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Evergreen Student Activities March Newsletter!

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  1. 1. SLARS Due Friday, February 27th Operational Budgets Due Friday, March 16th Cookie Fest Friday March 16th 1-5pm Facilitating Effective Meetings Week 1 Spring Quarter
  2. 2. Page 2 Our ScrapBook is Hungry, please feed it your Scraps! Be sure to save your posters, flyers, handbills, and any newspaper articles from your group’s events for the Student Activities scrapbook. Now is a good time to gather materials from the past quarter’s events and hand them in to the front desk. Do what’s easiest for you — you can also hand in a copy of your flyer or poster at the time of your event. Coordinator’s Workshop Series: Facilitating Effective Meetings Week 1, exact time TBA Come learn how to run a smooth and effective meeting! We'll cover basic facilitation techniques, teach you how to build and manage an agenda, and discuss tips for dealing with difficult behaviors. We are still polling on to find the best time that works for you. If you are interested, Let us hear from you!
  3. 3. Page 3 ROCK STAR ADVISORS Yes that’s right. A little slice of fame right here in the CAB 320. Andy, Mary and Greg were named among the most influential staff from the recent 2007 alumni survey! Stop by and give them a High-5!! Read the details from the report below: The undergraduate Class of 2007 was surveyed in 2008, one- year after graduation. One question on the Alumni Survey asked, “Were there particular individuals (e.g. faculty or staff members), or services that made a special contribution or genuine difference to your education or personal growth at Evergreen?” Of the 1055 graduates, 351 responded to the survey, so responses represent one-third of the class! 290 different individuals were named, representing 65 different offices/units of the College. Institutional Research and Assessment tallied up the results and issued awards to the most frequently named individuals in several categories on February 24th. Three Student Activities staff members received awards. Andy Corn and Greg Porter tied for most frequently mentioned male staff member. Mary Craven tied with Jean Eberhardt (of Academic Advising) for most frequently named female staff member. The Student Activities staff members were described by alumni as amazing, knowledgeable, dedicated student advocates, who are in touch with student experience.
  4. 4. Page 4 It’s time to work on 2009-2010 Budgets! Now is the time of year to plan your group’s Operational Budget for next year! The S and A Board will help guide you through this process, which many of you may be doing for the first time. Below is the “big picture” time line. The important first step is to attend one of the Operational Budget Workshop sessions that are happening between February 23rd-March 13th. Preferably next year’s coordinator will attend this workshop, but if your group hasn’t lined up a new coordinator, then the current coordinator should attend. (See page 6 for a complete schedule of workshops). Timeline for the 2009-2010 Operational Budgeting Process February 18– March 16 Budget Request Forms Available February 23 Presentation Sign Up Begins MARCH 16 Budget Proposal Deadline April 1 Budget Presentations Begin Week 5—Spring Quarter Operational Budget Deliberations Week 6-Spring Quarter Appeals Hearings May 15 Final Budget Recommendations forwarded for administrative review June 15 Presentation to the Board of Trustees
  5. 5. Page 5 Basic Steps in the Budget Process (1) sign up for a budget workshop at the S&A cubicle; (2) attend the workshop, get questions answered, learn what to ask money for and what can wait for a Special Initiative Request; (3) prepare your budget; (4) get it signed by your advisor; and (5) turn it in before March16 at 5:00 pm— NO EXCEPTIONS (6) turn in your budget to the front desk and sign-up for a presentation time (the front desk has a binder with sign-up times) _______________________________ Any questions about this process? You have lots of people willing to help you out! • Stop in and see your Advisor • Email the S+A Board: • As always, your friendly Outreach Coordinator is happy to answer any unmet questions or direct you to the best resource:
  6. 6. Page 6 Operational Budget Workshop Schedule Planning for 2009-2010 Academic Year All Workshops held in Winter Quarter 2008 Not necessary to RSVP—Just show up! Day of Dates and Times Week Meet at the S+A Board Office (CAB 320) March 2nd March 9th Monday February 23rd 12-1pm 12-1pm 12-1pm March 2nd March 9th Monday February 23rd 2-3pm 2-3pm 2-3pm March 3rd March 10th Tuesday February 24th 4-5pm 4-5pm 4-5pm March 4th March 11th Wednesday February 25th 2-3pm 2-3pm 2-3pm March 4th March 11th Wednesday February 25th 5-6pm 5-6pm 5-6pm March 5th March 12th Thursday February 26th 11am-12pm 11am-12pm 11am-12pm March 5th March 12th Thursday February 26th 12-1pm 12-1pm 12-1pm March 6th March 13th Friday February 27th 3-4pm 3-4pm 3-4pm
  7. 7. Page 7 EVENT EVALUATIONS In preparing for next year’s budget, you may find it helpful to reference the Event Evaluations you’ve turned in for this year. Event Evals are a record for alls sorts of statistics including: Number of attendees; amount of money spent on speakers, advertising, and equipment; and an assessment of the success of the event. This can be very helpful information when drafting up budget proposals for next year. Want to see you groups Event Evals? Contact Sarah, Outreach Coordinator—You can access up to the past 3 years of Event Evaluations or your group. or just stop on by in workspace #1! _____________________________________ Up and Coming: Advertising and Marketing Strategies Coordinator’s Workshop! Look for this workshop during the 3rd week of Spring Quarter. Exact date and time to be determined in Week 1, so if you are interested, be sure to look for the link to where we’ll be hearing from you about what times work best! This event will cover in depth details to tapping deeper into the resources for advertising and marketing your events. Workshop facilitated by Student Activities