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Bata-the shoe company, its company profile, revenue analysis and products.

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Bata-Corporate Profile

  1. 1. “Our Customer is Our Master”
  2. 2. HistoryBata first established itself in India in 1931and commenced manufacturing shoes inBetanagar in 1936. At that time the BataShoe Organization was headquartered inthe Czechoslovak town in Zlin, theresidence of Thomas Bata, the founder ofthe organization.
  3. 3. Evolution• 1894 T.& A. Bata Shoe Company registered in Zlin, Czechoslovakia by the siblings Tomas, Anna and Antonin Bata• 1895 Tomáš Bata takes over the company leadership alone• 1897 Tomas introduces the “Batovka”• 1909 First export sales and first sales agencies in Germany, in the Balkans and in the Middle East• 1925 The Bata School of work founded• 1929-1931 factories in Swiss, Germany, England, France, Yugoslavia, Poland, Holland, the USA and India
  4. 4. MissionBata will provide its products and servicesto all the age groups in the community.Will also provide the finest quality throughcustomer involvement.
  5. 5. VisionVision is that ignite spark that can inspireand energise people to do better.The focus of vision is to reach out hungrilyfor the future and drag it into the present.
  6. 6. India• Bata Shoe Company Private Limited in 1931• Operation in Konnagar (near Calcutta)• Changed its name to Bata India Limited in 1973• ISO: 9001 certification.• Largest retailer and Leading manufacturer• 30,000 dealers
  7. 7. Bata Shoe Organization (BSO)• Operations across 5 continents• Managed by 3 regional Meaningful Business Units (MBUs) Bata Europe, Lausanne, Switzerland Bata Emerging Markets, Singapore Bata Branded Business, Best, Holland
  8. 8. The MBU approach• Provides quality resources• Support in key areas Product Development Sourcing Marketing
  9. 9. Strategy• Share the same leadership points• Product concept development• Constant improvement of business processes
  10. 10. Growth• Bata India reports excellent results for 1st Quarter of 2011 Quarter Ended Quarter Ended Increase % 31st March 31st 2011 March 2010 Net 31065.6 25915.4 20 Sales/Income (Rs. in lacs ) PBT 14770.3 2103.7 602 (Rs. in lacs )• Continues aggressive expansion, opens 29 new stores in Q1
  11. 11. Founder Thomas Bata 17/9/1914 - 31/8/2008
  12. 12. Today• Serves 1 million customers per day• Employs more than 40,000 people• Operates 5000 retail stores• Manages a retail presence in over 70 countries• Runs 33 production facilities across 22 countries
  13. 13. Brands• Bata • North Star• Bata Industrials • Patapata• Bubblegummers • Power• Baby Bubbles • Sandak• Comfit • Sundrops• Eco Fit • Weinbrenner• Marie Claire
  14. 14. Awards• “The world’s 25 Unsung Innovative Companies” listed by business week• TOP 50 Most Trusted Brands- recognized by Brand Equity• Most Admired Footwear Brand by Images Fashion Forum• Selected as a POWERBRAND in the
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