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Ticketing hub


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TicketingHub is a technology focused B2B cloud based ticketing platform, which specialises in the management of sales and inventory of tickets.

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Ticketing hub

  1. 1. Ticke&ngHub Is  a  technology-­‐ focused  business  2   business  cloud-­‐based   service  specialising  in   the  management  of   9cket  sales  and   inventory.2
  2. 2. If  you  sell  &ckets  you  probably  know... Custom  pla6orms  are   Exis&ng  pla6orms  don’t   You  lose  money  by  paying   expensive suits  your  needs huge  commission Sounds  familiar?  3
  3. 3. Using  exis&ng  pla6orms  can  lead  to… Lack  of  control Restric&ng  parallel   Under  Selling Loss  of  Revenue distribu&on However,  there  is  an  alterna&ve…4
  4. 4. Welcome  to  Ticke9ngHub How  does  it  work? ① Register  an  account ② Link  to  a  PayPal  account ③ Upload  Venue  details ④ Setup  your  9cket  types  and  pricing ⑤ Set  the  dates  of  your  events ⑥ Watch  your  9ckets  sell  with  real-­‐9me  analy9cs5
  5. 5. Integrate  directly  into  your  own  website…6
  6. 6. …or  through  ours7
  7. 7. ..or  anywhere  else  for  that  maTer.. Hotel  Kiosk Mobile   Retail  Outlet Call  Center  Facebook  App Tablet  App8
  8. 8. You’ll  end  up  selling… •  Via  your  website •  Through  mul9ple  sales   channels. Ticke9ngHub  is… •  Quick  to  setup •  Easy  to  maintain9
  9. 9. Get  paid  instantly  &  safely •  PayPal  charges*  3.4%  +  20p   ü protects  you  against  payment  fraud •  Ticke9ngHub  charges*  50p  per  9cket •  You  immediately  receive  100%  of   the  total  upon  payment *  Fees  are  paid  by  the  buyer,  except  if  chosen  otherwise10
  10. 10. Without  the  Cloud! Managing  your  own  sales  channels  is ①   Time  consuming ②   Labor  intense ③   Costly ④   Hard  to  manage Besides..  All  you  want  to  do  is  manage  your  venue. Welcome  to  Ticke*ngHub’s  Cloud  pla7orm…11
  11. 11. With  Ticke9ngHub  you  can:•  Distribute  9ckets  to  mul9ple   channels•  Track  &  control  9cket  inventory•  Create  contracts  with  partners•  Customise  the  look,  entry-­‐fields,   pricing  &  commissions Now  sit  back  and  watch  the  sales  come  in.12
  12. 12. Before &  Aler…13
  13. 13. Before &  Aler… The  example  above  illustrates  the  Purchase  of  a  single  £11.50  9cket   With  a  £1  /9cket  commission  given  to  the  reseller.14
  14. 14. Great,  now  prepare  for  your  event! ü   Every  *cket  contains  a  unique  barcode   ü   Each  barcode  needs  to  be  scanned  &   verified  at  the  venue ü   Our  solware  will  validate  or  invalidate  a   9cket ü   We  will  let  your  know  in  real  *me  how   your  aTendance  sheet  is  looking!15
  15. 15. So  what  else  do  we  do? Real  Time  Sales   Complete  developer  API   Analy&cs For  integra1on  to  your   Track  sales  and   exis1ng  CRM  /  Sales   aPendance  in  real  1me channels Customer  Database Fraud  Protec&on Managed  customer   Advanced  protec1on  on   database  for  future   1cket  fraud marke1ng. Scanner  &  Tickets Enterprise  &  Customer   Support Our  solu1on  works  with   all  solu1ons: Our  24  hour  support  is   Barcode,  QR  Code,  RFID,   here  to  help  you  and   NFC,  MagStrip your  customers  16
  16. 16. Thank  You 44  207  100  1243