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Sustainable Open Source Hardware Project


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Presented at Scratch Day Seoul, 16th May.
Making process of sensor board works with scratch in Korea was reviewed and how we can sustain open source hardware project was discussed.

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Sustainable Open Source Hardware Project

  1. 1. Sustainable Open Source Hardware Project, 16th May 2009
  2. 2. Localizing & Updating Parts LED indicator Strap hole RS232->USB polySwitch phototransistor -> photore sistor audio plug -> terminal blcok
  3. 3. B.O.M. Bill of Material Ma Name in nuf Supplier # per Part value schematic Manufacturer act Supplier Part # Package board PIC PIC16F676- 14 pin Microcontroller U1 Microchip 16 Digi-Key I/SL-ND soic 1 Texas LM 296-1014- lm358 op amp U5 Instruments 35 Digi-Key 1-ND 8 pin soic 1 TE Phototransistor U7 Vishay MT Newark SMT 1 423-1023- through microphone U4 Digi-Key ND hole 1 MJ- CP- 25 2523MJCT- Audio Jacks A,B,C,D CUI 23- Digi-Key ND SMT 4 57 1206 RS232 jack J1 Tyco 47 Digi-Key A32115-ND SMT 1 311- 2.2KERCT- 1206 resistors 2.2k R11 Digi-Key ND SMT 1 R1,R2,R3, 311- R4,R5,R6, 10KERCT- 1206 resistors 10k R9,R10 Digi-Key ND SMT 8 311- 100KERCT- 1206 resistors 100k R7,R8,R12 Digi-Key ND SMT 3 capacitor 10uF C1 *n 0 T3 399-3652- through capacitors 47uF C8 Kemet 56 Digi-Key ND hole 1 C2,C3,C5, C1 399-1249- 1206 capacitors 0.1uF C6,C7 Kemet 20 Digi-Key 1-ND SMT 5 CC 311-1180- 1206 capacitors 0.33uF C4 Yageo 12 Digi-Key 1-ND SMT 1 SM SMAZ5V1- zener diode 5.1V D1 Diodes Inc. AZ Digi-Key FDICT-ND SMT 1 DL DL4448TPM 1206 signal diode D2 MCC 44 Digi-Key SCT-ND SMT 1 through button U8 Digi-Key SW414-ND hole 1 button cap Digi-Key SW257-ND 1 EW PP1045SB- through slider 10k U3 Panasonic A- Digi-Key ND hole 1 3.5quot; x 2.5quot; PCB Multifor 1 SJ- SJ5312-7- rubber feet 3M 53 Digi-Key ND 4 Audio Cables w/ alligator you clips assemble 4 any cable USB-serial or serial cable port 1
  4. 4. kind B.O.M. Bill of Material Part Value Device Package Eagle Library Price Q Manuf. Purchase note C1~C5 0.1uF C-EUC3216 C3216 rcl 10 5 any CDS 5-Pi A1050_11 T0-46 photo-elements 300 1 any TEMT6000 D1 1N4148 DIODE-SOD80C SOD80C diode 50 1 any DL4448 F1 RXEF050 PTCPTH PTC SparkFun 150 1 Tyco IC1 PIC16F676SL PIC16F676SL SO-14 microchip 860 1 microchip IC2 LM358D LM358D SO08 linear 400 1 fairchild IC3 FT232RL FT232RL SSOP28 ftdichip 5500 1 FTDI JP1 M05PTH 1X05 SparkFun 20 1 any LED1 LED1206 LED-1206 SparkFun 50 1 any LED2 LED1206 LED-1206 SparkFun 50 1 any R1, R3, R4 1k R-US-M3216 M32316 rcl 10 3 any R5~R11 10k R-US-M3216 M32316 rcl 10 7 any R12 2.2k R-US-M3216 M32316 rcl 10 7 any R13, R14 100k R-US-M3216 M32316 rcl 10 7 any R15 4.7k R-US-M3216 M32316 rcl 10 7 any S1 40-XX B3F-40XX switch-omron 200 1 Alps FM U1 SLIDEPOT45 SLIDEPOT45 SLIDEPOT45 fetm 1200 1 Alps OEM FM U2 MIC MIC MIC9.7MM fetm 800 1 BSE Co. X1~X4 AKZ350-5-2 AKZ350-5-2 AKZ350-5-2 hhjjj-con 200 4 Pheonix X5 USBMD USBMD USB-MINIB SparkFun 300 1 any
  5. 5. Schematic Resettable Fuse Built-in USB-to-Serial Adaptor
  6. 6. Gerber file Terminal Block for audio plug alternatives
  7. 7. kind CAD Web-based Sharing Exporting
  8. 8. License - Documentation Scratch Sensor Board Design License Copyright (c) 2007 Massachusetts Institute of Technology All Rights Reserved. Scratch and the Scratch Sensor Board were developed by Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. See Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of the Scratch Sensor Board design, including the schematic diagram, printed circuit board design files, firmware source code, and accompanying documentation (the quot;Designquot;), to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, produce, or distribute hardware based on the Design or designs derived from GPL / LGPL BSD it (quot;Derivative Worksquot;), and to permit persons to whom the Design is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: 1. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies of MIT the Design and Derivative Works. When distributing hardware based on the Design or Derivative Works, it is sufficient to include a URL to a public website with this information. 2. The phrase quot;Scratch Sensor Boardquot; shall not be used to refer to Derivative Works. TAPR OHL Phrases such as quot;Compatible with Scratchquot; or quot;Works with Scratchquot; are permitted provided that such phrases are not used to imply that MIT endorses you or the Derivative Work. 3. The schematic diagram, printed circuit board design files, and firmware source code for any Derivative Work based on the Design shall be made readily available to the public, ideally .... on a public web site, free of charge. THE DESIGN IS PROVIDED quot;AS ISquot;, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE DESIGN OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE DESIGN.
  9. 9. Passion If we don’t need to fulfill requirements, we can see more things to come! the most selfish act will benefit our society
  10. 10. + Selfishness Selfishness = Credit
  11. 11. Reference Eagle Software: Open Source Hardware by Sensor Board by MIT Media Lab Instructables one example of “Very Kind Open Source” Open Source is A Company, Social Media is A Country social-media-is-a-country.html