www.mice-cee.com 2014/2015
Great hotels & venues
in Prague
Incentive Events in the LandIncentive Events i...
GERMANY: Receives more than
70 million overnight stays
For the four...
ccording to the Czech Statistical Office, the
number of Prauge-based events has grown
by 20 percent in the last five yea...
streets of Old Town, including Jewish synagogues and
the old Jewish cemetery. History aficianados can pick
from a wide ran...
Great Venues
The attractive locality of the restaura...
great dmc
Event Solutions
Conference rooms m2
he South Moravian hub has 370,000
inhabitants and is the second largest
city in the Czech Republic. In the last
few year...
medicine, the development of various food components
including genetical modification, as well as brain and
mind research....
Pilsen, alongside the Belgian city of Mons, will hold
the title of European Capital of Culture in 2015. T...
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Nové číslo MICE je zaměřené opět na Českou republiku, zajímavé destinace a hotely.

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Micecee 0114 ukazka_low

  1. 1. www.mice-cee.com 2014/2015 Great hotels & venues in Prague MORAVIA:MORAVIA: Incentive Events in the LandIncentive Events in the Land of Wine, Music and Danceof Wine, Music and Dance GO CZECHGO CZECH REPUBLICREPUBLIC MICECEE_0114_01 (ob) titulka.indd 1MICECEE_0114_01 (ob) titulka.indd 1 28.03.14 14:1428.03.14 14:14
  2. 2. PRAGUE’S HOTEL JALTA OPENS A SPECIAL MUSEUM Thefive-starHotelJaltaatWenceslasSquarehasopenedaMuseumoftheColdWarinitsanti- atomicbunker.ThemuseumcanbevisitednotonlybyguestsoftheJalta,butanyonewitha reservation.Therenownedbunker,locatedinthehotel’ssecondbasement,couldhideupto 150personsduringthelongstandoffEast-Weststandoff,whenitservedasheadquartersforthe WarsawPact.Themuseumisexpectedtobeamajordrawingcard,notonlyforlocals,butMICE andothertouristswhogrewuphearingaboutthisfamedlandmark,andcannowrelishseeingit inanentirelynewrole. TheadditionoftheMuseumoftheColdWarwillcomplimentHotelJalta’soffersstellarconference facilities,whichencompass fourhalls,thelargestofwhichaccomodatesupto150persons,and theatreseatingthatspans200squaremetres.TheConferenceFoyeralsooffersanadditional186 squaremetres.Thehotel’slocationintheheartofcitycentreenablesguestsanddelegatestovisit importanthistoricalsitesalongpicturesquestreetsbyfoot. { I n December 2013, Czech Airlines renewed its regular connection between Prague, Czech Republic, and Bratislava and Košice in Slovakia. The two-hour, five minute Prague – Bratislava – Košice run (including the stopover) operates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the number of daily flights set to double as of March 2014 (except for Saturdays). In addition, there are two direct flights between Prague and Košice twice daily. „This doesn’t match the five daily flights that were schedueld during the 80s,“ according to Czech Airline’s press officer Dan Šabík. But it represents a big step forward for those planning MICE trips to CEE countries. { Indian Film Industry Heads to the Czech Republic Tourism isn’t the only industry that has been captivated by the Czech Republic. Producers from Bollywood - where more films are made than any other place in the world, including Hollywood - are now flocking to use the country premier scenery as backdrops for future movie releases. Bollywood’s discovery of the Czech Republic is expected to follow the example of Switzerland, where a series of films targeting viewers in the Indian subcontinent has attracted an estimated 200,000 Indian tourists to that country, transforming it into the third most popular destination for Indian tourists. Now that it has captured Bollywood’s attention, the Czech Republic is trying to emulate the Swiss, with the first filming of various flicks expected to begin during May and June. Milk and Honey Pictures, for example, has a high-budget production subtitled Bang Bang in the works. Director Siddharth Ananda is eager to start production at Orlík – a dam close to Prague – as well in Český Krumlov and Kutná Hora, picturesque nearby towns. „Indian filmmakers have shown great interest in shooting films in the Czech Republic and their interest is conditioned by investment incentives for the film productions,“ said Helena Fraňková, State Fund for Cinematography head at the Czech Film Commission. „If we manage to secure the funding for these incentives, we will have five interested parties from large Bollywood film productions alerady confirmed.“ { NEWS FROM CEE MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - 1/2014 5 Czech Airlines: new connections between Prague, Bratislava and Košice Best Western Central Europe (BWCE) added two new 3-star hotels at the end of 2013 – the superior Best Western Hotel Vista in Ostrava and Best Western Hotel Roca in Košice. The chain owns sixteen hotels in the Czech republic and five hotels in Slovakia. BWCE is a regional organization representing more than 70 hotels in Austria, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. It is headed by Ivona Meissner of Slovakia. { Best Western Central Europe boosts presence in the Czech republic and Slovakia By Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision, from Czech Film Commission MICECEE_0114_05-06_v2.indd 5MICECEE_0114_05-06_v2.indd 5 28.03.14 14:1028.03.14 14:10
  3. 3. MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - 1/ 20146 NEWS FROM CEE GERMANY: Receives more than 70 million overnight stays For the fourth year in a row, foreign visitors to Germany in 2013 accounted for more than 71.6 million overnight stays in German mass accommodation facilities with ten or more beds, according to the German Statistical Office. This represents a four percent growth from a year ago. The increase was credited mostly to increasing numbers of tourists from the UK, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, and the Middle East. Most of the arrivals visited Bavaria and Berlin. The number of foreign tourists who come to Germany has been rising since 2009, thanks to an upsurge in visitors from Switzerland, Russia, UK, Poland, Netherlands and China. { AZERBAIJAN: Fairmont Baku Flame Towers InBaku,thecapitalofAzerbaijan,theFairmontHotels&Resortschainin2013opened FairmontBaku,FlameTowers,theluxurybrand’sfirstdevelopmentintheemerging destination.LocatedwithinthehighestpartofthecityintheheartofBaku’svibrant centre,thisawardwinningcomplexlieswithinoneofthethreeFlameTowersandranksas thetallestbuildingcomplexinthecountry. Thehotelboaststheverybestinlocaldiningandentertainment,astate-of-the-arthealth club,luxuriousESPAspafacilityand318superblyappointedguestrooms,suites,and servicedapartments.Guestscanenjoysevendiningoptionsatthehotel,fromupscaleto casualoutdoorfare,alongwith24-hourroomservice. Perfectforeventsandmeetings,FairmontBaku,FlameTowersoffersover2,500square metresofmulti-usefunctionspace,includingtwoballrooms,nineadditionalmeeting rooms,outdoorvenuesandabusinesscentre. { BUDAPEST – MOSCOW WizzAir, the largest low-cost airline in the CEE region announced a significant increase of flights on their routes between Budapest and the Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow. Between June 14 and September 14, the airlines will offer two flights per day, increasing the frequency of the flights between these two cities and encouring the connection between these two countries. BUDAPEST – MINSK Another new connection is between Budapest and Belarus, following up on the Budapest- Belgrade connection. The flight by Belavia arrive in Budapest twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. The aircraft will leave Minsk at 13: 45 local time and lands in the Hungarian capital after a flight of appx. 2 hours. Then, the flight continues to Belgrade, before embarking on the return journey in the late afternoon, at 18:35, arriving in Minsk at 21:30, thereby also linking Serbia to Hungary and Belarus. { POLAND: MPI EMEC 2015 will be in Krakow! TheMPIEuropeanMeetingsandEvents ConferencewillbeorganizedonFebruary 1-3,2015inKrakow,Poland.EMECisan annualmeetingorganisedbytheMeeting ProfessionalsInternational,whichbrings togethermorethan20000plannersand suppliersfrommorethan90countriesaround theworld.Sofar,theconferencehasnever tookplaceinPoland. { HUNGARY: New flight connections MICECEE_0114_05-06_v2.indd 6MICECEE_0114_05-06_v2.indd 6 28.03.14 14:1028.03.14 14:10
  4. 4. A ccording to the Czech Statistical Office, the number of Prauge-based events has grown by 20 percent in the last five years while individuals participating in these events has jumped by a whopping 40 percent. In 2012, that amounted to 570,000 delegates. These statistics only include associated congresses that are international and regularly rotate between at least 3 destinations. When other factors are taken into account, the number of delegates who attend the various MICE events – including corporate ones – clocks in at around 800,000. Congress tourism generates more than 20 million Czech crowns in the Czech capital, with each delegate spending, on average, 350 euros per event, more than three times the rate of ordinary tourists. Further improvements in infranstructure and conditions of future MICE events is likely to produce even greater returns. Inernational visitors have long recognized Prague, not only for its beauty, but its romantic charm, which makes the Czech capital an easy sell as a major European congress destination. Another strong selling point is that most important historical sites in the city are easily accessible by foot, including Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, National Theatre, as well as a plethora of architectonic wonders that are nestled beside one another along the picturesque Romantic city increasingly popular as a congress destination MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - 1/ 201412 In the last five years, Prague has become increasingly popular as a congress destination, hosting more and more international events and delegates each year. In 2011, the number of events jumped from 19th to 14th among international visitors, according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). And in 2012 the City of a Hundred Spires ranked 11th internationally while climbing to 10th among European visitors. Prague’s recognition as a fashionable destination is attributable to the greater interconnectedness and cooperation between state institutions and businesses in the congress tourism space. ࡯ By Zuzana Adamson mantic city increasingly pppppppppppoooopular as a congress dest Prague: MICECEE_0114_12-15 Prague.indd 12MICECEE_0114_12-15 Prague.indd 12 28.03.14 14:5728.03.14 14:57
  5. 5. streets of Old Town, including Jewish synagogues and the old Jewish cemetery. History aficianados can pick from a wide range of architectural gems, including gothic, baroque or Secession styles, all rife with ambiance that can electrify any event. More importantly, many quality five and four- star hotels with conference capacity are situated in the city’s historical center, so delegates don‘t need to waste time or money time with transport. Another bonus is that the charming historical city centre is within easy walking distance. And many cafes and restaurants in the area as well as other sites offer both networking and leisure activities. Vistors who stay at hotels unable to accommodateconferencescanoptforoneoftheremarkable historical venues such as Žofín island. Surrounded by the Vltava River, it features Žofín Palace, a leading centre for cultural and social life in Prague since 1837. The famous meeting place of politicians, international congresses, leading corporations, as well as favorite venue for balls and concerts, Žofín Palace can accommodate up to 850 persons. Another venue, similarly awash in history, is Slavic House (Slovanský dům), which has hosted noteworthy society and business activities since 1797. Its extensive renovation in 2000 included modern facilities that provided 1,200 additional square metres. Unlike before, the venue can now easily accommodate Czech and international companies and their conferences, gala dinners, balls and business presentations. Slavic House is close to Municipal House, which offers an array of seccesion halls adorned with artistic flourishes by Czech painters and sculptors from the second half of the 19th century. The largest facility, Smetana Hall, can host up to 432 people in a meeting setting, 700 for cocktail events, and 1,149 for presentations (theatre set.). t. More our- y th nable to House (S notew sinc 2 p c bu is c offers a with artisti MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - 1/2014 13 MICECEE_0114_12-15 Prague.indd 13MICECEE_0114_12-15 Prague.indd 13 28.03.14 14:5728.03.14 14:57
  6. 6. MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - 1/ 201416 Great Venues ᕡ BASTION PRAGUE RESTAURANT The attractive locality of the restaurant and its culinary concept afford an uncommon gastronomic experience. The restaurant is named after a historic bastion, built as part of a fortification during the construction of the southern part of Prague Nové Město undertaken by Charles IV in 1348. The Bastion Prague Restaurant offers international and modern Czech cuisine, and can accommodate up to 50 guests. In summer the capacity of the restaurant can be extended by a further 100 places by opening up a neighbouring space linked to the town walls. Its location offers extraordinary views of the Vyšehrad opposite and of Prague’s skyline. Suitable for company parties, wedding receptions, fashion shows, concerts and open-air film screenings. www.bastion-prague.cz ᕢ VILLA RICHTER Restaurants at Prague Castle Villa Richter Restaurants is a unique complex set in the historical St Wenceslas’ vineyard of the Prague Castle, which offers a stay in the centre of Prague with unforgettable views of sights, a top standard of service and highly qualified staff. Villa Richter Restaurants is composed of two interconnected areas – Piano Nobile and Piano Terra – which can be utilized separately or as a whole for larger events. Whileoffering gueststhepossibilityofretreatingfromtherestoftheworld,weprovidea widerangeofservicesfororganizingsocialandconferenceeventswitha capacityofcloseto800guests.For more information visit our website at www.villarichter.cz or e-mail us at sales@villarichter.cz ᕣ HARD ROCK CAFE Hard Rock Cafe Prague is a four-storey restaurant and special events venue situated in a historically significant and beautifully decorated building located in the heart of Old Prague. Offering more than just great food and exceptional service, it’s also a rock ‘n’ roll restaurant as well as museum of popular culture,withauthenticmemorabiliafromrock legendscoveringthewalls.HardRockCafefeatures2semi-privaterooms,2vibrantbars,anexclusive 5-metreguitar-shapedchandelier,aconcertstageandthecapacityforgroupsof15to650guests.For moreinformation,pleasevisitwww.hardrock.com/prague, e-mail Zuzana_Kazdova@hardrock.com or simply call at +420 224 229 529. ᕤ ELEGANTES Create your memories of Elegantes restaurant and start your evening with a signature aperitif cocktail in 1887 bar. Your taste will be prepared for a wonderful cuisine and excellent service, combining together to ensure a truly memorable fine dining experience. The refined ambience is enhanced by a strong connection to St. Thomas church. Moreover we are the only place where you taste the unique St. Thomas beer, brewed according to the oldest recipe. The menu represents an elegant European cuisine composedofseasonalandlocalingredients.TomakethedishesmoretastefulExecutiveChefRobertLoos grows his own herbs behind the restaurant with the assistance of Augustinian monks. Contact: Letenská 12/33, 118 00 Prague 1, Tel: +420 266 112 280, Fax: +420 266 112 234, Mail: restaurant@elegantes.cz, website www.elegantes.cz 4GREAT RESTAURANTS IN PRAGUE DESTINATION PRAGUE GREATEST BUSINESS PRINCIPLES II. People are persuaded by reason, but moved by emotion, the leader must both persuade them and move them. Richard M. Nixon Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand. Chinese proverb Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work. Thomas Edison There is no security on this earth. There is only opportunity. Douglas MacArthur Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it‘s amazing what they can accomplish. Sam Walton The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. Vince Lombardi There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Peter Drucker I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. Bill Cosby Don’t be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small steps. David Lloyd George MICE CEE_0114_16_venues Prague.indd 16MICE CEE_0114_16_venues Prague.indd 16 28.03.14 10:2428.03.14 10:24
  7. 7. MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - 1/ 201420 DESTINATION PRAGUE Choose from great dmc AGENCIES3 Prague Event Solutions Martin Limberský, Managing Director WHO WE ARE PragueEventSolutions isPrague’sleadingfull- serviceeventand destinationmanagementcompany.Werely onourexpertiseineventmanagementand organization,aswellasourcommitmentto theprincipleofintegrity.Weutilizeourlocal knowledge,aswellasextensivelistingof onlythemostreliableandprofessional vendorsavailable. WHAT WE CAN DO Wecreateindividualmomentsofmagic, whichturnintolastingimpressions.Wehave theexpertise,talent,experienceand creativitytoconceptualizeandco-ordinate anylargeorsmall-scaledevent.Weensure thatyourprimeobjectivesaremetandthat youraudienceandguestsareastonishingly impressed.Ourteamdeliversexcellence, creativityandmostofall,memorableand productiveexperiencesforyourattendees andguests. REFERENCES MADONNA,MICROSOFT’SWORLDLEADERS FORUM,NASPERSINTERNATIONAL,ORANGE, SITA,KPMG,CARGILL,LUMENIS,KEMIN FOODS,RECALL,PFIZER,UNITEDHERITAGE, SPIRENT,SABMILLER,KIA,KEYSYSTEMS,THE BOSTONCONSULTINGGROUP, NUTRICIA,TRANSMEDICS,ABERDEENASSET MANAGEMENT,HOSPIRA,ASAHIKASEI MEDICAL,INSPARO,COFACE,MEDISON, QUINTILES CONTACT DETAILS PragueEventSolutions PodVilami10 14000Prague4 CzechRepublic T.+420603751268 E:info@pragueeventsolutions.com W:www.pragueeventsolutions.com Kuoni Destination Management Martin Cerha, Managing Director WHO WE ARE KuoniDestination ManagementPrague, establishedin2001,iswell knowninternationallyasa flexibleandefficientDMC/PCO.Ourexperienced teamofmultilingualprofessionalsishereto helpyoumeetallofyourserviceneeds.Our servicestoourclientsaresupportedbyvery wellestablishedrelationshipswithlocal suppliersandhotelsinalldesiredcategories. Wecanalsooperateallkindsofunique projectsinHUNGARY,SLOVAKIAandPOLAND. WHAT WE CAN DO Ourcorecompetenceisdeveloping,planning, andimplementingmeetings,seminars, conferences,companyevents,anniversaries, productlaunches,presentations,incentives, congresses,sportsandmore.Wearebasedin theCZECHREPUBLICandduetoourGlobal Networkweoperateallovertheworld.Our businessperformance,purchasingpower, flexibilityandworldwideexperienceinthe travelandtourismindustryallowusto embraceevenmoremarketsandincreaseour portfolioofsatisfiedclients.Weofferyoua combinationofauthenticexperience, innovativeapproachesandrealpassion. REFERENCES Microsoft,Deloitte,Novartis,Emerson,Texas Instrument,Cisco,HP,Bang&Olufsen,SEPG conference,Kaspersky,Toyota,Iveco,AGCglass, EOS,Egis,Sandoz, Ricoh,Ipsen,Pfizer,Ingelheim Boehringer,Bioderma,AstraZeneca,Abbott, Lundbeck,JanssenPharmaceutica,Roche,Abdi Ibrahim,Novonordisk,WorldHypertension League,Organon,Amway,PrudentialLife Insurance,AIG,MSD,KimberlyClark,Schiedel,FC Bayern,FCBarcelona,FCChelsea,Manchester United,FCEverton,FCLiverpool,FCArsenal,FC Sevilla,Vikingrivercruises,AHIcruises,Euroclassic andmanyothertravelmanagementcompanies, corporates,associationsandsoon. CONTACT DETAILS Spalena4/82,11000,Prague1CzechRepublic dmc.prg@cz.kuoni.com Phone: +420224990190 Fax: +420224990199 W:www.kuoni-prague.cz www.kuoni-dmceurope.com Ovation Czech Republic Sylvie Neves, Managing Director WHO WE ARE OvationCzechRepublic ispartofOvationGlobal DMC,aleadingnetwork ofDestinationManagementCompanies providingBest-in-classDMCservicesto associations,corporationsandagenciesat 125+locationsthroughoutEurope,Middle East,Africa,Asia,NorthAmericaandSouth America. Thankstoourindustryexperienceand extensivelocalknowledge,weassistour clientstoachievetheirgoals. WHAT WE CAN DO Matchingdestinationtocustomerobjectives, Destinationconnections(who’swho),Event creativeanddesign,Venuesourcingand accommodationmanagementaresomeofthe capabilitieswedeploytoensuretherelevant exposureandexcellentdeliveryon-site. Ourclientsespeciallyappreciateourabilityto buildandleveragethehumancapitalin relationships. “PeopleandrelationshipsaretheDNAof OvationGroup.Throughouropenness, passionandexpertisewedevelopyourvision andmakeithappen!” REFERENCES ABBOTT,AMWAY,DINERSCLUBINTERNATIONAL, DR.PEPPER,ERNST&YOUNG,FERRING, FUSE,MICOM,NOVARTIS,PROCTER&GAMBLE, ANDMANYMORE… Fortestimonialsandcasestudiesplease check:http://ovationdmc.com/testimonials/ CONTACT DETAILS OvationCzechRepublic KarlaEnglise6 15000Prague5 CzechRepublic T.:+420255725460 E:sylvie.neves@ovationdmc.com W:www.ovationdmc.com MICE CEE_0114_20_3DMC.indd 20MICE CEE_0114_20_3DMC.indd 20 28.03.14 10:4828.03.14 10:48
  9. 9. MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - 1/ 201422 3 DESIGN HOTEL YASMIN HOTEL JURYS INN PRAGUE CAPACITY Conference rooms m2 Theatre School U-shape Banquet Party YASMIN I. 83 75 40 30 36 75 YASMIN II. 50 50 30 20 24 50 YASMIN III. 90 75 60 30 36 75 YASMIN I.+II. 133 125 90 50 60 125 YASMIN II+III 140 125 90 50 60 125 YASMIN I+II+III 223 200 150 80 96 200 CAPACITY Classroom Theatre U-Shape Banquet Cocktail Area (sq.metres) Riverdance 60 100 32 60 90 91,8 Hibernia 24 60 20 40 60 62,05 Riverdance & Hibernia 110 160 60 100 150 153,85 ★ ★ ★ ★SUPERIOR ★ ★ ★ ★ HOTEL YASMIN ADDRESS: Politických vězňů 913/12 110 00 Prague 1 TEL.: +420 234 100 100 FAX: +420 234 100 125, E-MAIL: info@hotel-yasmin.cz, WEB: www.hotel-yasmin.cz HOTEL JURYS INN PRAGUE ADDRESS: Sokolovská 11 186 00 Prague 8 TEL.: +420 226 222 600 FAX: +420 226 222 610 E-MAIL: info_prague@jurysinns.com WEB: www.jurysinns.com/hotels/prague offers 3 multifunctional conference rooms for up to 200 persons few steps from Wenceslas square. • Suitable for press conferences business meetings, corporate trainings and other events • 196 luxury design rooms on seven floors • Catering services – Restaurant Café Bar Noodles • Complimentary high speed WiFi internet • Full audio-visual equipment • Secretarial and concierge services • Enhanced fresh air conditioning Totalnumberofguestrooms 214 StandardSuperior 214 ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES MICECEE_0114_22-23.indd 22MICECEE_0114_22-23.indd 22 28.03.14 12:4028.03.14 12:40
  10. 10. T he South Moravian hub has 370,000 inhabitants and is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. In the last few years, it has developed and promoted itself as the "centre of commerce, science and research", based on a strategy of building technological and scientific centres. The rising number of companies active in IT, telecommunications, software development and hi- tech fields present in the city has earned it the nickname of "Czech Sillicon Valley". This strategy has spawned the Technology Park Brno, a joint investment of the city of Brno and the UK company P&O, which will provide 190,000 square metres of office premises to companies active in research or light industries. Currently, there are already 17 companies with more than 4,000 employees, including IBM, FEI, Motorola, Vodafone, Silicon Graphics and others. The Technology Park Brno is connected to the Brno University of Technology. As a university city with approximately 80,000 students, Brno has favourable conditions for development. The Moravian metropolis is also the seat of several leading, world-renowned technological institutions, oriented towards genome research, bio- MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - 1/ 201428 A City that Invests in Large-scale Scientific Institutions BRNO: has developed itself as ence gy d e oint nd the companies with including Vodafo othe Br U A is lea techn towards CITIES & REGIONS MICECEE_0114_28-30_Brno.indd 28MICECEE_0114_28-30_Brno.indd 28 28.03.14 11:1328.03.14 11:13
  11. 11. medicine, the development of various food components including genetical modification, as well as brain and mind research. "Czech Silicon Valley" or Frankenstein's laboratory? The technological institute CEITEC is based in Brno; in the works is a project of the international clinical research institute IRCR, in partnership with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, US, one of the world's leading research institutions alongside CERN and ISS. Both institutions are set to gather more than 1,000 scientists. The Integrated Laboratories of Biomedical Technologies (ILBIT) is also located in Brno. These modern developments contrast with the picturesque historical city centre, boasting architectonic sights in various styles, cosy cafés and plenty of culture and sports facilities. The UNESCO-listed Villa Tugendhat, a gem of functionalist architecture, attracts many foreign visitors. Further sought-after sights include the Špilberk Castle, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, or Saint James's Church. Shopping fans can check out the Vaňkovka Mall. The four-star hotels in Brno–12 in all–offer 1,478 rooms, and 26 other three-star hotels provide a further 1,380 rooms, a number of which include conference facilities. MICE CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - 1/2014 29 MICECEE_0114_28-30_Brno.indd 29MICECEE_0114_28-30_Brno.indd 29 28.03.14 11:1328.03.14 11:13
  12. 12. www.plzen2015.cz Pilsen, alongside the Belgian city of Mons, will hold the title of European Capital of Culture in 2015. The slogan of the Pilsen project is “Open Pilsen!” Apart from a witty take on the famous Pilsen beer, the catchphrase also alludes to openness to new ideas and the world. The programme of the European Capital of Culture offers more than 650 cultural events throughout the year, including new circus acts, grand exhibitions and concerts, theatre and dance. The transformation of Pilsen into a cultural metropolis of Europe will commence in autumn 2014, when the famous French Manège Carré Senart sets up its base in the city centre. The traditional Christmas market is also set for change. The gala opening will take place on 17 January 2015 with attendance by many Czech and foreign artists, and will culminate with a performance by world-famous tightrope walker Dimitri and the ringing of the new bells of the Pilsen Cathedral. In 2015 visitors will be able to see exhibitions of the Munich Secession movement and the West Bohemian Baroque, puppet shows, animated works and others. Adolf Loos’ remarkable interior designs as well as the Great Synagogue, one of the largest in Europe, are other sights to catch. A new theatre, the most modern in the Czech Republic, will open, as will a multicultural centre Světovar. There will also be a nine-week long Baroque programme across the Pilsen, with exhibitions and other events taking place in impressive cloister complexes created by famous Baroque architects such as J. B. Santini Aichel, K. I. Dientzenhofer or J. Augustine. Pilsen— European Capital of Culture 2015 MICECEE_0114_38-39_Plzen.indd 38MICECEE_0114_38-39_Plzen.indd 38 28.03.14 12:5728.03.14 12:57