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11 release notes struds 2009 (Jan release)


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11 release notes struds 2009 (Jan release)

  1. 1. Perpendicular option under object snap New Feature If you right click the mouse button during modeling of Slabs and elements you get the snapping option. An option of perpendicular is added in that which will increase speed in modeling of Slabs, Elements, User defined Trusses.
  2. 2. Import and Export of ETABS file in STRUDS Improvement If you have ETABS file and it’s analysis file you can import the same in STRUDS. You can export STRUDS file in ETABS.
  3. 3. Improvement in user defined truss modeling Improvement Lot of improvements in modeling of user defined trusses to save time in modeling.
  4. 4. Detail report on Pattern loading in PDF format. New Feature Under load - > Reports a PDF report for pattern loading is added which gives clear idea about various combination s of pattern loading.
  5. 5. Window selection option in column orient windowNew Feature In column orient view for multiple selection of columns window selection option is given to save time in modeling.
  6. 6. Footing level with node numbers in postprocessor New Feature In postprocessor mode for space-frame analysis an option is given to set the footing level to see the node numbers at footing level, this helps to check the support reactions from analysis report.
  7. 7. Use of Fe550 grade steel in design New Feature Use of Fe 550 grade steel in design of Slabs, Beams, Columns, Footings and Shear walls is implemented.
  8. 8. DXF drawing for beam design details New Feature A DXF drawing in beam design is introduced to give Ast required at support & Mid-span, BM at support & Mid-span as well SF at support.
  9. 9. User defined combination of bar and diameter New Feature Detailing of beam as per user defined bar and diameter data for beam design. The data can be modified as per requirement in excel sheet at specified location.
  10. 10. Design of beams by effective depth calculation New Feature Design of beam by calculating effective depth automatically as per detailing. If you give values for clear covers then depending on the reinforcement provided the effective covers will be calculated and accordingly the design will be checked.
  11. 11. Implementation of clause 7.1.1 for ductile ImprovementDetailing of frame members As per Clause 7.1.1 of IS 13920 all the requirements of ductile detailing are applied to frame members which have a factored axial stress in excess of 0.1Fck under the effect of earthquake forces.
  12. 12. Pile design as per pile capacity New Feature Design of piles as per user defined pile capacity. Also have provision to give pile capacity table at required location to refer values for pile design.
  13. 13. DXF Detailing output of Slabs Improvement Improvements in slab longitudinal section drawing and slab plan drawing. (No overlapping of text with drawings)
  14. 14. DXF Detailing output of Beams. Improvement Improvements in beam longitudinal section and cross section drawing also in beam plan drawing. (No overlapping of text with drawings / detailing for drop beams corrected)
  15. 15. DXF Detailing output of Columns Improvement Improvements in Column cross section drawing and column centerline drawing.
  16. 16. DXF Detailing output of Shearwalls Improvement Improvements in Shearwall detailing drawing. (No overlapping of text with drawings )
  17. 17. DXF Detailing output of Footings Improvement Improvements in Footing cross section drawing and Footing centerline drawing. (No overlapping of text with drawings )