Reflexology Eases Pain Brought About by Osteoarthritis


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Osteoarthritis is a medical condition which affects 21 million of Americans. As a degenerative disease, it potentially attacks the joints in the neck, lower back, knees, fingers, and hips. The Stryker Hip Replacement Recall Center or offers more information about this matter.

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Reflexology Eases Pain Brought About by Osteoarthritis

  1. 1. Reflexology Eases Pain Brought About byOsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis is amedical conditionwhich affects 21 millionof Americans. As adegenerative disease, itpotentially attacks thejoints in the neck, lowerback, knees, fingers,and hips. The treatmentfor osteoarthritis is yet to be discovered. However, thepain caused by osteoarthritis may be treated with theuse reflexology to complement conventional drugtherapy, study revealed.It is considered a massage style in which it concentrateson the specific zones in the hands and feet. Pressure isapplied using the thumb and fingers in small movementsto stimulate the reflex points. The nervous system may
  2. 2. be enhanced by reflexology and it subtle energy systemof the body. Any disturbance of this energy system is themanifestation of a blockage of energy circulation withinthe body. Emotional, psychological or physical factorsmay contribute to the blockage of the energy system,which may potentially lead to pathological process,resulting to illness or suffering. The massage of the reflexzones may allow to restore its energy flow and to recoverits inherent faculty of self-regulation and therefore, itstrue and innate vitality.It was discovered in the study that people who rely onreflexology experienced about 40 percent less pain andwere able to endure it for about 45 percent longer.When the participants of the study received reflexologybefore the session, researchers observed that they wereable to keep their hand in the iced water for a longertime before feeling pain, and that they were also able towithstand the pain for a longer period.
  3. 3. If you want to try this treatment, you need to discuss thiswith your doctor. Seek his advice so you will know hisopinion. It may be ill-advised to stop your currenttreatment regimen when beginning reflexology.Moreover, the effect of reflexology as treatment forosteoarthritis is not yet well-established.Hip replacement is said to be the solution for people whoare suffering with severe hip joint problem caused byrheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Hip replacement isa surgery in which the hip joint is replaced by aprosthetic implant. Stryker is one of the popular brandsfor hip replacement devices. Experts found out thatmetal implants produced tiny metal debris, causingincessant pain or infection and high levels of metal in thebloodstream. The Stryker Hip Replacement Recall Centeror offers moreinformation about this matter.
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