The IBM Mobile Collaboration Portfolio (delivered at DanNotes, Nov 2011)


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Stuart McIntyre outlines what options IBM has delivered for users of its social and collaboration platforms on mobile devices. Covers Domino, Sametime, Quickr and Connections.

Delivered at DanNotes - the Danish Lotus user group - in Korsor in late November 2011, in tandem with Niklas Heidloff who covered application development options.

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The IBM Mobile Collaboration Portfolio (delivered at DanNotes, Nov 2011)

  1. 1. The IBM MobileCollaboration Portfolio Stuart McIntyre
  2. 2. Interaction is good! #collabmattersImage:
  3. 3. About Me
  4. 4. What will you learn? What tools does IBM have for accessing Lotus/ICS apps on mobile devices? Both mobile web and native apps Q&AImage:
  5. 5. Traveler
  6. 6. Traveler on iPhone
  7. 7. Traveler on iPhone
  8. 8. Traveler To Dos on iPhone
  9. 9. Traveler on Android
  10. 10. Blackberry devices still exist... ;-)
  11. 11. IBM Connections Mobile Web UI
  12. 12. Mobile features and functions: Home Page The Home Page gives quick access to your networks status updates, and the feature spanning news updates and saved stories own status updates easy navigation 15
  13. 13. Mobile features and functions: Activities With mobile Activities you are able to browse and access all of and check the To Dos assigned to your activities start new activities you across all activities 16
  14. 14. Mobile features and functions: Blogs Mobile Blogs allows you to access your blogs and entries write new blog entries and discover and read other blogs 17
  15. 15. Mobile features and functions: Bookmarks Mobile Bookmarks allows you to save new bookmarks and access, edit and share as well as discover and find publish them in Blogs, your bookmarks valuable bookmarks from colleagues Communities and Activities 18
  16. 16. Mobile features and functions: Communities With mobile Communities you can access all of your read content, download files search and discover communities as well as manage memberships other communities 19
  17. 17. Mobile features and functions: Files Mobile Files enables you to see file details, comment share and follow files, browse all files you and download them – even have access rights to add them to folders older versions 20
  18. 18. Mobile features and functions: Forums Using mobile Forums you can access all public and your follow forum discussions and and create your own private Forums participate forum topics to start a discussion 21
  19. 19. Mobile features and functions: Profiles Using Profiles on your mobile device allows you to access your discussion board search for colleagues or access other users contact and status updates discover experts data, board, management chain via the tag cloud and network 22
  20. 20. Mobile features and functions: Wikis Lotus Connections Wikis on mobile devices gives you access to your wikis as well view attachments and easy navigation in large as all public ones comment to wikis wikis through page index 23
  21. 21. IBM ConnectionsMobile App (iPhone)
  22. 22. IBM ConnectionsMobile App (iPhone)
  23. 23. IBM ConnectionsMobile App (iPad)
  24. 24. IBM ConnectionsMobile App (iPad)
  25. 25. IBM ConnectionsMobile App (Android)
  26. 26. IBM ConnectionsMobile App (Android)
  27. 27. IBM ConnectionsMobile App (Blackberry)
  28. 28. IBM Connections iWildfire
  29. 29. IBM Connections iWildfire
  30. 30. IBM Connections mLinked
  31. 31. IBM ConnectionsCMIS & FreshDocs
  32. 32. IBM Quickr SnappFiles
  33. 33. IBM QuickrLialis Quickr iPad
  34. 34. IBM SametimeMobile App (iPhone)
  35. 35. IBM SametimeMobile App (iPad)
  36. 36. Remember...But in truth, social softwareusers do and the businessproblems the tools address.Jakob Nielsen, Usability Guru
  37. 37. Questions?
  38. 38. Thank you!