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  • Who likes licorice?
    Who’s heard of Panda Licorice?
    Who’s never tried it?

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  • Panda Licorice & Social Media

    1. 1. Panda Licorice & Social Media - a working discussion Rick Guttridge Mashable Social Media Day 30 June 2010
    2. 2. setting the scene Healthy snack made in Finland since 1927 - clear ‘no nasties’ message Licorice has medicinal qualities - digestion, menstruation, stress etc Very popular in North America, niche and loyal following in the UK Celebrity fans include Heston Blumenthal, Madonna, Brad Pitt & Tom Hanks Sold in health stores eg Holland & Barrett, independent stores and in some major mults - Sainsbury’s, Boots etc Strong branding
    3. 3. target audiences Core: Secondary: ABC1 Women 45+ Teenage girls, 11+ Lifestyle choices: families, career, Lifestyle choices: music, mobile phones, holidays, eating out, home, socialising, cinema, social media, fashion health Key insight: balancing busy lives Key insight: online is the key communication is medium in a non patronising manner becoming increasingly difficult causing stress
    4. 4. other marketing in the mix Magazine advertising - FMCG consumer mostly health, focused website - supermarket and women’s titles plus .uk aimed at younger some teen titles market Leafleting at shows PR Sampling
    5. 5. PR objectives drive product trial help ‘launch’ Cherry flavour raise awareness of product health benefits continue the ‘Love Licorice Day’ that Panda owns build a presence on social media
    6. 6. next steps - social media specific platform ID - audience characteristics v objectives listening to target groups - insights, topics, themes compiling list of key influencers - searching for best bloggers creating content - spikes of activity
    7. 7. campaign overview social media monitoring Panel of experts to offer wellbeing advice in their specific area + interview opps around them + comp opps to win their services + links to their sites
    8. 8. what did we do? blogger outreach - mummy, foodie goodie bags for Good Housekeeping events rewarded brand advocacy - freebies Calendar hooks - easter, veggie week, Love Licorice Day, Britain’s Red Panda adoptions / Chester Next Top Model Zoo Competitions: Video - vox pops / playing iPod comp - picture led highly targeted sampling/ placement National media holiday Rosemary Conley trip Twitter ‘I love licorice’ call Dos Hermanos to action - 150 samples Britain’s next top model built database - newsletter food swaps - & surveys Hendersons News stories
    9. 9. some of the results & learnings so far Daddy bloggers less interested in health snacks than mummy bloggers 400% increase in followers on Twitter in one day by giveaways Greater number of followers than the US account need to clearly differentiate UK and US social media accounts consumers expect realtime responses to questions cute panda pictures and video works!
    10. 10. over to you! OK, with a limited budget what would you like to add or do differently to reach the objectives? Thank you...