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  1. 1. Genre Lesson Plan Subject: Language arts Grade level: Third grade Content Matter: Genre knowledge Goal: The goal of this lesson plan is to help my students understand genres. So That when they pick up a book they know exactly what genre they are reading. Also for my students to be able to write short stories on a specific genre. I want them to understand genre inside and out. This activity will also help my students learn how to navigate the Internet by looking for images for their short stories. This lesson plan will also help my students to better understand creating a PowerPoint presentation. Michigan Grade-Level Content Expectations (GLCEs): Students should be able to READ and WRITE these genres fable, folktale, realistic fiction, textbook, rd magazine, encyclopedia by the end of 3 grade. Michigan Educational Technology Standards (METS): Grades 3-5 3-5.CI.1. Produce a media-rich digital project aligned to state curriculum standards (e.g., fable, folk tale, mystery, tall tale, historical fiction) 3-5.CI.2. Use a variety of technology tools and applications to demonstrate his/her creativity by creating or modifying works of art, music, movies, or presentations OBJECTIVES: (This lesson plan takes about one week) • Using Prezi, I will be giving a short presentation on the genres that third grade students need to know (fable, folktale, mystery, realistic fiction, textbook, magazine, encyclopedia). • The presentation will include a brief definition of each genre, a long with some examples of texts that are that genre. • Then I will have my students pick a genre that they are interested in. They
  2. 2. will be writing a short story in their journal using that genre. They can also write a magazine article on a current event or a mini encyclopedia on a certain topic. • After they write their short story, I want them to look for images on the Internet that go along with their story (creative commons). • Then I will have them put their story into a PowerPoint presentation along with the images they found. I would like them at have at least 1 image for each slide, so that the audience will have a better understanding of their story. • On Friday, my students will share their presentations with me and the rest of my class. • We will upload the presentations onto our class site, so their parents can see them. Assessment: I will be assessing them all week. I will be walking around the classroom while they are writing their stories and while they are on the Internet to see if they are on task. Then I will be grading their presentations based on their understanding of the genre they chose, their writing, and their use of the Internet. They will get one grade for the whole week for this language arts lesson plan. Learning outcomes: • This lesson will help the students have a deeper understanding of genre and increase their genre knowledge. (Genre knowledge is developed by being exposed to it and doing activities) • Help the students better comprehend that when they read they are reading a certain genre. • For the students to be able to name the genre of the texts they are reading.
  3. 3. • To have a full understand of the genres that are to be taught and learned by the end of third grade: fable, folktale, realistic fiction, textbook, magazine, encyclopedia • For the students to be able to write a story using a certain genre. • For the students to learn how to find images on the Internet and put them into a presentation. Materials for the teacher: • Prezi genre presentation • Assessment sheets for the grading process Materials for the students: • Pencil • Journal (to write their story) • Computer • PowerPoint • (upload PowerPoint) Why I Choose this technology: I choose to use Prezi because it is a fun way for student to learn. The layout and what you can do with the presentation really keeps the students engaged and interested. The lesson plan as a whole is better than traditional means because the students are using the Internet. I think that today students are really interested in technology and the Internet and this lesson plan follows those interests. I think it will help the students better understand genre because it is better than just writing a story and drawing your own pictures. The students actually get to have fun with technology. The lesson plan is pretty straightforward; therefore I do not think the students will have any problems or misconceptions of the content.