Web design: How to design and build great websites


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Designing & building great websites - For people who want to produce outstanding websites but don't know how.

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Web design: How to design and build great websites

  1. Designing & building great websites www.designbystructure.com
  2. Designing & building great websites www.designbystructure.com For people who want to produce outstanding websites but don’t know how
  3. Its easy to get confusedabout designing andbuilding websites
  4. People talk in riddles... CMS PHP Taxonomy Mashup MySQL .NET Ruby onXHMTL Web Rails 2.0
  5. Not sure...which directionto take?
  6. ...how long itwill take?
  7. ...what theprocess is?
  8. ...or what youmay need to do?
  9. Ever felt abit like this?
  10. Don’t worry
  11. Here are a fewsteps you canfollow to makesure you getit right
  12. Chapter 1 Planning makes perfect www.designbystructure.com
  13. Think aboutwho will use thewebsite andtheir needs
  14. I want to buythat product
  15. I’ve just arrivedfrom Google-what do youdo, can youhelp me?
  16. I just want yourphone number.I hope its easyto find
  17. People choosedifferent waysto get to theirdestinationWebsite usersare the same
  18. Produce a sitemap soyou know how contentwill be organised &how people will findwhat they need
  19. Sketch out pages toshow where specificfunctions and contentwill go
  20. Check what you’vecome up will work foryour audience
  21. Chapter 2 Make it look great & Easy to use www.designbystructure.com
  22. There are lots ofreasons websitesdisappoint theirusers
  23. “my website “it looks doesn’t look as good as my really printed materials” functional” “it looks really “my online boring” sales aren’t all that great”“i can neverfind what im “its reallylooking for” hard to navigate”
  24. Mostly its becausethe wrong peoplewere hired todesign them
  25. BEWAREdesign companieswho do software &software companieswho do design
  26. When someoneengages with yourwebsite they areengaging withyour brand
  27. Firstimpressionscount!
  28. Your websiteshould deliver agreat experiencefor its users
  29. Make sure peoplefeel like they arein the right place
  30. Now you’ve gottheir attentionmake it easy tofind stuff
  31. Make sure thevisual language &behaviour of yoursite is consistent
  32. If you wanta customer todo somethingmake it Checkoutobvious
  33. Great design = credibility Credibility = success
  34. Chapter 3 Talk about it Managing a web project www.designbystructure.com
  35. People you workwith probably havea strong opinionabout the websiteyou are building ****! ****!****! ****!
  36. Some want you tostick a big buttonon the homepagepromoting whatthey do ME ME ME ME
  37. You might be irritated,you should definitely beworried
  38. Your website isin dangerDesign by committeedoes not work X
  39. Take controlEngage people youwork with early inthe process
  40. A bit of pain at thestart will save awhole world ofpain later on :-)
  41. Chapter 4 Building your website Don’t re-invent the wheel www.designbystructure.com
  42. Don’t be aguinea pig(unless you have verydeep pockets)
  43. Don’t getseduced by“sexy”technology
  44. Find some existing web software you can build on OpenProprietary SourceLicensed
  45. Make sure it ticks theboxes for accessibilityand web best practice
  46. Find somepeople like youthat use it
  47. Have achat withthem
  48. Check it meetsyour mainrequirements
  49. Make sure youcan customiseit to do exactlywhat you want
  50. Don’t overcomplicate itBreak the project up into smallbits. Launch something soonerrather than later
  51. Make sure itworks beforelaunch!!
  52. Don’t forgetThe journalist who’s reviewingyour site probably uses anice shiny Mac
  53. Chapter 5 Get found in Google AKA Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) www.designbystructure.com
  54. SEO has nothingto do with Wizardsor Black Magic
  55. SEO has nothingto do with puttingloads of stuff onyour website
  56. Relax. SEO is allabout commonsense
  57. Ask questions.Research the terms peopleuse to search for the productsor services you have? “Settee” “Couch” “Sofa”
  58. Put these termsin the right placeon your website
  59. Make sure yoursite has relevantcontentClassic sofa /settee Upholstered Comfortablein black velvet couch / sofa Upholstered in red cloth
  60. Because you chose SEOfriendly software, searchengines will be able tofind you
  61. To get higher upthe rankings youneed votes
  62. A hyperlink fromanother websiteto your site countsas a vote
  63. High rankingstake time & effortBe patient. Checkrankings, tweak content.Build inward links.
  64. If you want to talk to someonethat speaks your languageget in touch Design by Structure Ltd Unit 34 Jack’s Place 6 Corbet Place London E1 6NN t| 020 7247 2788 m| 07976 539 082 john@designbystructure.com www.twitter.com/dbstructure www.designbystructure.com Free download: