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Climate conspiracy


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Billionaires Destroying our Climate. Tipping the scale of our elections. Undermining our democracy

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Climate conspiracy

  1. 1. A Billionaire Climate Conspiracy… Now Corrupting Elected Officials on Long Island First, their climate destroying policies and denial of climate change science helped cause billions of dollars in damage on Long Island during Hurricane Sandy. Now, with Election Day just months away, three super-wealthy individual donors who made huge fortunes in the multi-billion-dollar fossil fuel industry are trying to buy Long Island’s elected officials.
  2. 2. According to campaign finance reports, almost half of the total “housekeeping” funds raised by the New York State Republican Party since the beginning of this year have come from only from three individuals: oil industry billionaire David Koch, hedge-fund billionaire and charter-school backer Paul Singer, and Charles Joyce, president of a pipeline company and a proponent of fracking in New York state.1 These three wealthy donors have personally profited from dirty energy, funded climate denials, and blocked action on climate that could lead us to clean energy economy and create good jobs for Long Island. Now they are taking over the state Republican Party to try to ensure the reelection of Republican State Senators on Long Island so that fossil-fuels- forever policies that will continue to line their pockets with profits while our climate crisis continues to explode. THE BILLIONAIRES' CLIMATE CONSPIRACY... ● Personally profiting from dirty energy: ○ Paul Singer’s hedge fund, Elliott Associates, has more than 14% of its holdings invested in the energy sector, according to recent SEC filings. Elliott’s fossil fuel company holdings include: Hess Corporation, Centerpoint Energy, and Noble 1
  3. 3. Energy. Elliott’s shares in energy companies total more than $1.1 billion combined.2 ○ Charles Joyce is the president of Otis Eastern Service, LLC which builds pipelines designed to transport oil and natural gas.3 Joyce also serves as national committeeman for the New York Republican Party.4 ○ David Koch is the heir to the Koch Industries fortune, based on refineries, chemicals, oil and gas trading and specialty processing of high-carbon tar sands oil.5 ● Funding climate denial: ○ The Koch Brothers have directed at least $88 million to 80 groups denying climate change science since 1997.6 ○ Paul Singer is the chairman of the Manhattan Institute, a right wing think tank with a history of giving voice to climate change denialists.7 ● Blocking action on clean energy: ○ Joyce has repeatedly defended fracking in New York state, including holding a demonstration to “show how the clean the water is when it comes out of the ground” in the Southern Tier8 , appearing in person at county meetings to defend 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  4. 4. fracking9 , and speaking out against Gov. Cuomo’s fracking ban in 2014.10 ○ In 2016, the New York State Assembly passed the “New York State Climate and Community Protection Act, which was called “The Nation’s Most Ambitious Climate Bill”11 Despite also winning the support of a majority of State Senators, the bill was not brought to the floor for a vote by the Republican Leadership. ...NOW CORRUPTING POLITICIANS ON LONG ISLAND: ● Funding a takeover of State GOP to advance fossil-fuels- forever policies: ○ Almost half of the $663,706 total raised by the NY State Republican Party in 2016 for its "housekeeping account" has come from Koch, Singer, and Joyce. ○ David Koch gave the state Republican housekeeping committee $100,000 on April 20, Paul Singer donated $100,000, and Charles Joyce contributed $100,000, while an LLC Joyce created donated another $30,000.12 9 10 11 12