Bfor B Staffs Launch Introduction To Bfor B 15th April 2010


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An introduction slideshow to the launch of Business for Breakfast in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire in April 2010

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  • Bfor B Staffs Launch Introduction To Bfor B 15th April 2010

    1. 1. Business for Breakfast Stoke 15th April 2010
    2. 2. Mission: "Business For Breakfast provides a new generation of business facilitation through a network of successfully organised high quality networking forums that are regularly hosted in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere to promote active participation, relationships, qualified referrals, recommendations, one to one meetings and strategic alliances to help
    3. 3. Vision: "We intend for Business For Breakfast to become the country's private business referrals club of preference with national coverage through over one hundred local franchisees, more than seven hundred active meetings and at least eight thousand active members by 2010"
    4. 4. Ground Rules In Business for Breakfast we have only 2 ground rules: 1. We only work with people who are serious about growing their business through developing quality referrals and who will contribute quality referrals back to the team based on know, like and trust. 2. We prefer to grow by recommendation and personal introduction, so we will be asking you for introductions to some of your most trusted contacts who we can invite as your guests.
    5. 5. Why does BforB work so well? We have a proven formula developed over 10 years that has provided profitable business for many members. That formula is a 3 step process: 1.Getting to Know someone through regular group meetings and 1-2-1‘s 2.Getting to Like them through these regular meetings 3.Developing Trust so that you will share your precious customers and business contacts Once Know Like and Trust is in place then referrals will flow.
    6. 6. What will you gain from membership? 1. Market sector exclusivity for your business in your group. What that means to you is no competition from within your group for referrals to your market sector. 2. Referrals that are qualified and lead to profitable business from your trusted fellow members 3. Reliable new suppliers from amongst your members and their trusted business associates
    7. 7. A referral has 4 Elements Via Andy Bounds in The Jelly Effect: • A personal recommendation (by the referrer) • to someone you don’t yet know, but want to (your target) • such that your target is expecting your call for business purposes • and is looking forward to it If any one of the four is missing it’s not a referral!
    8. 8. How does BforB work for you? • We meet fortnightly at the same time and venue with the same membership plus valued guests who will hope will register as new members to grow the group. • Between meetings our members conduct one-to-one meetings in order that they may get to know, like and trust each other to better understand each others business to be able to spot opportunities for each other and be able to pass referrals • BforB provides training opportunities to amongst other things improve your networking skills.
    9. 9. What will we expect from you Five ways to contribute: 1. 100% attendance or if at all possible send a representative 2. Conduct 1-2-1’s with your fellow members 3. Invite guests to grow the group 4. Provide testimonials 5. Provide thank you notes for work well done
    10. 10. Any Questions?