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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Translating a children story<br />From Arabic to English<br />The story is <br />“فهمان يكتشف حيوانات المزرعة وفوائدها" <br />Translated as a college assignment “parts of the story” by:<br />Rawya Aljehani.<br />Instructor:<br />Dr. Shadia Banjar .<br />Course:<br />LANE462<br />Practicum in Language.<br />Summer Term<br />1431-2010<br />Fahman DiscoversThe Farm Animals and their benefits<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> All animals in the farm have a special sound. They twitter, peep, croak, whoop, cuckoo, crow, whinny, neigh, bray or bleat and other. At the time when Fahman, the explorer, visits the farm, the rooster greeted him and crowed “cuckoo…cuckoo”. Fahman asked him:” hi rooster! What are you doing?” The rooster answered him: ”cuckoo... cuckoo …I weak the farmer up every morning with my voice which you are hearing right now... cuckoo... cuckoo... I am the most important bird in the farm. I also take care of all the chickens and young chicks too”.<br /> Fahman picked up some grains with his hand and gave them to the chickens, then he asked them:” hi…what are you doing?” The chickens cackled and said:”bagh bagh... we make the fresh and yummy eggs, which contain the shiny yellow vitellus surrounded with a white hard shell. Also people can cook a very tasty food from our delicious meats, and they make a nice soft bellows from our feathers too”.<br /> Suddenly, Fahman heard scarification and scratching in the earth, it is the young chicks’ sound. Fahman went to them and said:” hi…young chick! do you have any role to do here in the farm?” They chirruped saying:”we have fun and play most of the time, and we scratch the earth looking for food to feed ourselves to grow up and become a big chickens and supply people with the yummy eggs”.<br /> Fahman left the young chicks running and playing, and he started to go from one place to another in the farm, then he heard a weird sound behind him, it is the turkey’s sound. Fahman said:” what a beautiful turkey! Can you explain to me what is your job here in the farm?”The turkey quacked twice and said:” I eat the grains to grow into a big turkey, so the farmer can enjoy my tasty meat in the Thanksgiving Day. My eggs are the largest kind of the birds’ eggs”. Fahman smiled and said goodbye to the turkey and continued his walking.<br /> While Fahman was playing with the birds in their pen, discovering a lot of useful and amazing information about them, the rabbit called him:” Fahman! Come and see the other animals, they are busy too in the farm”. Then the animals called him loudly:” Fahman come on! Quickly! We cannot wait for you forever. We have too much work to be done today”. So Fahman got on a horse to take him to meet the other animals, of course, the horse’s four legs are faster and stronger than Fahman’s tow legs.<br /> Fahman thanked the horse, then he asked him:”what are the other things you can make…fast horse!?” The horse whinnied and hit the ground with his hoofs, and shook his mare saying:” I draw the farmer’s cart and plough”. The donkey, who shares the same field with the horse, interacted and brayed:” hello Fahman!! Do you know who I am?! I help the horse to do the heavy hard works; I also carry the full fruit baskets in my back and take them away to the marketplace. I serve the farmer without complaining, do you know that I live for a long time”.<br /> In the next field, Fahman found some sheep. He said to them:” hi lovely sheep!! What is your job here, what is your benefit?!” they bleated and said:”sure you know the answer of your question; you are wearing a coat which is made of our wool to warm your body”.<br /> At the end of the day, Fahman went back with all the animals to the pen, then he spook to them and said:” all of you worked so hard and for a long time to help the farmer and you provided us with many benefits and services, so you all deserve to have a rest and nap now!”<br /> It is the end of a full heavy working day. Fahman was biting the carrot with the rabbits and he said:” discovering the farm was exciting; I learned now many things about the animals and their benefits…! Do you know these things now my friend???? <br />