Growth hacking using Google's PPC network


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An plan for recently launched holiday property MoveAgain, on how you can use Google's PPC ad network to growth hack.

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  • The downside of the lowest cost channels are their ‘slow burn’ – from SEO to social media, blogging & online community – they take many months to deliver a healthy ROI. With the recent launch of MoveAgain, the aim is to see benefits from search in time for the summer.
  • Slide image courtesy of Nilan Peiris, VP Growth for
  • The ‘remarketing’ option within Google Adwords also allows Google to gently remind visitors who have been to MoveAgain of the site with ads to them on the wider display network.
  • A well constructed relevant landing page also boosts the PPC advert quality score, which is key to determining ad ranking along with the amount of the bid.

  • Effective PPC campaign options include using a ‘plug-and-play’ optimisation platform such as Wordstream.

  • A recent report that Google+ ranks above Facebook and Twitter as a social channel in terms of engagement:
  • Growth hacking using Google's PPC network

    1. 1. MoveAgain: growing visitor numbers PREPARED BY STUART HALL, 14 MAY 2014
    2. 2. How to move the needle… How to drive traffic to MoveAgain with minimal budget, and maximum impact?
    3. 3. Optimise what you’ve got!  Visitor traffic to the MoveAgain site which launched in March 2014, already benefits from the four sister sites which focus on rental properties in France, Spain, Portugal and Turkey  Each of the sister sites on their home page has two specific routes to the holiday sales site, the top menu tab marked ‘Holiday Homes For Sale’ and the top news piece under ‘Latest News’  However, this is not optimised – instead visitors are taken to a landing page with minimal content, no clear ‘CTA’, and a link that goes to the main homepage of MoveAgain rather than the relevant country section  Plus there is little visibility for the four sites or MoveAgain on Google search, a key channel for attracting visitors
    4. 4. Combination approach to growth  For more rapid cost effective growth I proposed a Google paid search approach based on optimising the value of current traffic from MoveAgain’s four sister sites  Benefit of PPC is that can control costs and measure results, in run up to peak search volumes  These can be adjusted according to different demand, in France holiday purchase search volume peaks in the months of August and September  In Spain search volumes are much higher overall, and search peaks in January as well as in late summer
    5. 5. Use Google to reach customers Delivering visitors based on matching their intent with the relevant website is a key advantage of using Google paid search
    6. 6. The benefits of PPC for MoveAgain With poor SEO MoveAgain does not appear on the all-important first page for holiday property searches But why not use PPC? A significant % of people don’t make a distinction between organic results and paid search
    7. 7. The benefits of PPC for MoveAgain: visitors with intent  It’s quick to set up, and create the keywords and find the best budget to get maximum number of visitors with ‘intent’  Using the Google Adwords dashboard it automatically creates a list of suggested keywords, and cost per click, to get started with  Main key is to ensure keywords also used in the ad content itself, as price bid plus ad quality (which includes the relevancy of the site and landing page quality) determines the ad ranking “It’s worth noting that for keywords with high commercial intent (such as 'holiday homes for sale‘) around two-thirds of visitor clicks go to sponsored results” Hubspot PPC expert webinar ‘5 Ways to Leverage PPC in the Holiday Season’
    8. 8. Visitor acquisition strategy  So to best use the four sister sites, changes need to be made in terms of the (location and design) current ‘property to buy’ landing pages  This would include sending country visitors straight to a country specific landing pages on the MoveAgain site, and removing the landing page on the sister sites  The landing page CTA can be to sign up for a free Buying Guide, as the first step to retaining new visitors  This country specific approach would also allow creation of specific Ad Groups within Google Adwords, with more precise keywords based on user intent
    9. 9. Targeting landing pages: PPC costs and benefits France example  For example the 20 top long tail keyword phrases for buying property in France the average cost per click per day is £0.76, with 510 impressions and 9.79 clicks on average  This Google adwords (search & display network) example results in an estimated cost per day of £7.49. Over the month this totals £227, driving approximately 300 visitors  Overall the aim is to choose keywords that are most cost effective to delivering visitors at an affordable budget  In the significantly more competitive search market of Spanish property the aim would be to find keywords with lower search volumes, and thus delivered cost effective visitor numbers
    10. 10. Maximising visitor growth  Peak search volume for buying holiday homes are months of August and Sept in France for example  So suggest from campaign optimisation pov a seasonal campaign strategy is worth considering to deliver max ROI  Within that Google Adwords also allows you to ensure targeting at the best time of the day and week  Aim also to use the most cost effective keywords, striking the most profitable balance between search volume and cost per click
    11. 11. Google Display Network’s value  Using Google PPC is that you can also take direct advantage of listing ads on hundreds of independent top websites that are part of Google display network, which also now includes Google+ paid ads  A neat growth hack that happens as a result of the inclusion in the display network is that you are able to insert ads directly into potential customers’ Gmail accounts  This is based on emails on the subject of holiday property sales, so again delivering on intent and relevancy
    12. 12. Acquisition, conversion , retention  Using Google’s conversion tracking on MoveAgain’s PPC campaign, you can track which keywords and clicks lead to certain actions - newsletter signups, downloads, purchases. This can show you the most effective keywords  Also with benefit of conversion metrics you can much more effectively prioritise your SEO marketing workflow, make sure that new content on MoveAgain sites is keyword optimised  All in all ensuring that PPC’s value is not to just acquire visitors, but to use the data on what works to drive improvements on the 4 sister sites and MoveAgain to drive conversions, and retention, for greater longer term ROI as well as cost effective short term growth
    13. 13. Success for MoveAgain sellers and buyers  Using a combined acquisition approach of driving optimised traffic from four sister sites for in time for peak demand for MoveAgain  Plus PPC Adwords campaign targeted to four country landing pages  With a strong conversion ‘CTA’ around country specific Buying Guides  Will deliver success for MoveAgain, with increase in seller property listings and more engaged buyers