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Emerging collaboration technologies


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How can emerging social collaboration technologies help us become more effective and efficient and reduce email and information overload.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Emerging collaboration technologies

  1. 1. Emerging collaboration technologies Stuart
  2. 2. Collaboration tools are not newPhoto by Glen Edelson
  3. 3. Communication is evolvingPhoto by The U.S. National Archives
  4. 4. The world is a big placePhoto by NOAA/NASA GOES Project
  5. 5. We’re now more connectedImage by Facebook
  6. 6. But our information is everywhere ‣ Email ‣ File shares ‣ Intranet ‣ Extranet ‣ Laptops ‣ USB sticksPhoto by Adam Penney
  7. 7. And we are slaves to our inboxes ‣ Clients ‣ Colleagues ‣ Newsletters ‣ Distribution lists ‣ Notifications ‣ “Reply all”Photo by M I S C H E L L E
  8. 8. It can make us want to do thisPhoto by Lazurite
  9. 9. So, what is the solution? Secure enterprise collaboration “ Securely exchange critical business information and collaborate with colleagues, clients and partners in one unified online space.Photo by Lyza ”
  10. 10. Global team collaboration ‣ Internal and external collaboration ‣ Knowledge sharing & learning ‣ Research & development ‣ Project & task management ‣ Relationship managementImage by Gregory Williams
  11. 11. New generation of social systems ‣ Combine and integrate the best tools ‣ Shift to “systems of engagement” ‣ Move from pushing information to pulling ‣ Change our collaboration culture ‣ Make the tools work for usImage by Kevin Dooley
  12. 12. Think outside the inbox ‣ Social systems pivoted around people ‣ Enterprise-grade collaboration tools ‣ Convert work product into knowledge ‣ Create and share in the same systemPhoto by Hans Põldoja
  13. 13. “Consumerisation” of the enterprise‣ Get the best of the consumer web‣ Combine it with enterprise features‣ Add high-grade security and control‣ Use it with internal and external users
  14. 14. Enterprise-grade collaboration‣ Activity streams‣ Personal profiles‣ Group “spaces”‣ Wikis & blogs‣ Tasks & events‣ Document sharing‣ Microblogging‣ Feeds and filters
  15. 15. Why is collaboration so important? ‣ Better organisational “peripheral vision” ‣ Improve efficiency and reduce costs ‣ Blur the lines between intranet and extranet ‣ Follow thought leaders and influencers ‣ Share knowledge and best practice ‣ Use the power of the network effect ‣ Break-down knowledge and data silos ‣ Reduce information & inbox overloadPhoto by Alex Pearson
  16. 16.