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Garcinia Cambogia


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Garcinia Cambogia extract has HCA that is filled with antioxidants that reduces weight and aging effect. Garcinia Cambogia is a revolutionary weight loss herbal product introduced by Savesta Herbals.

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Garcinia Cambogia

  1. 1. Garcinia Cambogia The revolutionary weight loss herbal product Introduced by Savesta Herbals
  2. 2. Garcinia Cambogia is a name for Garcinia Gummi-Gutta It is a plant that is native to Indonesia and is grown in the coastal areas of Southern India and South East Asia.
  3. 3. The common names for this plant are: • • • • • • • Gamboge Brindall Berry Brindleberry Assam Fruit Malabar Tamarind Kudam Puli (Pot Tamarind) Vadakkan Puli (Northern Tamarind)
  4. 4. In traditional India, the fruit of this plant was used in the form of spice for preparing curry. Due to the high acidic content and preservative property, its rind was used to preserve fish. In the Indian Ayurveda medicine practice, this fruit was used for various health purposes
  5. 5. Garcinia Cambogia Extract is made from the rind of the plant’s fruit commonly known as Tamarind Fruit that has HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) HCA helps in weight loss, along with it, the fruit is rich in antioxidants that simultaneously reduces aging effect. Garcinia extract thus acts as an appetite suppressant helping one reduce weight.
  6. 6. HCA present in Garcinia Cambogia extract works by blocking fat and suppresses appetite by stopping a key enzyme known as Citrate Lyase that the body requires in producing fat from carbohydrate
  7. 7. It is very essential that one get pure Garcinia cambogia 60%. This means that the extract must have at least 60% of HCA for optimum effect. HCA is the active ingredient that enhances weight loss, so if not 60% then at least one must get Garcinia cambogia 50%. This means that the extract will have at least 50% of HCA which is minimum needed for weight loss.
  8. 8. Savesta Herbals, the leading herbal extract manufacturer from India offers Garcinia cambogia extracts for sale. This herbal extract company offers Garcinia cambogia 60% HCA and Garcinia cambogia 50% HCA in the form of bulk Extracts.
  9. 9. Savesta accreditations includes GMP, Kosher and organic is engaged in manufacturing bulk extracts for the natural products industry. Savesta uses the most sophisticated testing method like HPCL, FTIR, HPTLC, GC, microscopy and organoleptic to extract HCA from Garcinia cambogia in its purest form for maximum benefit.
  10. 10. This herbal extract manufacturer and supplier produces herbal extracts produced using only pure water and alcohol without using toxic solvents and are therefore nonirradiated. Garcinia cambogia is manufactured using only pure water. No chemical solvent is used in the manufacturing of this extract.
  11. 11. To buy Garcinia cambogia extract in bulk and or to get any other additional information regarding Garcinia cambogia please visit One can also write to for detailed product specifications. Disclaimer- The information provided here must not be used for diagnostic purpose