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12 release notes struds 2009 (Aug. release)


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12 release notes struds 2009 (Aug. release)

  1. 1. New GUI with some new features New Feature New Graphical Interface with unlimited Redo – Undo option for ease in geometry creation. Option to move slabs, elements, nodes during modeling.
  2. 2. C.Q.C Method for generation of EQ. loads New Featureusing Response spectrum. Complete Quadratic Combination methodused for modal combinations.
  3. 3. Column offset and wide column effect New Feature Using this option the support width effect is considered at preprocessor and accordingly the span moments and end moments of beams are calculated. Since the moments and shear forces are calculated at the face of columns it results in economical design. Details given on next page.
  4. 4. Column offset and wide column effect• When two members such as a beam and column are connected at a point, there is some overlap of the cross-sections. In many structures, the dimensions of the members are large, and the length of the overlap can be a significant fraction of the total length of the frame element. Defining end length offsets along the length of frame elements can account for these finite dimensions of structural elements.• When a line object is used to model a frame section, the line object is assumed to be located at the centroid of the frame section. Thus, when line objects (frame sections) intersect in a model, it means that the centroids of the associated frame objects intersect. In a real structure, that is not always the case. For example, it is not unusual for one or more floor beams in a building to frame eccentrically into a column. Overlapping Beam portion X offset Y offset CG Column Beam
  5. 5. Design of general slab New Feature Design of general slab is added. Now you can design any shape of slab using STRUDS.
  6. 6. Design of general slab
  7. 7. Design of Inclined member New Feature Design of inclined member (3D Element) is added.
  8. 8. Design of Inclined member
  9. 9. Saving default selected bar diameters for all Improvementcomponents Now user will be able to set his preferences for bar diameters for various components separately. Once you save the selected bar diameters for any structural component that will be reflected in all project unless you change it again.
  10. 10. In slab design break design option is given New Feature Option to break design or change the parameters like area of steel or thickness etc. are given in single dialog box for the ease in designing any project.
  11. 11. Beam group-wise report in HTML format New Feature Beam group schedule is added in HTML format.
  12. 12. Recent open files list in file menu New Feature List of last four files opened in the software is given to open the file from the same path.
  13. 13. Window selection option in column shapes New Featureand sizes for multiple columns In column orient view for multiple selection of columns window selection option is given for changing shape and sizes of column to save time in modeling.
  14. 14. Improvement in 3D display Improvement Improvements in 3D View for better display and understanding ofgeometry.
  15. 15. Import and Export of ETABS file in STRUDS Improvement If you have ETABS file and it’s analysis file you can import the same in STRUDS. You can export STRUDS file in ETABS.
  16. 16. DXF Detailing output of Slabs Improvement Improvements in slab longitudinal section drawing and slab plan drawing.
  17. 17. DXF Detailing output of Beams. Improvement Improvements in beam longitudinal section and cross section drawing also in beam plan drawing.
  18. 18. DXF Detailing output of Columns Improvement Improvements in Column cross section drawing and column centerline drawing.
  19. 19. DXF Detailing output of Shearwalls Improvement Improvements in Shearwall detailing drawing.
  20. 20. DXF Detailing output of Footings Improvement Improvements in Footing cross section drawing and Footing centerline drawing.