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Irwin, Barclay & Green


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Irwin, Barclay & Green

  1. 1. Steve and wife +show Steve Irwin Steve Irwin General information Stephen Robert Irwin 22nd of February 1962 The crocodile hunter was born in Victoria Melbourne Australia. He's got 1 daughter and 1 son. Irwin worked in Australia zoo. His death date was 4th of September 2006. Irwin grew up around wildlife at his parents' reptile park in Queensland, Australia. An experienced trapper of crocodiles, he took over direction of the park in 1991 and renamed it the Australia Zoo. In 1992 he married Terri Raines, a cougar wrangler from the United States. The pair created The Crocodile Hunter TV show in 1992 and it became a hit on American cable television. Irwin and his wife were soon regulars on televisions worldwide, hosting shows that blended their personal lives with wildlife. Steve Irwins father quited the zoo because him and Terri had a fight.
  2. 2. Steve Irwin Steve Irwins family Achievements Steve Irwin has opened peoples lives ( and animals) Irwin's methods have got the goat in the past, with Terry Nutkin's once saying: quot;He's put himself up as the star with animals as extras. It's dreadful televisionquot;. Steve hit the t.v show ( that was a hudge achievements). Being one of the most environmently friendly person (people say). Opening Australia zoo has been a great achievement for Steve Irwin, it is known as the Steve Irwin zoo ( People name it that). Steve Irwin holding a crocodile.
  3. 3. Steve Irwin Why is he inspiring? steve Irwin holding a croc. His whole family does especially, Bindi. The park was a family business, with Lyn and Bob turning it over in 1991 to Steve. He took over the running of the park, now renamed the quot;Australia Zooquot;, and in 1992 met (at the park) and married Terri. The footage, shot by John Stainton, of their crocodile-trapping honeymoon became the first episode of The Crocodile Hunter, which became wildly successful in America and the UK. His exuberant and enthusiastic presenting style, broad Australian accent, constant wearing of khakis and catch-phrase quot;Crikey!quot; became known worldwide: The Crocodile Hunter aired in over 122 countries worldwide. Under Irwin's expansive leadership, the operations grew to include the zoo, the television series, The Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation, and International Crocodile Rescue. Improvements to his Australia Zoo include the Animal Planet Crocoseum, the rainforest aviary, and Tiger Temple. Steve Irwin was obviously very famous because there was about 52,000 seats.So that was about how many people came. So Steve Irwin must of touched alot of peoples hearts. Bindi doing a speech on her dads funeral.
  4. 4. Why is Steve Irwin so inspiring? The Irwin Family Steve irwin is inspiring because he has taught people how to love animals like crocodiles and things like that he also has been very famous on t.v and his films have changed some peoples lives a lot. He is also very inspiring because he is a very nice man to every one, and he works at Australia zoo! He will as always have the best animal knowledge and care for animals even though he died. I think Steve Irwin is inspiring because he cares for the animals like crocodiles and other things like that he also changes peoples opinions for liking crocodiles or not. He inspires everyone to not be mean to animals and treats animals how they should be treated. He also teach’s the staff how to look after the animals and love them. By Abby and Gina.