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The five biggest mistakes stopping your weight loss


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  • this slide share is designed to add some light on the real problems holding you back from making progress. These are not gimmicky tips, these are the nuts and bolts of why you keep failing. When you get each stage in this process nailed you will only succeed
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The five biggest mistakes stopping your weight loss

  1. 1. 5 biggest mistakes stopping your weight loss
  2. 2. Diets don’t workMost women start 3 diets per yearEach diet lasts only 19 days67% of diets are broken by the fifth dayEach diet costs about £161
  3. 3. This leaves you feeling Confused and Misled
  4. 4. A breath of fresh air Its not your fault!
  5. 5. Brenda’s Story“I always wanted to have a sculpted body a flat belly and a beautiful booty. I wanted to be confident and wear sexy clothes and I didn’t want to have to struggle to maintain my physique but I realised I was making the same mistakes and never made any progress”
  6. 6. Mistake OneNo goals
  7. 7. You need to knowSelf evaluation is the most important part of the programme design. You needto understand what you want, where you are currently and what will stop you from getting to where you want to be in the future
  8. 8. How I fix this mistake I discover: What you want to achieve Where you are currentlyWhat barriers are stopping you from achieving Align you to success
  9. 9. Mistake TwoNo measurements
  10. 10. You need to knowMeasuring is the process of assessing your body, lifestyle, stress, mind and spirit. You need to create a profile of what your current status is so as to establish a starting point and an accurate basis for planning
  11. 11. How I fix the mistakeI measureGenetics Body CompositionFitness, Strength Structural alignmentand PowerStress Lifestyle
  12. 12. Mistake ThreeNo planning
  13. 13. You need to know Planning is the process of taking all of your measurements and evaluations and constructing a programme that is ideally suited to your individualrequirements that will work with your lifestyle and fit in with your obligations and demands
  14. 14. How I fix this mistakeOrganise your diaryPlan for essential dates Log relaxation timesLog training times Log assessment daysLog meal times Create reward days
  15. 15. Mistake FourNo action
  16. 16. You need to knowTaking action is the execution of your programme. It is the sum of your daily achievements and the everyday actions that contribute to your goal attainment. Without the right mind set or plan you will always find it impossible to fully commit
  17. 17. How I fix the mistakeGet committed Set deadlinesHold you accountable Give you time to adaptBe a support network Focus on the processChange old habits
  18. 18. Mistake FiveNo evaluation
  19. 19. You need to know Evaluating is the process of re-measurement and the point at which you can assess the progress and the efficacy of your programme. At this stage youshould test and check your results and use this information to determine your future
  20. 20. How I fix this mistakeEvaluate programme:Compare results Adapt the programmeIdentify weak points Re-focus your intentionsIdentify strong points Show your progress
  21. 21. Ewa nowI love training again and the results show. Iwon a tri-atholon in Paris I went on holidayto Miami and looked amazingI now know how to train so that my bodyalways responds properly and I seechange…oh and don’t worry about gainingweight anymore.I maintain my training with the SFF Clubwhich is social and keeps me accountable
  22. 22. Brenda nowMy nutrition and training became part ofmy life and this meant that I stoppedstruggling with my weightI feel I have more energy during the day soI can work better and party longerMy confidence has went through the roof Ican now wear the clothes I always wantedto
  23. 23. Astrid nowI am happy everyday being me. I make progressconsistently and I don’t fight against will powerMy weight doesn’t fluctuate anymore and when Igo on holiday I know how to eat for my optimumwell beingI have control over my life and I don’t get hungup about the small things anymore
  24. 24. I am Tony McCarthy a city basedfemale physique transformationcoach. I’m working withexasperated women daily. Ichange their bodies by creatingbespoke weight loss plans toachieve sustainable life changingresults
  25. 25. Breaking with tradition Once you truly know yourself you will never look back My team and I are experts in genetic testing, bodycomposition, structural assessment, mind and body relaxation, nutrition, training and motivationYou will learn the definitive requirements to createa long lasting transformation that you will Iive with forever