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Reem talal al mansouri


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Published in: Education
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Reem talal al mansouri

  1. 1. Reem Talal AlMansouri<br />LANE 462<br />Good and bad points of this course:<br />Good pints:<br /><ul><li>This course prepared foe after graduate when we search for a job in different ways such as teach us how to do a C.V, how to make a good interview, how to be a good teacher and a good translator.
  2. 2. The number of the students in this course just four its very good for because the Dr. Can concentrate on each of us and we as students can understand clearly.
  3. 3. The period of this course was short and we finish it in a short time.</li></ul>Bad points:<br /><ul><li>When we attended this course in Ramadan we found it a little bit difficult and we felt tired because it was summer time so it was so hot and sunny.
  4. 4. We don’t have much time to do our home works and study for the quizzes and exams.
  5. 5. In this summer course I didn’t have a driver so, I had some problem with transportation and sometimes I couldn’t attend the class and I was so upset because id dint want to miss a lecture in this course.