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#15 lessons learned with second screen TV apps


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Presented at Barcamp VRT on 21/1/2012 it highlights the 15 things I learned from creating second screen TV apps.

#15 lessons learned with second screen TV apps

  1. Presented at Barcamp VRT on 21/1/2012. Now with post-it-wolfr additional notes when needed#15 lessons learned with second screen TV apps
  2. @studiomusclehttp://www.smalltownheroes.b hi i am hendrik
  3. with hair
  4. without hair
  5. me now I used to work at the research center for Media in Flanders: VRT-medialab vrt-medialab
  6. We made a second screenplatform for a primetime villa vanthiltTV show Villa Vanthilt
  7. And interactive secondscreen apps for OokGetest Op Mensen(also tested on humans) #ookgetest
  8. And together with someex-colleagues we’restarting a spin-off:Small Town Heroes small town heroes
  9. But back to the topic!8 intro slides filled withself-promoting clutter.Damn Belgians! #15 lessons learned with second screens
  10. PART 1: Letting go
  11. #1 bye bye remote control I have a hate relationship (all hate, no love) with the bad usability of remote controls
  12. #2 bye bye set-top-box Set-top-boxes are energy absorbing devices, sluggish like Windows 95 on a 386. Their software frameworks ar e closed and there is no ecosys tem of developers making beautiful rich application.
  13. #3 bye bye smarttv (for now) I am not so fond of the current suite of Smart TV’s either. I wrote a hate letter about it.
  14. PART 2: more than...
  15. #4 more than twitter A lot of TV programs show #hashtags in overlay. But tweets are seldom shown on the first screen and when they are, they are not always relevant. Interactive TV is more than showing tweets on TV .
  16. #5 more than check-ins Check-in services (like Miso or Getglue) are cool but don’ t really resonate with the content on the first screen. Interactive TV is more than check-ins
  17. #6 more than polls Polls are a very simple interactive format for TV and thus very suitable. But we need to be more imaginative of what we can do wi th second screens. Because it is more than polls.
  18. part 3: what works
  19. I really like this app. Yes. it is a po ll,but with a creative twist. It issuper simple: Two buttons and ageiger teller. It’s also extremelypopular.#7 ultimate simplicity
  20. A simple form is sometimes all yo u need#7 ultimate simplicity
  21. With the Villa Vanthilt app, peop le could chat and ask questions to th e guests of the show. But the chatte r and most questions weren’t very valuable to the other viewers, wh o were just watching TV.#8 add value for all viewers
  22. With Ook getest op mensen the data and gestures on the second screen app are analyzed and visualized on the first screen, thus becoming valuable to all the viewers of the show.#8 add value for all viewers
  23. #9 close the feedback loop I think second screen applications become valuable for all viewers when the second screen data is inserted into the television show . This means you need to connect to the television studio’s.
  24. And on the first screen, black-ou ts and fail whales are not an option. It needs to be extremely redundant.#10 no fail whales
  25. Traffic on second screen apps is different than traffic on websites.#11 twin peaks Extreme highs and extreme lows Cloud services to the rescue! . call to action call to action trailer 1
  26. #12 multiplatform is the default You are making stuff for all viewe rs. This means grannies with the lat est Chromium Beta and geeks with Internet Explorer 7.
  27. #13 open standards ftw!
  28. Stuff of dreams. I believe in great visualizations of big second scre en data on the first screen.#14 beautiful data visualisations
  29. #15 be creative Second screen apps are still a niche. Dream and make great things that don’t exist yet.