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Just delivered this presentation to the WMRO sharing information digitally event. I'm now uploading it to slideshare. Using this for the first time alongside Christine who is finding out about slideshare too!

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WMRO Digital Inclusion Presentation

  1. 1. Sharing information digitally: Digital Inclusion: Stuart Parker
  2. 2. Our mission is to work with disadvantaged individuals & communities and help them overcome barriers. Using technology, we aim to help them become more confident, skilled and ultimately, employed.
  3. 3. (source: ONS Internet Access Statistical Bulletin 2009 28 th August 2009)
  4. 4. Internet activities The most popular activity of recent Internet users was sending and receiving emails, at 90 per cent. However, 2009 also saw a boom in social networking. Forty per cent of recent Internet users stated that they posted messages to chat sites, blogs and newsgroups (up from 20 per cent in 2008). There was an increase from 24 per cent to 40 per cent of recent Internet users who stated they uploaded self created content. (source: ONS Internet Access Statistical Bulletin 2009 28 th August 2009)
  5. 5. What is Digital Inclusion? (source: http://digitalinclusion.pbworks.com/Digital-Inclusion) The use of technology either directly or indirectly to improve the lives and life chances of people and the places in which they live
  6. 6. Learning to use technology is like learning to drive
  7. 7. "Not using Word or Excel. Not uploading photos to Facebook or Flickr. And certainly not leaving comments on newspaper sites. Digital literacy means being able to take digital stuff make new things with it, just as literacy means taking words and making new sentences with them. Literacy is about understanding the rules of a thing so that they can be worked within or broken as applicable. It’s about making the world our own. This is why we teach reading and writing to children, not so that they can fill out forms or write tedious reports, but that they might question and understand the world in which they live in." Quote from Pete Ashton on Digital Literacy
  8. 8. Tiered Exclusion?
  9. 9. You as a Digital Mentor
  10. 11. You wake up in the morning, you put the kettle on, pop the toast down and you have browse - part of the routine.....
  11. 12. FIN [email_address] www.wesharestuff.org