Gangster Film Trailer


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Gangster Film Trailer

  1. 1. The Pitch for our Gangster film<br />By Stuart Wright & Georgia Money <br />
  2. 2. It is going to be about 1 and a half minutes long.<br />It will have scenes with violence, guns, card games, smoking and alcohol in it which are all generic conventions of Gangster. It could also have a drugs deal going on and possible a car chase depending on how realistic we can make it look. <br />We were thinking of doing it a bit like the snatch trailer where it stops the action and then says the persons name with the background in a different colour.<br />We think our gangster film will be like a British gangster film trailer with a lot of action and not very much talking as its hard to find actors who are any good and would reduce the need for them to talk<br />Ideas for shot/scenes<br />Man being interrogated in something that looks either like Cellar or Warehouse or Garage with Concrete floors were he then gets hit by crowbar or weapon round head while tied to a chair falls with chair and has blood pouring from his head onto floor. The person who hit him says ‘you have one week to find my money’<br />Tells his two frineds<br />Dark Alley Ways which may include violence, drug dealing.<br />A man running away and showing it by having shaky cam and then either jump into the van and driving off or hiding round a corner<br />There could also be gambling on a cards game <br />The drinking scene in pub because they have just won the money from the cards game.<br />Then money gets robed by man with shotgun as they are coming out pub<br />Ideas for teaser trailer<br />
  3. 3. Equipment we may use for trailer<br />This could be where the drugs deal would happen could make it look like a deserted warehouse by not getting any of the scenery in the background.<br />This car would be used for the chase scene<br />This car could be the main gangster’s car because they usually have black cars and would be ironic as most American action films they would race around in supercars and this is more realistic as not everybody owns a supercar<br />This could be used to move a crate of drugs in the drugs deal or an obstacle to get round in the car chase<br />
  4. 4. Research <br />I have looked at the three very popular gangster films and analysed their trailers. The trailers are; snatch, lock stock and two smoking barrels and layer cake. <br />Snatch:<br />Music<br /><ul><li>The snatch trailer has non digetic music running all the way through the trailer but there are two different songs.
  5. 5. The first song is very fast paced to show how fast pace the film is and how much action there is in it.
  6. 6. Then the music changes to a wild west type song and it starts to introduce the main characters. This gives a feeling that all the main characters will be fighting against each other. </li></ul>Info<br /><ul><li>In snatch there are a lot of different characters which are mainly dressed in suits. The ones that are dressed in suits are trying to get the 86 carat diamond so it is almost a race to the diamond.
  7. 7. Snatch has a lot of guns and fighting in the trailer and less of the gangster 'family' feel to it. It has lots of different people after the diamond including Avi and his gang, brick top and his gang, two boxing promoters and a Russian.
  8. 8. The generic conventions you get to see in snatch are; guns, diamonds, betting on cards, fighting and suits and ties. 
  9. 9. This trailer has a clip to interlink two clips such as an effect to make it look like the camera has zoomed in very fast. This makes the clips feel faster pace than the Goodfellas clip because it isn't smooth so it keeps the audience interested and it doesn't let the audience feel comfortable. This works well with the music because they are both very fast paced. This makes the audience feel like no one has the power so anything could happen and because you see every character almost an equal amount of time then you don't know who is good or bad and who you are supposed to like and not like.
  10. 10. This is a British gangster film so it has lots of action with lots of different gangs where as the American films are more about the story on one gang and how they made it to power.</li></li></ul><li>Research <br />Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels: <br />Music<br /><ul><li>The lock stock and two smoking barrels trailer has non digetic music running the whole way through the trailer like the others but this time it has four different songs
  11. 11. At the start the music is slow while the main group of four friends are being introduced. The music is slow and relaxed as if to say they are normal and nothing to worry about.
  12. 12. Then the music changes at a card game to faster pace to build tension and show that the card game is important. Then there is exaggerated sound of the card being put down to show how important that card was.
  13. 13. The music then changes to more high pitched sound to show that something bad has happened.
  14. 14. Then the music changes to more happy faster song to suggest they might have a way of getting the money that they lost. the music then changes to faster paced music to suggest that it is violent with a lot of action. 
  15. 15. Then one of the four friends says 'were on' and the music changed again to slower party music as if they have been successful so they can celebrate. </li></ul>Info<br />You then get to see generic conventions to do with the gangster genre which include; drugs, money, alcohol, suits and ties, women, guns and cars. There is no fade between clips like with Goodfellas but at the start the clips are quite long when it is introducing the four friends so it makes it feel like they have control until they lose at the cards game so and then the clips are shortened to make it faster clip changes. There are also a lot of different people that you see so it seems like they are all after the money. This is a bit like snatch apart from you know what group you following. This is a British gangster film so it has lots of action with lots of different gangs where as the American films are more about the story on one gang and how they made it to power.<br />
  16. 16. Research <br />Layer cake: <br />Music<br />The layer cake trailer has no music when the chef is telling you how to make a cake but it has non digetic music running all the way through the trailer when the scenes from the film are shown.<br />Info<br /> The film makers have done this because the chef is explaining the story of the film by saying how to make a cake. The ingredients for the cake are the characters for the film e.g. &apos;a good egg&apos; is the main actor of the film, &apos;a hand full of villains&apos; all the bad people in the film &apos;one large portion&apos; is the main women of the film and the last ingredient is &apos;sprinkling of mindless freedom of expirations&apos; you then see a lot of fighting, drugs, guns, women, cars&apos; with fast paced clip changes. The chef then says &apos;stir aggressively&apos; then the clips are very fast paced and a lot of action. Then the chef says &apos;bring to the boil nicely&apos; and then clips slow down and you see a kettle and someone poring tea on the flour and then the chef carries on to say &apos;placing in the local multiplex for a good 90 minutes&apos;. You then get distinguishing pictures of London to show that this is the place that it is going to be taking place. The chef finishes by saying &apos;a Valla&apos; and the first actor to speak says &apos; welcome to the layer cake son&apos;. The music fits in well with the action because it is gets faster and louder as the trailer clips get shorter and faster paced. Most of the people are wearing suits or dressed up well but not many have ties on to show that the two who do are important and the rest are trying to get power. <br />The layer cake is a British gangster film so it is different to the American films like godfather, Goodfellas and Scarface. The British gangster films have a few different gangs at the same time where as the American gangster films only concentrate on one or two main gangs. <br />The British films have more action than the American films because the American films are more about the story line on one gang or person. <br />
  17. 17. Research<br /><ul><li>Shows most of the character in the film in British gangsters where as it shows the main important character in American Gangster
  18. 18. American gangster posters have black background and suit and ties which gives them the look that they are dark and mischievous
  19. 19. British gangster has coloured or white background casually dressed with a few people dressed in suit and ties as if the people in suits are more important but the rest in casual clothes all look like ordinary people. </li></ul>I think the most powerful poster is the Goodfellas poster because it looks better with three people than one and it doesn&apos;t look too crowded unlike the snatch poster. The only thing that stands out from the black and white is the middle persons red tie so you feel he is the most important. <br />
  20. 20. Magazine front cover<br />One idea for the magazine front cover to have titles down the side of the page which say things like ‘Interviews with the cast of .........’ or ‘behind the scenes of ............’<br />A possible idea we had for the picture on the front of the magazine is to have all the people in the trailer standing around in a circle with the main leader of the gang crouched down holding a weapon of some sort to show that they are a gang just because their all together and he&apos;s holding a weapon<br />For the colour palette for the magazine front cover I think we are going to have a black and white theme with also have Red as there are connotations or Violence and Blood which would link to the Gangster theme.<br />
  21. 21. Audience<br />The Audience would firstly , without meaning to be to sexist, most men<br />The Audience for our film would firstly be people who like the Action Genre and The Gangster Genre.<br />The Audience would also be people who like previous films like Lock, Stock and Two smoking Barrels, Snatch, RocknRolla<br />The age range of the audience would be people between the ages of Mid teens to the Late 30’s/ Very early 40’s as people younger than mid teens this probably wouldn&apos;t be able to relate to the fact that their are criminals and gangsters and things like this do exist and also would not particularly want the lifestyle of Alcohol , Partying, Violence , Illegally gaining Money and wouldn&apos;t think that it looks fun to do what they do.<br /> where as....<br /> people in the late teens and in the 20’s think that what happens in films like Lock, Stock and Two smoking Barrels looks like great fun and like the idea of a life of<br /> Getting money easily by doing illegal stuff<br /> Drinking so much and so often that their livers would probably fail in real life<br /> Getting in fights and not getting arrested or seem to not have the ability to feel pain which seems to be portrayed in British Gangster Films<br />Having lots of sex with many different people without any of consequences<br /> Taking drugs and it being a rave and no health problems<br />Instead of having to work all day in a job or study at school or university.<br />
  22. 22. Institution<br />The institution that we could have for our trailer could be screen gems, summit, MARV films, Sony Picture Classics, entertainment and SKA films<br />SKA films produced snatch and lock stock and two smoking barrels so this is the main one we would try to have as our institution <br />