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13 struds 2010 (Jan. release)


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13 struds 2010 (Jan. release)

  1. 1. Design of column at bottom and top face of beam New Feature Master Node Floor Level Beam Slave Node Column  Using this option internally Master and slave nodes will be created and the moments and forces in column will be taken from beam bottom.
  2. 2. Design and detailing of bottom extra steel in beams New Feature  Option provided to design and give detailing of bottom extra steel in beams.
  3. 3. Beam editing grid-wise New Feature  Beam steel could be edited by selecting grids.
  4. 4. DXF Import Layer-wise and unit wise in New GUI New Feature  This option is given under View -> Floor Plan -> Import -> DXF.  Using this user can import the center line plan layer wise and unit wise with and without shifting the base point.
  5. 5. Setting default path for AutoCAD and Excel Enhancement  This option is given under tools menu.  Using this user can set the path for Excel and AutoCAD so that all his reports and drawings could be opened in any version of office and CAD.
  6. 6. Saving general / created load combinations in EnhancementPostprocessor and Design  Using this option the load combinations created by user will be saved in file and on reopening of file same combinations could be seen.
  7. 7. Creation of slab by selection of region by window or EnhancementBy point  In case of CAD imported files using this option user can create the slabs in single command over the selected area
  8. 8. 3D View Editing and translucent rendering Enhancement  Creation and deletion of element in 3D view made easy.  Redo and Undo feature in 3D editing
  9. 9. Creation of predefined trusses in NEW GUI Enhancement  Modeling of predefined trusses in new GUI.
  10. 10. In postprocessor by default space frame view Enhancementwith all floors and all levels  Post processor opens with 3D isometric view.  If floors are selected then those are displayed in isometric view.