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Thank you

  1. 1. Thank you , it is out of your generosity to give us a chance to criticize your teaching. Although it was a hard jab to do, I only tried to seek your satisfaction, so I did it. But please first take my apology if a point gives a bad expression or meaning that I do not mean. <br />I think the main three good points I like in your teaching are :<br />Using the slide show to teach us the lessons is an attractive and excellent method. Because the information you concentrate on and the pictures you select are clear.<br />The high sense of responsibility towards the students. Because it is rare to find a teacher especially at university who works with the student step by step and care for the results they get. You prepare and work on this subject as we do and actually more.<br />The commitment of a real teacher. A teacher, in my opinion, is not only who explains lessons, he also cares about the feedback of his students and really wants them to learn. And you are an example of that teacher. You give us the right answers after the exam, so we can assess ourselves. Thus, I found that my way of studying was not right, that's why I could not be sure of any answer even the right once. <br />the bad points really takes me ages to think even of one. I know you say" no one is perfect" , but I believe that there is a person who can be close to be perfect.<br />The bad three points I tried hardly to think of are :<br />Sometimes it is really confusing for me to link between the examples you give and the points you want me to understand. Like " don't give me a fish, but teach me how to fish" .<br />Sometimes the lecture takes more than the exact time but some girls have to leave. So, they may loss important information you give. I mentioned this because I think it is good in general to be on time. But I do not mind to have an extra time unless I am taking benefits from either the knowledge you explain or the personal experiences you tell.<br /> Sometimes allowing the students to speak in Arabic language during the class time does not help the students to make efforts to speak in English language which I think is a must especially because the subject is a preparation for work fields. <br />