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  1. 1. Work at Home Moms Calling all Work at Home Moms As a stay at home mother, you have probably been torn between the options of either staying at home and selflessly playing the role of a care giver or joining the work force to supplement the family income. There is a third, extremely worthwhile choice for you. As a work at home mom, you can combine both your roles. You can be a proud mommy and a successful income producer at the same time. You can do so by working out of your home a few hours a day while the children are asleep, in school, or playing with each other in your backyard under your watchful gaze as you effortlessly type away on your wireless Internet laptop on your back porch. Millions of Opportunities for Work at Home Moms Many moms work at home today and supplement their family income. As we gradually transition from a brick-and-mortar office society to an Internet based telecommuting society, more and more opportunities continue to emerge for work at home mothers. As your first step in this direction, you should consider taking a little time to evaluate your skills inventory and your core competencies. Simply put, you need to figure out what you are qualified to do. Use the services of a career consultant for this purpose if you are unsure. It is well worth the expense. The next step is to locate a company that needs your professional services and is willing to pay a fair price for it. There are hundreds of job boards such as http://monster.com and http://dice.com where you can post your resume and seek freelance part time work at home. The Gigs section at http://craigslist.org is yet another excellent source of part time work in your niche. Fly by Night Operators and Work at Home Moms While trying to find a suitable work at home business opportunity, you should use your discretion since many work at home schemes are not legitimate. The marketing collateral or sales pitch that accompanies them can be extremely powerful and persuasive. You need to hold on to your pocket book and credit cards until such a time that you are absolutely convinced about the legitimacy and potential of the work at home business opportunity. Consider signing up for a few work at home mom forums and read what other work at home moms are saying about such opportunities. Self improvement and personal wellness, for instance, is an excellent niche to explore for work at home moms. It is a multi-billion dollar opportunity and is expected to witness stunning growth rates in the near future. Work at Home Moms and the Perfect Balance As a parent, spouse and care giver, you will have to ensure that you follow your time table with some rigidity and self-discipline. Regardless of the service you provide or the product
  2. 2. you sell, you have a moral, financial and legal obligation to your customers. This cannot be compromised. Good time management skills are essential for your part time home business to blossom. Be sure to invest in proper infrastructure such as a reliable computer, high speed DSL and a comfortable home office or a home office corner in your home. Gently explain to the children that they aren’t supposed to yell when mommy is on the phone with a customer. More Resources for Work at Home Moms If you are a stay at home mom and would like to become a highly successful work at home mom, call me, Stuart Rubenstein at 416-859-6151 or 647-341-2422. I will show you how to convert your spare time into cash time. You can also use the handy Contact form below to address your questions and comments to me. Remember, you are losing out on a chance to make serious income each time the clock ticks. So call or write today. I guarantee your privacy every step of the way and promise to protect it at all cost. CONTACT FORM END// META DATA Title Tag: Work at Home Moms Meta Title Tag: Work at Home Moms Meta Description Tag: For work at home moms, this article provides several tips and resources to help you get started in your new home business venture. Follow the advice and carve your own destiny to success. Meta Keyword Tags:
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