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Release Notes of STRIDS8.9(Advanced) version===============================================================Preprocessor:--...
Beam design :-------------1.Option added for Selection of Bar diameters for beam design. Option is added in Beam>>Settings...
Drafting :----------No changes________________________________________________________________________
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04 release document_8.9


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04 release document_8.9

  1. 1. Release Notes of STRIDS8.9(Advanced) version===============================================================Preprocessor:-------------1.Addition of consideration of Rigid floor diaphragm action in Seismic load generation. This option is added under Setup>>Seismic Parameters2.Compatibility with I.S 1893: 2002, for the Response Spectrum method.3.For seismic load generation Type of wall load transfer is taken from user.- Half/Full This option is added in Setup>>Seismic Parameters>>4.Creation of general slabs. This option is added in SlabView under Create>> Slabs>>General STB load transfer on the peripheral elements done by two methods: 1.CG calculation method 2.Element Length method.5.New View has been added for release of multiple members. This option is added in SlabView under Constraints>> Release Selected Elements6.Facility to import floor plan from AutoCAD using DXF files. This option is added in SlabView under Create>> Import >> DXF file.7.Facility to export floor plan to AutoCAD using DXF files. This option is added in SlabView under Create>> DXFOut.8.Option to Split intersecting elements is added.If two intersecting elements are drawn, at their point of intersection node doesnt get generated.To generate a node at the pointof intersection,Select option "Tools>> Split Elements", select the elements which areto be split.===============================================================Postprocessor:-------------No changes===============================================================R.C.C. Design-------------Slab design :-------------1.Slab design for general slabs not supported.2.For the slabs having an edge partially continuous,steel display was wrong. Steelcontinuity was shown at non continuous part also.This Bug is corrected.3.In Slab Schedule the bug related steel display depenting on support conditions issolved.________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Beam design :-------------1.Option added for Selection of Bar diameters for beam design. Option is added in Beam>>Settings>>Reinforcement>>Select Bar Diameters2.HTML Reports added for Beam Capacity,Beam Deflection(for factored & working).________________________________________________________________________Column design :---------------No changes________________________________________________________________________Footing design :----------------1.Changes in Combined Footing: -- Intially pressures in Longitudinal and transeverse directions were consideredseparately for respective moment and shear calculations.Now combined effect ofpressures in both directions is considered for all calculations. --While checking shear,initially no steel was taken into accunt as steel calculations weredone after setting final depth.Now Steel is calculated for depth required for moments.Thissteel is used for shear calculations.The final depth of footing is considerably reduced.Drafting Related Changes:--------------------------1.In Design Module,Option added for generating Autocad Drawing of footing Plan andSections in DXF format. Option is added in Footing>>Drafting>>CreateDXF>>Fooing Sections.Following bugs related to DXFOut in Column and footing Cneter Line diagram aresolved :1.If user Changes reference of diagram the Coordinates of center lines changeaccordingly in view. This was not effective in DXF dwg.2.The Column/Footing center line was drawn for each column.So If there are multiplecolumns having same X or Y coordinates of column center,overlapped center line wasdrawn multiple times.In Drawing file user had to delete that line a number of times.________________________________________________________________________Truss Design:-------------No changes________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. Drafting :----------No changes________________________________________________________________________