The five biggest mistakes of creating sustainable results


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The five biggest mistakes of creating sustainable results

  1. 1. The five biggest mistakes ofcreating sustainable results
  2. 2. • My name is Tony McCarthy, owner of Stronger Fitter Faster• I am a qualified personal trainer and specialize in female fat loss. I use diet, nutrition, mind set, exercise and relaxation to create individualised and sustainable programmes.• I am pleased to share with you some of the best knowledge and understanding I have learnt from working as a fat loss and fitness coach.• My personal career has led me to work in the top city gyms, with partners, associates, directors and managers of Londons leading companies, and ultimately led me to create my own training company. I am fully booked every month and now I currently employ a GB sprinter, a senior Boxing coach from Repton boxing club and have mentored college students in my system to become an everyday champion.• My system stems from noticing there where a number of similar mistakes being made with almost every client that came to me. Generally they had all tried various different programmes, with varying degrees of success but all had rebounded and went back to their original state if not larger. I interviewed my clients extensively and kept seeing that their was a domino effect in the mistakes they where making and they all began at one definitive point. Most had the wrong perspective on the whole situation and wanted fast, unrealistic results. This led to them choosing the wrong types of training. because they didn’t know what training was right for them they didn’t know how to measure themselves. The lack of measuring correctly led to no assessments being made of the programme efficacy. With low results attainment being seen from programmes more and more drastic measure where being taken. This meant choosing extreme versions of programmes . Using extreme programmes and not seeing results then delt a blow to commitment. Then the lack of follow through with their goals led to procrastination and drop out. Ultimately producing a roundabout effect where there was no proper start and no real end.• My system is designed to counteract many of these problems and in doing so identifies accurately the specific needs of the individual, aligns them with their higher intentions, creates a plan that fits their own lifestyle and tracks their progress on a regular basis.• My clients become everyday champions and these champions learn to lead lives full of passion and energy.
  3. 3. “The following article is created to shed light onthe mistakes I have seen and why you shouldn’t make them yourself”The five biggest mistakes for sustainable change1. Not going through a self evaluation2. Not measuring yourself3. Not planning properly4. Not having follow through5. Not re-measuring yourself
  4. 4. Self evaluation “Self evaluation is the most important part of the programme design. It is the process of self learning and discovering and is the point where you understand what you want, where you are, what will stop you from getting to where you are. At this point you can check if you are ready for change and what the nest sort of change is for you”• By not evaluating what you want will not be able to set any goals• You will not be able to have focus on and end result• You will not be able to plan for change as a consequence• You will not be able to create your ideal you• By not understanding where you are right you will not see what you need to change• You will not see where you going right• You will not see how much effort and impact your goals will have on your life• By not understanding your barriers you will be unprepared• You will not foresee future problems• You will not be ready for scenarios of conflict• You will become consumed with managing problems• You will become distracted from the process• By not aligning your present self with your future self you will bounce you from one goal to the next aimlessly• You will not achieve anything great or long term• You will not make your dreams come true• Your entire programme will have no foundation and you will lose many daily fights
  5. 5. Self Measurement “Measuring is the process of assessing your body, lifestyle, mind and spirit.You create a profile of where you are currently, establishing a starting point to work from”• By not taking measurements you will never know what type of exercise, nutrition, diet or stress management you need• You will not be able to choose the most effective regime• You will not be able to identify weakness and imbalances in your body• You will increase you risk for injury• You will not be able to tell if you have made progress from one week to the next• You will not be able to set goals and track performance• You will likely become demotivated, loose interest in your training and drop out when you cant see a change
  6. 6. Planning“Planning is the process of taking all of your measurements and evaluations and constructing aprogramme that is ideally suited to your individual requirements. Planning is the hardest part because itrequires a great deal of analysis and means you must concentrate on collating everything you know tobe true about your body into a step by step regime that will create your desired ideal self”• By not planning your programme you will not have any structure• If you don’t have structure you wont know what you are supposed to be doing or when• You will not be prepared for anything and risk never even starting• You will not have a grasp of your finances, availability, facilities, equipment, nutrition, holidays or commitments• You will find that everything will be in a state of disorganisation• That you are continually chasing a solution and negotiating a problem• You will not have control over your day• Poor planning leads to de prioritising what is important to your programmes• You will miss training sessions• You will eat at the wrong times• You will choose the wrong foods• You stress levels will go unchecked• No planning leads to early drop out and continued unsuccessful attempts to change
  7. 7. Follow through“Follow through is the execution of your programmes. It is the daily fight and everyday actions thatcontribute to your goal attainment”• No follow through means there is no action, no action means there is no change, no change means you stay thee same• Procrastination is the thief of time and the blanket of the fire of motivation.• If you do not commit to your programme you will see no action• Putting off starting your programme will lead you to never starting• You will continue to talk about wanting to change and never see any results• You will continue to be the same size and do the same habits• You will never see any difference of feel the joy and happiness of succeeding• You will continue to feel down about yourself• You will continue to make excuses and blame everyone and everything else for never getting what you desire• You will loose sight of who you are and become what you fear the most• You will notice you body get further away from you dreams• This will demotivate you and push you into doing less and less• You will continue to waste your time and possibly others
  8. 8. Re-measuring“Re-measurement is the process of evaluating your progress and the efficacy of your programme. At this stage you willhave adhered to some form of regime that you now want to test and check its results”• Without continued re-measurement of you body you wont be able to improve, adapt, adjust or continue confidently• The best programme for you is one that deals with assessing its progress without it you can never tell• If you cant tell if you are getting results you wont be able to analyse your performance• You will not be able to set more goals or even know if you have reached any at all• You will not be able to be held accountable• You will not be able to congratulate yourself• You will not be able to offer reward for achievement• You will not see continued change• When you do not see change from the programme you will try other types• You will cease with the one you are using you will continue to yo-yo• Not measure may lead to you continuing to use the wrong training methods• It may lead you to use the wrong nutritional advise• It may lead you to using in proper technique• It may lead you to increasing imbalances• It may lead to your stress levels rising unchecked• Not knowing if you have done the right type of programme can also lead you to loose focus, loose motivation and fall off the wagon
  9. 9. The next step is to learn my five step guide to becoming an everyday champion To see my solution video Go to