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Image Optimization Lightning Talk - Ajax Experience


Published on demo and presentation from Ajax Experience.

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Image Optimization Lightning Talk - Ajax Experience

  1. THE PROBLEM Optimizing images sucks. Stoyan Stefanov Nicole Sullivan
  2. Quantify and improve the performance of all Yahoo! products worldwide
  4. Time to diet From 2003 to 2008: 97K to 312K. 25.7 to 49.9 objects.
  5. Images, who cares? Top ten websites 45.6% page weight is images.
  6. 7 MISTAKES Image Optimization
  7. mistake #1 Using GIF when PNG is smaller 20.42%
  8. mistake #2 Not crushing PNG 16.05%
  9. mistake #3 Not stripping JPG metadata 11.85%
  10. mistake #4 Using truecolor PNG rather than PNG8
  11. mistake #5 Using Alpha Image Loader 100ms yahoo search
  12. mistake #6 Serving dynamically generated images “as is” 38-55% google charts api
  13. mistake #7 Not combining images
  15. JPEG Tran Excellent tools, so many options PngOptimizer OptiPNG
  16. Two distinct problems Design Quality versus Optimization Engineering
  17. ONE TOOL. MANY ALGORITHMS. Smush it automatically crushes images using the best open source algorithms available.
  18. demo:
  19. Let’s keep talking... Stoyan Stefanov Nicole Sullivan YSlow: Lead Developer “stubbornella” on the web