and  brands  from  the  inside  out.    Synergy  uses  a  unique   combination  of  expertise  in  research,  insight  and  strategy    -­‐  and  traditional  and  online  methodologies  -­‐  to   better  understand  consumer  and  employee  behaviors  and  leverage  opportunities  for  growth.  In  addition   to  Dr.  Talton’s  success  as  an  entrepreneur,  she  is  an  award-­‐winning  expert  and  published  scholar  in  the     areas  of  brand  trust  and  employee  loyalty.         Prior   to   founding   Synergy,   Dr.   Talton   was   Executive   Vice   President   of   Marketing   Programs,   Inc.,   where     she   led   Corporate   and   Business   Programs.   Between   1997   and   2001,   Dr.   Talton’s   consumer   insights   were     used   to   help   build   one   of   the   most   successful   retail   small   business   banking   programs   in   the   U.S.   for     National  City  Bank  (now  PNC).         In   2008,   Dr.   Talton   designed   the   Synergy   Trust   Index™   (STI),   which   measures   consumer   trust   and   distrust  in  the  largest  corporations  in  the  U.S.,  and  TrustTrends™,  which  ranks  the  most  trusted  brands  in     the   U.S.   These   tools   provide   executives   with   critical   information   to   drive   consumer   loyalty   in   varying       industry  environments.         In   early   2009,   Dr.   Talton   co-­‐founded   TRUST,   LLC   with   several   established   Northeast   Ohio   CEOs   in   the   marketing  disciplines.  To  support  its  mission,  Dr.  Talton  designed  “Women  in  Business  Pay  It  Forward,”  a   program   whereby   TRUST   LLC   donates   marketing   services   to   one   burgeoning   woman-­‐owned   company   per  year.     In   2010,   she   and   her   team   focused   energies   on   improving   economic   development   and   inclusion   throughout   the   Cleveland   Plus   region   with   the   design   and   implementation   of   the   Northeast   Ohio   Economic   Inclusion   Forum   Series.   The   four-­‐event   series   and   associated   action   plan   has   sparked   active   participation   from   hundreds   of   policy-­‐makers   and   executives   across   public,   private   and   nonprofit   sectors.       Dr.  Talton  serves  on  the  Board  of  Directors  and  Executive  Committee  of  Positively  Cleveland,  where  she   chairs  the  Marketing  Committee.  In  addition,  she  serves  on  the  Board  of  Directors  of  JumpStart,  Inc.  Dr.   Talton  is  a  graduate  of  the  Leadership  Cleveland  Class  of  2005  and  the  Cleveland  Bridge  Builders  Class  of   2002.     A  proud  member  of  the  Links,  Inc.,  Delta  Sigma  Theta  Sorority,  Inc.  and  the  PhD  Project,  Dr.  Talton  also   belongs   to   the   several   professional   organizations   including   the   Market   Research   Association,   the   American  Marketing  Association,  and  the  Academy  of  Management.     Dr.   Talton   earned   her   Doctor   of   Management   from   Case   Western   Reserve   University’s   Weatherhead  3634 West Market StreetSuite 104 School  of  Management,  where  she  serves  as  Adjunct  Professor  of  Marketing.  Her  research  is  focused  on  Fairlawn, OH 44333 the   impact   of   perceptions   of   trust,   satisfaction   and   value   on   consumer   loyalty   in   dynamic   industry   environments.  She  holds  an  M.B.A.  with  a  concentration  in  Finance  from  Cleveland  State  University  and  a  T: 216.431.0008 B.A.  in  Psychology.  She  is  a  lifetime  member  of  Beta  Gamma  Sigma  International  Business  Honor  Society.  F: 216.333.1180 Recognized   for   excellence   by   several   organizations,   Dr.   Talton   was   selected   as   a   finalist   for   the   2010 Northeast  Ohio  ATHENA®  International  Award.  She  has  also  received  the  2010  NAWBO  Top  10  Women   Business  Owners  of  Northeast  Ohio  Award,  Crain’s  Cleveland  Business  Top  Forty  under  40,  Kaleidoscope   Magazine   Top   40-­‐Under-­‐Forty   leaders   in   Northeastern   Ohio,  Who’s   Who   in   Black   Cleveland,   and   the   2007   “Most   Influential   Business   Leaders   in   Northeast   Ohio”   of   the   Call   &   Post.   Additionally,   she   has   received  Synergy is a TRUST LLC company the   Blue   Key   Oratory   Award,   Entrepreneur   of   the   Year   Award   and   is   the   recipient   of   the   Minority   Business  of  the  Year  award.       Dr.   Talton   has   been   featured   in   numerous   business   publications,   including   being   touted   as   one   of   the   premier   business   bloggers   among   African   Americans   with   her   company’s   blog,   TrustBranding.   Her   many   interests  include  international  travel,  community  service,  public  speaking,  writing,  art,  and  music.     The Northeast Ohio Economic Inclusion FORUM SERIES