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StrongMail Ultimate Email Marketing Champion | DMA10

Back by popular demand, StrongMail hosted the Ultimate Email Marketing Championship at the DMA Annual 2010 in San Francisco. Watch email marketers from Travelocity, Shockwave Games, and Hautelook battle for the title of "Email Marketing Champion"

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StrongMail Ultimate Email Marketing Champion | DMA10

  1. 1. THE RULES Weight Classes:Lightweight = Batch and BlastMiddleweight = Mail MergeHeavyweight = Scary Good Email Marketers HEAVYWEIGHT
  2. 2. THE RULES Bout Duration: 60 Minutes (or until somebody says uncle) Fouls: - Boring the Audience- Physical Abuse (Verbal Abuse is Encouraged) - Audience Not Asking Questions
  3. 3. THE RULES How to Win:Convince the audience that you are the…
  7. 7. LET’S BATTLE!
  8. 8. THE BUSINESSCompany: TravelocityIndustry: Travel and HospitalityIndustry Size: Considered the world’s largest industryProduct: One of the largest and most respected online travel companies selling Vacation Packages, Flights, Hotels, Cars Rentals, Cruises, etc.Size: US Travel and Hospitality: 232 BILLIONEmployees: 3,000Target Market: Lovers of Gnomes and their Travel Companions worldwide.Years of email experience: 10
  9. 9. THE CAMPAIGNCampaign Objective:Convert Active Shoppers to “Purchasers”Campaign Strategy:Promote city Pairs that are X% less that the average fare sold for eachcity pair in the last X Days.Key Metrics Tracked:Open rate, Click-Thru Rates and Conversions!.Definition of Success:Year over Year Bookings Growth
  10. 10. Description THE CAMPAIGN• Promote city pairs that are X% less than the average fare sold for each city pair in the last X daysGoal• Convert purchaseTrip Lifecycle• Pre-PurchaseTarget Audience• Active lookers in last X days who didn’t book their tripFrequency• Daily
  11. 11. THE CAMPAIGNWhy it works• Leverages triggered-alerts• Integration of relevant cross-sell offers• Built-in search functionalityResults• While a fraction of overall email volume, these emails are a significant contributor to overall bookings.• 2-3x of average email open and click- through ratesWhat’s Next• Creative refresh and testing• Reduced noise for select customers• Further refinement of deals/offer engine
  12. 12. What’s Next THE CAMPAIGN• Creative refresh and testing• Reduced noise for select customers• Further refinement of deals/offer engine
  13. 13. TAKE YOUR SHOT
  14. 14. THE BUSINESSCompany: ShockwaveIndustry: Online GamingIndustry Size: One of the fastest industries in the USProduct: Free and Paid Gaming ContentEmployees: 200Target Market: Males 18-24, females 30-48.Years of email experience: 7
  15. 15. THE CAMPAIGNCampaign Objective:New Member EducationCampaign Strategy:Leverage welcome series to avoid overwhelming new users with sitefeaturesKey Metrics Tracked:Member log-insDefinition of Success:Member retention and conversion to paid member or purchaser ofcontent
  16. 16. THE CAMPAIGNEmail #1 in Series: Validation• Validate email• Confirm Newsletter Sub• Direction on Account Management• Profile Set up• Loyalty Program – Tokens
  17. 17. THE CAMPAIGNEmail #2 in Series: Welcome 1• 1 Week Post Joining• Touts Features• Game Suggestions• Loyalty
  18. 18. THE CAMPAIGNEmail #3 in Series: Welcome 2• 2 Weeks Post Joining• Solicits User-Generated Content• Game Suggestions• Loyalty
  19. 19. THE RESULTS• Enhanced User Experience• Increased Page Views• Increased ROI
  20. 20. TAKE YOUR SHOT
  21. 21. THE BUSINESSIndustry: Online retail flash salesHauteLook: The future of retail: Limited-time sale events of great brands for women, men, kids, home and beauty, all at 50-75% off.Founded: December 2007Size: Over 3 million membersEmployees: 200 in Los Angeles, NYC and ChicagoTarget Market: Young, affluent shopping enthusiasts who have a strong sense of style and love a great deal!Years of email experience: 10
  22. 22. THE BUSINESSCampaign Objective:Successfully deliver the daily HauteLook event notification email to over1 million members within the same 10 minute window every day.Campaign Strategy:Keep members engaged every day by delivering relevant contentbased on member lifecycle segment and categories of interestKey Metrics Tracked:Logins to Site, Opens, Inbox Delivery Rate, SSC Compliance Metrics,Delivery TimeDefinition of Success:Member retention and conversion to paid member or purchaser ofcontent
  23. 23. THE CAMPAIGN Micromanage email deliverability and suppress high risk member segments who deliver low ROI (Deadweights)
  24. 24. THE CAMPAIGNUnderstand key milestonesin our member lifecycleand trigger email offers toactivate/reactivate them.• Opens• Clicks• Complaints
  25. 25. THE CAMPAIGNDeliver targeted versionsof the daily emails basedon members category ofinterest. – LeverageWOM
  26. 26. THE CAMPAIGNLift in Open Rates and CTRs for targeted vs non-targeted • ~12% increase in opens • 25% increase in clicks/loginsEmail Inbox Delivery RateSSC Reputation Score
  27. 27. TAKE YOUR SHOT
  28. 28. TIME TO VOTE