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Bis dcsf 230709


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An overview of the value proposition of the Strategic Content Alliance covering the digital content lifecycle and work undertaken to address some of the tactical issues in a networked environment.

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Bis dcsf 230709

  1. 1. The Strategic Content Alliance An overview of the Alliance
  2. 2. | Slide 2January 29, 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance The drive towards an Online Content Framework Stuart Dempster Director , Strategic Content Alliance
  3. 3. | Slide 3January 29, 2015 The sponsors The Strategic Content Alliance
  4. 4. | Slide 4January 29, 2015 The Strategic Content Alliance The rationale for a Content Framework
  5. 5. A complex landscape at home… new digital opportunities
  6. 6. | Slide 6January 29, 2015 The Content Framework “components” The Alliance is developing these themes for the Content Framework. Each theme is supported by the efficient use of expertise and knowledge within each sector e.g. BBC and online audiences – meaning the costs of development are reduced.
  7. 7. | Slide 7January 29, 2015 The current Content Framework (The current situation probably looks more like this)
  8. 8. | Slide 8January 29, 2015 The Content Framework The ambition of the Content Framework is to nurture a set of mutually supportive commonly understood policies and strategies underpinned by empirical research to support learning, teaching and knowledge.
  9. 9. | Slide 9January 29, 2015 A sea of change… Online Content “policy and practice change agents”
  10. 10. | Slide 10January 29, 2015 Audience Analysis and Modelling – meeting users needs and measuring impact tools Guide Case Studies “Decision” Schematic Briefing Papers
  11. 11. | Slide 11January 29, 2015 Business Models and Sustainability –how to develop online content with “real world” examples Guide In-depth case studies Funders Forum Decision “Schematic” on 31st July 2009 due September 2009
  12. 12. | Slide 12January 29, 2015 The IPR/ Licencing Toolkit Initial Report Guide Case Studies “Decision” Schematic
  13. 13. IP and the flow of content
  14. 14. | Slide 14January 29, 2015 Digipedia – A Prototype Content Framework Presentation Layer Digipedia is a moderated wiki that aims to provide: A framework to enable both the synthesis of the reports and other outputs from the Alliance Integration of that material into other high quality resources.
  15. 15. CenturyShare
  16. 16. CenturyShare
  17. 17. CenturyShare
  18. 18. CenturyShare
  19. 19. | Slide 19January 29, 2015 Advocacy, Adaptation and Adoption… Policy makers…dialogue and influence Practitioners…retooling and re-skilling
  20. 20. Where you can find us on the web…
  21. 21. | Slide 21January 29, 2015 The End Thank you for listening and any questions? Stuart Dempster 07791-594-199