ISES 2013 - Day 2 - Israr Uddin (CEO, Mogh Limited) - Local Solutions


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Case Studies Of Sustainability

Local solutions are the steps towards global solutions. We will be looking at solutions to energy related problems in different parts of the world: from special case of Samsoe in Denmark all the way to rural areas in Pakistan.

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ISES 2013 - Day 2 - Israr Uddin (CEO, Mogh Limited) - Local Solutions

  1. 1. Local Solutions for Green Energy Development : Case Studies of Sustainability from Chitral Pakistan Israr-Uddin Director at Green Alternative Power (Pvt.) Limited June 13, 2013 Green Alternative Power (Pvt.) LimitedGreen Alternative Power (Pvt.) Limited
  2. 2. Chitral at a Glance: East South North West Area 14,850 Population 450,000 (proj) Households 48,000 Tehsil No. of Valleys No. of Villages 2 32 523 Union Councils 21 UC in Upper Chitral 10 UC in Lower Chitral 11 Literacy rate (M : 72, F: 44) Population growth rate 54% 2.5% Forest Glacier Mountain Crop land 4.8% 76% 4%
  3. 3. Chitral at a Glance: • Two Indigenous tribes -Kalasha and Khow • 14 different languages • Love for music, Dance & Polo • The most peaceful part of Pakistan
  4. 4. Energy Production and Consumption trends – Before 90s • More than 60% of population without electricity • Dependency on fuel wood for heating & cooking purposes • Kerosene oil lamps for lightening the homes • Unhygienic household environment and heavy work load on the women • Lack of communication infrastructure and access to information
  5. 5. MHP Program- Realization of a dream • Community based MHP Program Started in early 90s – 5-30 kw capacities by AKRSP • Participation from communities at all levels helped put the incentives in the right place and have appropriate project identification • Community Ownership = Sustainability • Capacity building enhances skills to
  6. 6. A community Owned MHP Model • Communities are involved in the identification and construction of the scheme • Projects are engineered and designed by AKRSP jointly with villagers and funds are released in installments • Communities purchase their own equipment – AKRSP provides technical guidance and builds the local capacity in scheme operation and maintenance • Communities develop their own management systems for
  7. 7. Achievements: • 190 MHPs were completed by the year 2002 • has the highest MH concentration in the world (ref: ‘Chitral now The Next Ascent’ by The World Bank, 2002 • More than 53% of the population is getting electricity from Community based MHP or Private sector power projects • Improved Quality of Life • Green Oscar (Ashden) Award for Sustainable Energy-2004 • Global Development Network for Most innovative
  8. 8. Next Generation Challenges : • Dependency on fuel wood for heating & cooking purpose, a major cause of deforestation • Forest density has reduced to 4.8% • Educated young generation seeking for employment opportunities • Melting glaciers and high frequency of flash floods
  9. 9. Q&A Session Green Alternative Power (Pvt.) LimitedGreen Alternative Power (Pvt.) Limited