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  1. 1. Matthew’s Poems Annoying Bro Feelings/Thoughts TV’s/Video games Persuading
  2. 2. Memoir Annoying Bro If you have a little brother or, A sister you are lucky because, My little brother Michael is annoying, Irritating, and most of all a, A tattle tailor bla!Bla!Bla!All, His talking is now annoying me, So if I hit him he will go to Mom, Then he will start to irritate me, So almost all the time we fight,And the same thing happens over and over and, Over again every single day, One day we were playing outside, And shooting hoops suddenly the, Basketball flew into the air, So high and hit the ramp and, Hit Michael so he got hurt, And he is so much of a tattle tailor, That he could go up to Mom and Dad all day.
  3. 3. Capturing a MomentFeelings/Thoughts My home in my room,” because, When I read “ I feel relaxed, “ And cool about it, It in spires me because when, The author makes it funny, So It makes me laugh, It also makes me feel like I, Am going into the book, Because I keep on reading, And reading and reading, My room is so relaxing that it’s, Like you can hear nothing.
  4. 4. Celebrating PassionsTV’S/Videogames The color on the screen, The emotion that you cry on, The funny parts that you, Like the screams on your face, The gaming that you see the, Blood that takes you away, On a adventure onto the screen,Sometimes there is so much blood, That all you see is red.
  5. 5. Reflection Persuading I am persuading my Mom, To get me toys, then my Mom, Says no when I ask if I, Want to get a toy and, She says no but I say I will, Pay back the money but she, Still says no and my mom says no!And my mom says no so much its like I disappear. If it doesn’t work I say pleaseShe still says no so I stop annoying her and we go home.