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Aim to improve higher education by strengthening the student voice and striving for recognition of non forum education. This is a compiled report of IMBA batch od Amity noida- 2012

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Integrated MBA

  1. 1. 0 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBAAmity School Of Business
  2. 2. 1 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Content1 Introduction: Why this Report2 Integrated MBA (BBA+MBA)3 Integrated MBA: Amity School of Business (ASB)- Analysis4 Integrated MBA at ASB: Batch 2008-12i Batch profileii Placement 2008-12 batch (IMBA- ASB)iii Companies Visited for Placement of the batchiv Fees Structure and the return from the course5. Way Ahead.This is just a compilation of factsnothing judgemental. It’s you who needto decide no one else.
  3. 3. 2 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Introduction: Why this ReportThe new academic year is fast approaching. Every management aspiringstudent is looking for a B-school which can fulfil his/her dreams andaspirations to launch their career on a sure footing.How does one select a good B-school? Which B-school to select? This is adilemma for students as well as parents. In such a scenario students mustlook for certain parameters which differentiates institutions in a crowdedmarket.The success of a student depends largely on what the B-school gives thatstudent in terms of qualitative and practical education. A PG course haslots of glamour, but not being able to get you the right job at the rightplace and not making you career confident, is of no practical use.Today, almost all of us want to do PG course, but a very little percentageof the PG pass-outs can actually get a job they want and a job whichmakes their career. It is important to know that a PG education shouldnot just give you a certificate but should teach you the practical businessworld and make you competent enough to work confidently.Glamour and marketing is the major focus of the institution now a day.The actual reality was not communicated to the students and parents,either wrong or manipulated information were communicated by manyinstitutions.For institutes the major focuses were profits making but for studentsit’s their life and their parents dream. Students get into the collegewith huge effort and expectation but what actually it gets in the lastmatters the most.Any BBA+MBA course from government and other normal colleges willcost maximum of 4-6 lakh so why to invest 15-20 lakhs for samecertificate; just because of a good job and if the college will not beable to provide good jobs then why to invest such a huge hard earnedmoney.Let’s see some facts about the BBA+MBA course at Amity School ofbusiness and then decide about the future options for this course.
  4. 4. 3 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA (BBA+MBA)Integrated MBA 2012-2016: SummaryCampus NoidaInstitute Amity School of BusinessUniversity Amity University Uttar PradeshEligibility 10+2 (min 70%)Duration 4.5 Years1st Year Non Sponsored SemesterFee1.44 Lac Per Semester1st Year Sponsored SemesterFee2.16 Lac Per SemesterThe Fees will increase by 5% Per AnnumIt is a 4 ½ year course and comprises of nine semesters. Students areoffered dual Specialization wherein they can choose their major and minorspecialization areas from Finance, HR, Marketing, Law and IT (Practically for2008-12 batch only Finance, HR and Marketing were available while for next batch Lawwere added to it). Students will choose one course from their MinorSpecialization field and two courses from Major Specialization field in their5th 6th 7th 8th and 9th Semester. Students have to undergo 2 SummerTraining during their Course, one after 4th Semester and 2nd after their6th Semester (But unfortunately college were not able to place around 80%students for summer training and some who were placed are in insurancesector for sales- Aviva, HDFC etc.).The college says that, “Along with a strong grounding in managementcourses, the students are offered compulsory value addition papers(Foreign Language, Behavioural Science, and Communication Skill). These coursescontribute towards overall personality development of our students. Thesecourses are uniquely designed for each semester, as each semester thecourse aims at honing some aspect of a students personality” (Here againwhat college communicate to students and what actually been given need to beseen, is it same. It can only be analysed after intensively studying the contentof these courses in all semesters what actually been taught in class room and itcan only be answered be students who studied it.)
  5. 5. 4 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA: Amity School of Business (ASB) –AnalysisAmity School of Business: College claims that –“In just 6years of existence, ASB has established itself into a highly acclaimedinstitution”….BUT IS THIS THE REALITY?? Especially for PG Course likeBBA+MBA (Integrated MBA)Now let’s analyse the course (Integrated MBA / BBA+MBA) and thecollege ASB on some facts and then decide whether it’s a good decision toinvest such a huge amount for the course to launch our future career.1. ASB Noida: Brand Name & RankingBrand name is one of the most important factors which decide howgood the college could be but this again highly depends on marketingthese days. Apart from some reputed colleges like IITs, IIMs the privateinstitute rely heavily on marketing rather than the quality because oncea student got admission it’s very hard to get out of these colleges dueto heavy fees and lack of knowledge and illusion which is created bythe management of such institute.Amity is also one of those brands which have heavily relied onmarketing to create a BIG brand name in the market but again thereare major issues. REALITY IS FAR AWAY FROM THE FACTS.AMITY advertises its high placement but it never advertises the numberof placement out of Total students. For example it advertises 5000student placed but it never says out of how many and from whichstream and colleges because the picture is different inside.Let’s come to management stream there are many managementcollege in AMITY NOIDA, but all advertisement is done for AMITYBUSINESS SCHOOL not for other. (And another point is also critical thatit says it has a central placement cell which work for university not forcollege but it’s certainly not true in ground level.)UGC has inspected the university in 2010-11 and it outlined manycritical ISSUES, One of the most important was:
  6. 6. 5 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)The names of some colleges are very confusing which createmiscommunication to the students and the example cited in thereport was: AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL and AMITY SCHOOL OFBUSINESS.ASB is never a brand it just gets students in the name of ABS which is theflagship brand of AMITY.2. ASB Noida: InfrastructureNo doubt it has at par infrastructure in the educational industry buthaving AC classroom with Projector and central library is not the onlyrequirement to get good education. In this front the college has a stateof art infrastructure and can compete with any college across thecountry.3. ASB Noida : Programmes offered4. ASB Noida: Strength- Final YearProg./Year BBA(general)BBA- M&S BBA-F&AIntegrated MBA(BBA+MBA)FBM* Total2008-11/2008-12444 73 33 40 NA 594ASB is majorly a BBA college, so is it competent enough to handle aPGA/MBA course?Basically the college was routedfrom ABS few years back to caterthe Undergraduate students (BBA).So the basic program offered in thiscollege is BBA but in 2008 it cameup with PG course (Integrated MBA)72%3%15%10%TOTAL STUDENTS AT ASBBBA GeneralBBA-F & ABBA-Marketing &SalesIntegrated MBA
  7. 7. 6 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)5. ASB Noida: FacultyA college gains name by the faculty it appoints. A good, knowledgeablefaculty is truly the backbone of a college. But what if the college are notfocus on these aspects and majorly try to get students throughmarketing. ASB is one of such college where quality of faculty iscompromised as much as possible.Most of the faculties at ASB have fewer experiences. Let’s see theexperience they have in comparison with ABS faculty’s experience:ASB ABSFaculties with less than 5 Years of total experience 42% NILFaculties with less than 10 Years of total experience 80% 38%Faculties with more than 10 Years of total experience 21% 62%In case of qualification as well most of them are MBAs while few havehigher education which is necessary in most of the reputed institutionto teach PG/MBA students. Such qualifications are:ASB ABSFaculties with PHD degree 09% 51%Faculties who are UGC NET qualified in ASB 14% 15%Not too far the difference between the qualities of faculty isvisible inside AMITY. There is a huge gap between both collegesso it will be impractical to expect high level of teaching fromsuch colleges.Faculty of institutions like IITs IIMs and other government and privatereputed colleges possess high standards, qualifications and long yearsof experience which reflects in the quality of knowledge they provide tothe students. At ASB everything is missing in this front.Student-to-faculty ratio: A proper student-to-faculty ratio helpsin effective teaching by the teacher as well as effective learning by thestudent. A lower student-to-faculty ratio reflects the intimacy of theeducational experience. Further, a low student-to-faculty ratio tells thata college does not taking admissions limitlessly for profit-motivatedreasons.A very low student faculty ration at ASBCreate a huge gap in the quality of educationProvided by the college. 25 1:
  8. 8. 7 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)ASB Faculties: Quick SnapshotsTotal Number of Faculties: Approximately 57Its FACULTIES of the college who matter the most NOTthe building or any other infrastructure.22.81%77.19%Faculty Gender DistributionMALE FACULTY FEMALE FACULTY73.68%8.77%17.54%Faculty Major QualificationMBA/PGDMM PhilOthers (MCA, LLM, M Com etc.)8.77%14.04%3.51%28.07%45.61%Faculty P. hD and NET QualificationP HD UGC NETP HD + UGC NET P HD PursuingOther26.32%19.30%19.30%8.77%8.77%17.54%Faculty SpecializationMarketing Finance HROperation IT Others31.91%23.40%23.40%10.64% 10.64%Faculty Total Experience (Industry+ Teaching)2-4 Years5-7 Years7-10 Years10-15 YearsMore Then 15 Years
  9. 9. 8 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)6. ASB Noida : Academic Structure (IMBA)Academic structure of any professional colleges needs to beupdated and aligned with the industry requirements.ASB claims the same but whether what they claim is true..??Many subjects which are mentioned in its structure have samecontent but only different name. so it’s just to create illusionthat they have a better academic structure but that’s not true.Subjects such as Banking and financial institutions,International business management, International marketing,Business environment and strategic management, Businesspolicy and strategic management, Marketing for entrepreneur,financing for new venture etc. are the many papers with almostrepetitive contents but just the names are different.Not only this the way of delivery is also not anywhere to theprofessional level. All the faculties are basically teachesgraduates (BBA) but they also teach IMBA so the level ofdifferentiation is missing. Almost all treat both the batchsimilarly. Even some classes of IMBA get combined with BBA.Apart from this there is no specialization the faculty of ASB areso diverted that they can teach anything. A HR faculty canteach marketing, A marketing faculty can teach stats andmaths, a marketing faculty can teach English/communicationand so on.7. ASB Noida: Scholarships: It awards scholarship tomeritorious students and in a batch strength of less than 100 (Which isin case if IMBA/ BBA+MBA) one student of the batch gets a fees waiverof around 30% per semester.
  10. 10. 9 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)8. Industrial Interaction of ASBIndustry interaction is one of the major factors in developing studentsinto a successful professional but in case of ASB it seems like theinteraction of the students with industry is either decreasing of becamestagnant.I am sure ASB must have a cell which is specially designs for industryinterface. But it’s clear from the college industry interaction forfew years that in recent year the authorised person are justholding a post and breaking the chair in their offices instead ofimplementing and getting some good progressive work.Guest Lectures Events PlacementCompanies visited*Industrial Visit2012 13 4 9 02011 17 4 10 12010 16 3 12 62009 15 0 6 52008 10 0 5 3*Placement detail for the year 2012 were elaborated in detail later and only9 companies visited campus for placement related events in other casestudents went to company offices.NOW LET’S SEE THE MOST IMPORTANTPART” PLACEMENT @ ASB”
  11. 11. 10 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)9. ASB Noida : PlacementInternship-opportunities: Internship can give students a first-hand experience of the jobs which they have to take up in future andeven in some cases it land up into pre placement offer to the meritoriousstudents.It’s totally the responsibility of the college to provide good internshipopportunity to the students. So let’s see what ASB did to its IMBA batch incase of internship:There was a well-structured two internship designed for the batch in 2010and 2011 but unfortunately ASB was able to place its few students toHDFC insurance in 2010 with a profile to sell insurance that too withoutany compensation/salary they only got their certificate in return that toowith lots of difficulty. Other majority of the students struggled to getinternship and somehow managed it by own.Again in 2011 the event repeats itself and this time the difference wasinstead of HDFC insurance the company this time was AVIVA insurance.So the conclusion is the college was not competent enough to place thestudents even for the internship programmes. The students at variouscolleges get Thousands or lakhs as stipend/salary for working asintern but in this case the student’s struggled to get anopportunity even if they wear ready to work for free.Now let’s have a look at the final placement ofthe batch
  12. 12. 11 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA at ASB: Batch 2008-12Batch Profile: Total Students= 3912thStream of the student’s Foreign languageMajor specialization Dual Specialization74%23%3%COMMERCE SCIENCE OTHERS64%13%10%8%5%FRENCH GERMAN SPANISHJAPANESE CHINESE28%36%36%HR SpecialisationMarketing & Sales specialisationFinance Specialisation28%8%26%10%26%2%FINANCE (Major) MARKETING (Minor)FINANCE (Major) HR (Minor)MARKETING (Major) FINANCE (Minor)MARKETING (Major) HR (Minor)HR (Major) MARKETING (Minor)HR (Major) FINANCE (Minor)
  13. 13. 12 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA at ASB: Batch 2008-12Placement 2008-12 batch (IMBA- ASB)As on 26thNovember 2012 which is the concluding day for the IntegratedMBA batch at Amity School of Business when provisional degrees havebeen awarded the status of the placement is discussed below:Placement Snapshot:Student Placement status as on concluding of the batchTotal Student in the batch 39Number of student opted for campus placement 33Number of student Placed through campus placement 07Number of student who managed their own placement evenafter opting for campus placement earlier and appearing insome campus interview.15Number of unplaced students 10Student placed through Scholarship program 01Companies Approached for PlacementApproximate Number of Companies Approached for Campusplacement37Approximate Companies approached for Finance Profile 10Approximate Companies approached for HR Profile 06Approximate Companies approached for Marketing Profile 26Few companies offered two or more profile in different specialization so total number ofcompanies in all specialization is more than the approximate number of companiesapproached.
  14. 14. 13 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA at ASB: Batch 2008-12Salary Offered for the IMBA batch 2008-12One student of the batch got selected for Washington Centre Internshipprogram 2012 and during the programme in USA he got an offer of a jobwith one of the highest package of university i.e. 21.5 lakh Per AnnumBut unfortunately no student got selected for thescholarship programme for the year 2013.Campus Placement 2008-12*Total Student Placed** 07 (out of 33)CTC Per Annum Approximate In Hand SalaryHighest package offered 3.31 Lac 22000 PMAverage package 2.68 Lac 18000 PMLowest Package 1.80 Lac 13000 PM*Excluding Placement of US Scholarship programme** As on 26th November 2012, this is the concluding day for the batch.IMBA Batch 2008-12 Placement-Overall*Total Student managed Job 23 (out of 33)CTC Per Annum Approximate In Hand SalaryHighest package offered 4.20 28000 PMAverage package 2.80 18500 PMLowest Package 1.80 13000 PMWashington DC Scholarship (USA) Job package 21.5 Lac per Annum.* Including campus placement and placement managed by student through their own sourceexcluding scholarship job offer for one student of the batch.
  15. 15. 14 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA at ASB: Batch 2008-12CGPA and Placement Correlation**S. No. CGPA No. ofStudentNo. ofstudentopted forplacementNo. ofstudentplacedthroughcollegeHighestCTCoffered1 8.5 andAbove04*03 00 002 8.0 to 8.49 01 01 00 003 7.0 to 7.99 10 06 01#1.84 6.0 to 6.99 18 16 05 3.35 5.99 andbelow06 06 02 3.3*One student got offer through Washington DC scholarship programme.#Offered internship in HCL for six months.**As on 26th November 2012, this is the concluding day for the batch.So what does it mean, even performing in the college won’t get youanything. It clearly outlines that either the best of the college are notgood enough or the academic structure and the quality of grading of thecollege is nothing more than a crap.Ok and I miss the other side, may be the opportunity offered to the bestwere not even worth for them to grab, or even the company feared thatthese bunch of god students will leave anytime when they get betteropportunity since what they are offering was of no use for these students.
  16. 16. 15 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA at ASB: Batch 2008-12Student Placement Detail: Integrated MBA2008-12 (ASB- Noida) -As on 26th November 2012, this is the concluding day for the batch.S. No. Name SpecializationCGPA/Marks Company ProfilePackage(CTC PA)1 Himanshi Tiwari Marketing 7.1 HCLCustomerRelationship Intern 1.802 Akshay Arora Marketing 6.7 Aditya Infotech LtdBusinessDevelopment/ Sales 3.003 Isha Sachdeva Finance 6.5 HDFC Life SDM/ Sales 2.204 Shubhangi Singh Human Resource 6.3 Sify Technologies Marketing Trainee 3.005 Sakshi Mishra Marketing 6.3Songdew media pvtltdMarketing and salesexecutive 3.306 Ankita Arora Human Resource 5.9PegasusInternational HR trainee 3.317 Lubhansh Bharadwal Finance 5.7 HDFC Life SDM/ Sales 2.20List of Students who opted for campus placement and placed through collegeS. No. Name SpecializationCGPA/Marks Company ProfilePackage(CTC PA)1 Vipul Jhakodia Marketing 8.6 AGCO CorporationOverseas ProjectHead- India 21.50List of Students who got selectd for intrnship through Washington DC Scholarship 2012and offed a job during scholarshipS. No. Name SpecializationCGPA/Marks Company ProfilePackage(CTC PA)1 Nakul Parameswar Finance 9.5 Havells India Ltd Operation 3.002 Vikky Agarwal Finance 8.6WNS GlobalServices Finance Analyst 2.803 Neha Sethi Human Resource 7.5 NA NA NA4 Abhigyan Sinha Marketing 7.5InvisionCommunicationsManagementTrainee 3.005 Anmol Kathuria Finance 6.7 Aviva Insurance Finance Sales 3.006 Priyanka Singh Human Resource 6.6 NA NA NA7 Sonam Kansal Human Resource 6.5Pegasusinternational HR trainee 3.308 Pranav Bansal Marketing 6.5 Panurgy drugs pvt. Marketing Executive 3.509 Megha Jain Human Resource 6.3Amrapali heartbeatcity HR trainee 2.1610 Paankhi Agarwal Marketing 6.3City Innovates Pvt.Ltd Marketing Trainee 2.7011 Ritu Khanna Human Resource 6.2 Midas touch infratch HR trainee 2.4012 Aditya Gupta Marketing 6 Joined Own NA NA13 Prince Alexander Human Resource 5.3 WNS Global HR trainee 1.8014 Abhishek Bahl Marketing 4.9 Joined Own NA NA15 Swati Banbah Marketing 4.8Adiva group ofhostipals Marketing 4.20List of Students who opted for campus placement but managed job by themselves afterappearing in some interviews in campus placement
  17. 17. 16 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA at ASB: Batch 2008-12As on 26th November 2012, this is the concluding day for the batch.Out of 39 students in the batch, 10 are not placed. Reason unknown, allthe blames were put on them. These students were sent to callcentres for interviews; they went to a newspaper agency for the profileof sub editor.An MBA in marketing/finance/HR were sent to anewspaper agency for a profile editing...? They were sent to a callcentres to reply on the mails of customer queries…?? And that too for apackage of 17-20,000.These students were appeared for the interviews in which they are offereda salary of 10000-12000 and so on. Is this the opportunity a collegewho charge such a hefty fees will provide to its students.And this only because the placement cell of the college lacks coordinationand the only things which were going on there was the internal politics. Itwas a placement cell but no one works together. Within the span of 6month 3 people were given charges for placement one by one and inall case their objective was to get rid of the students no matter whatcompany, profile or package.S. No. Name Specialization CGPA/ Marks1 Arihant Sethia Finance 5.92 Arpit Raj Finance 6.23 Manisha Sharma Finance 6.94 Nikhil Kumar Marketing 8.85 Sakshi Singhal Marketing 8.06 Shayna Taneja Finance 6.67 Shruti Chandra Finance 7.88 Simran Preet Singh Finance 7.59 Surbhi Sharma Finance 6.010 Swati Gupta Marketing 7.8List of Students who opted for campus placement and remained unplaced as onconcluding of the batch
  18. 18. 17 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA at ASB: Batch 2008-12Companies: Some of the major companies whichvisited for Placement of the batch 2012S.No. NAME SECTORPACKAGEOFFEREDCTC (Lac PerAnnum)APPROXIMATE INHANDSALARY (PerMonth) STUDENT RECRUITEDREASON FOR NOT RECRUITMENT IFANY1 PWC Finance 3.20 21500.00 Nakul Parameswar*Miscommunication, unclear & Late replyfrom college about early joining2CARE RatingAgency Finance 3.00 20000.00 NO Unclear3 HDFC LIFE Insurance 2.20 15000.00Lubhansh Bharadwaj, EshaSachdevaPLACED (Esha did not joined only lubhanshJoin)4 WNS Consultency 2.50 17000.00 NO Unclear5 EQSPlacementAgency 1.80 12000.00 NO Unclear6 Finedge Advisor Finance 3.00 NO Unclear7 Future CapitalFiancialServices 2.00 13500.00 NO Unclear8 Amity finance Finance 3.00 20000.00 NO Unclear9 Annik systems IT 4.00 26500.00 NO No Student Get Selected10 Bajaj FinancialFinancialServicesSa 2.70 18000.00 NOJoining date Issues with college andcompaneyAveragePackage 2.7 18000 Number of Student Placed2 (out of 13 students who opted forcollege placement)FinanceS. No. NAME SECTORPACKAGEOFFERED CTC(Lac Per Annum)APPROXIMATEINHAND SALARY(Per Month) STUDENT RECRUITEDREASON FOR NOTRECRUITMENT IF ANY1 Pegasus International HR Consultency 3.30 22000.00 Ankita Arora Placed2 Pylon Management Consultency 2.20 15000.00 NO Unclear3Indian FranchiseeAssociation 2.20 15000.00Pankhi Agarwal, SurbhiSharma, PrinceAlexanderNot joined the companey due topoor infrastructure and trackrecord of the companey4 Aviva Life Insurance 3.00 20000.00Pankhi Agarwal#, SurbhiSharma#Selected Students Not Joineddue to unclear issues5 Annik systems IT 4.00 26500.00 NO No Student Get Selected6 EQS Placement Agency 1.80 12000.00 NO UnclearAverage Package 2.7 18000Number of StudentPlaced1 (out of 7 students who optedfor college placement)HR
  19. 19. 18 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Integrated MBA at ASB: Batch 2008-12S. No. NAME SECTORPACKAGEOFFERED CTC(Lac Per Annum)APPROXIMATEINHAND SALARY(Per Month) STUDENT RECRUITEDREASON FOR NOTRECRUITMENT IF ANY1 Aditya Infotech Consumer Durable 3.00 20000.00 Akshay Arora Placed2 Sparrow Interactive Real estate 3.00 20000.00 Abhigyan Sinha*Dont recruited student on earlyjoining (Miscommunication,unclear reply from college aboutearly joining)3 Sify Technologies IT 3.00 20000.00 Shubhangi Singh Placed4 Budwiser India FMCG 3.00 20000.00 NODont recruit student on earlyjoining5 3C Real estate 2.00 13500.00 NO Unclear6Songdew media pvtltd Entertainment 3.30 22000.00 Sakshi Mishra Placed7 Wedding AffairsMedia &Entertainment 1.80 12000.00 NO Unclear8 Neosynapses Research 2.40 16000.00 NO Interview not occurred9 Woodcert Wood Certification 2.40 16000.00 NO Interview not occurred10 Binary Scementic Consultency 2.10 14000.00 Unclear11 AVIVA Insurance 1.80 12000.00 NO No Student Applied12 IACT Global 2.50 23500.00 NO Unclear13 INS E Solution Limited IT 1.44 10000.00 NO Unclear14 Aceme Media Entertainment 1.20 9000.00 NO Unclear15Daga (Michele JanezicAgency Pvt Ltd) Consultency 2.20 15000.00 NO Unclear16Infollion ResearchServices Private Market Research 1.80 12000.00 NO No students appeared17 Techsci Research Market Research 2.40 16000.00 NOMiscommunication betweenrecruiter and College18 Cosmic structures Ltd. 1.20 9000.00 NO Unclear19Indian FranchiseeAssociation 2.20 15000.00Pankhi Agarwal, SurbhiSharma, PrinceAlexanderNot joined the companey due topoor infrastructure and trackrecord of the companey20 Aviva Life Insurance 3.00 20000.00Pankhi Agarwal#, SurbhiSharma#Selected Students Not Joineddue to unclear issues21Drishti - SoftSolutions Pvt. Ltd IT 3.00 20000.00 NO No Student Applied22EduMENTOREducational ServicesPvt. Ltd. Education 3.00 20000.00 Unclear23 Dainik Bhaskar Media 2.50 17000.00 NOMismatch between StudentQualification and Job profile24 Citibank Fiancial Services 3.70 24500.00 NO Unclear25 Drishti Research Market Research 3.50 23500.00 NA NA26 HCLCustomerRelationship 1.8 12000.00 Himanshi Tiwari Placed For 6 month internshipAverage Package 2.4 16000Number of StudentPlaced3 (out of 12 students who optedfor college placement)Marketing & Sales
  20. 20. 19 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)Way AheadInvestment of around 15 lakh for the course at aninterest rate of 10% will cost a sum of around 18lakh in 4.5 years and then after 4.5 years the returnwas around 2.5 lakh per annum.So when will you get the amount return..???If you are lucky and get an increment of 20% perannum then you will need another 8 years to get themoney back which you invested in the course.So before deciding on what to do you need to think becauseonce you get into the trap it’s very difficult to come out of it.Don’t ever believe on what the college administration tells youor what the advertisement tells you. These things are onlymisleading nothing else. Always try to get the suggestions andinformation from the good students of the college whether it isany college because it’s your and your parent’s future andmoney not the college and their faculties.It’s all business not the student teacher relationshipwhich was used to be.
  21. 21. 20 Integrated MBA (BBA+ MBA)So before deciding what to do please get the valid information don’t believethe official sources.There are many colleges offering IMBA courses like Birla institute, VIT etc andtheir placement was also significantly better.After investing 15-20 lakhs what is the return. You need to think on it. Thereare many MBA colleges which charges nominal fees butstill there placementare far better. Few links are below and this will show you the difference on thereturn you will get from different colleges and courses.It’s a kind request to all of you to please look at each of the links:1) YouFor any queries do mail us on: