GMIC 2012 General Presentation


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The General Brochure for the Global Mobile Internet Conference 2012.

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GMIC 2012 General Presentation

  1. 1. WHAT IS GMIC?GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) is the leading mobileInternet conference in the world. Organized annually since 2009 by the Great Wall Club (GWC), GMIC is an executive mobile Internet conference that attracts the industry elites and newly emerging forces from around the globe to share insights on mobile Internet and promote the development of the industry. GMIC 2012 – “Crossing, Merging, Changing” Covering the theme, “Crossing, Merging, Changing”, GMIC 2012 will bring together an expected 5000 industry elites and executives to share their insights on the ‘opportunities and changes of the global mobile Internet industry’. Don’t miss GMIC 2012: Company Visits, Keynotes, Dialogues, a G20 Executive Summit, appShow and appSpace Developer Track, G-Startup Competition, Business Networking, and “Night of GMIC” After Party.
  2. 2. WHAT IS GMIC? Global Mobile Internet Conference ‘An executive mobile Internet conference’ü  Keynote Speeches – from global mobile Understand upcoming Internet leaders industry trendsü  Country Panels – from China, APAC, Learn global insights Europe, USAü  G-Start Competition – Pitch your startup to Startup launchpad a global audienceü  appSpace Developer Conference •  devDay – Half day developer workshops Two-day developer track •  appAttack – Competition for the best apps •  appShow – Exhibition of the top mobile appsü  G20 Summit – Closed door leaders meeting VIP Invitation Onlyü  Elite Business Networking – Connect with Taking business networking to the top industry leaders next levelü  “Night of GMIC” After Party and GMIC Connect – Connect with top industry Network and relax leaders
  3. 3. GMIC 2011: ELITE SPEAKERS MING-­‐KAI  TSAI   CHARLES  CHAO   LEI  JUN   JOHN  LIU   YANG  YUANQING   Chairman  &  CEO,  MediaTek CEO, Angel  Investor Global  VP,  Google CEO,  Lenovo  TETSUZO  MATSUMOTO   TAKESHI  NATSUNO   ISAO  MORIYASU   YOSHIKAZU  TANAKA   NIKLAS  ZENNSTRÖM   SEVP,  So4bank  Mobile  Corp Inventor  of  i-­‐mode CEO,  DeNA CEO,  Gree   Skype  Founder MORE  ON           PETER  VESTERBACKA   KAI  FU  LEE   CHARLES  ZHANG     Rovio  Mobile CEO  of  InnovaJon  Works   CEO,
  4. 4. VOICES OF GMIC 2011 “I believe GMIC will be a well- “GMIC was like attending one of known international brand in the the big events in the US. Local future, and the GWC team can events are usually boring, but make it happen” GMIC was full of life and energy!” LEI  Jun     Charles  Zhang   Angel  Investor   CEO,   “A great platform combining “GMIC was one of those tech and media people” conferences I wish I could have cloned myself” Bill  Huang   David  Wolf,   GM,  China  Mobile   WGA  Advisory   Research  InsTtute   “I am encouraged by the spirit “The ‘LeWeb’ of China’s of entrepreneurship here” mobile Internet” Niklas  Zennström   Lara  Farar,   CEO  Atomico  &   CNNSkype  Co-­‐founder  
  5. 5. WHY PARTICIPATE IN GMICLearn key insights and trends – from industry elites and the market leading companies and players to create your own opportunities for advancement.
  6. 6. WHY PARTICIPATE IN GMICConnect with prominent executives – worldwide and find your strategic partners and clients from Asia to around the world.
  7. 7. WHY PARTICIPATE IN GMICPromote your brand and product – to an expected 5000 attendees at GMIC 2012 via multiple channels, and access large media groups at an international scale.
  9. 9. G20 LEADER SUMMIT LEI Jun: Chairman of GWC China Niklas ZENNSTROM: Founder of Skype Kaifu LEE: CEO of Innovation WorksG20 2011 Highlighted Attendees –GWC China Chairman – LEI Jun 360buy CEO – LIU Qiangdong UCWEB CEO – YU YongfuGWC Japan Chairman – Takeshi NATSUNO Skype Founder – Niklas ZENNSTROM Alibaba Cloud CEO – WANG JianSina CEO – CAO Guowei GREE CEO – Yoshikazu TANAKA Sky-mobi CEO – SONG TaoLenovo CEO – YANG Yuanqing DeNA CEO – Isao MORIYASU Aigo Chairman – FENG JunMediaTek Chairman – TSAI Ming-Kai SoftBank EVP – Ted MATSUMOTO i-Free CEO – Evgeny KOSOLAPOVInnovation Works CEO – LEE Kaifu Tencent EVP – LIU Chengmin
  10. 10. STARTUP COMPETITIONA Global Startup Launchpad – 20 startups will be pre-selected to go head-to-head on a global scale.Beat the competition and win the opportunity to pitch your startup on the main GMIC Executive Stage, in front of an audience of over 2000 industry leaders, executives, VCs, and angels from around the world.
  11. 11. DEVELOPER TRACKTwo Day Developer Track – highlighting the explosive growth in the mobile apps market, appSpace is a must-attend event for developers to learn the latest trends and best practices to succeed in today’s competitive app market. •  devDay – Developer workshops •  appAttack – Competition for the best mobile apps •  appShow – Exhibition of the top mobile apps
  12. 12. GMIC 2011: ATTENDEE REACH 1451 29% GMIC Attendees Internationals 1577 98% appSpace Attendees Of people said it satisfied their reasons for attending 253 96% Manager Media Attendees Plan to attend GMIC 2012 & others Director 26 64% Countries Interested in partnership with GMIC VP Industry Association Government Agency 2%   Consulting 3%   Telecom Operator 4%  University/Research Institute 4%   Hong Kong Canada Mobile Handset Manufacturer 5%   Korea Denmark 41%   Malaysia Germany Other 7%   Service / Content India Israel Provider Indonesia Mongolia Media 6%   Sweden Philippines Investing 6%   UK Vietnam Technical / System Solution Provider Russia and more.. 19%   Finland Australia
  13. 13. GMIC 2011: MEDIA COVERAGE253        Media  for  live  reports   95mins    TV  coverage38 CEOs  received  on-­‐the-­‐spot  interviews   10X              Micro-­‐blog  interviews3683 Reports  online 11p                    Media  ads53 Reports  on  print  media 200      Outdoor  LCD  ads  156  Reports  by  foreign  media  (English,  Japanese,  Korean,  Russian) 250,000   NeJzens  interacJng  19 Online  features  (video  live  broadcast)   on  micro-­‐blogs    CCTV2-Dialogue CCTV2-Dialogue CCTV2-Economic CCTV10-Endless CETV-e-digital BTV Finance Capital 30min Innovation Economic Report
  14. 14. GMIC 2012: WHEN AND WHERE April 24 - 26, 2012 China National Convention Center Beijing, China The China National Convention Center (CNCC) Chinas biggest conference facility – the CNCC was opened in October 2009 to provide international standard convention and exhibition facilities for the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, and is the chosen location for next years GMIC 2012.
  15. 15. GMIC 2012: FLOOR PLANS 1ST Floor and Exhibition
  16. 16. 4TH Floor Exhibition and Dining Area Media  &  Partnership   Country  Pavilions   Smart  Device   G-­‐Startup   Zone   Global    Operator     Global  Mobile  APP   Game  &  Comic   GMIC  Show  
  18. 18. GMIC 2012: SPONSORSHIPS Platinum Sponsor appSpace Diamond Sponsor Sponsor Custom Gold Sponsor Sponsor
  19. 19. JOIN US AT GMIC 2012! The Best The Best The Best The Best Exposure. Networking. Reach. Value. SPACE IS LIMITED, ACT NOW!
  20. 20. GMIC IS LOOKINGFORWARD TO GROWING WITH YOUR BUSINESS! For more information, please contact: Lisa Li +86 10 82525197 Mobile: 1360 1281 670
  21. 21. SEE YOU AT GMIC 2012! April 24 - 26, 2012 China National Convention Center Beijing, China