The five biggest fintess mistakes a modern women neednt make


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A slide share to demonstrate the five biggest mistake i see with my female clients and solutions about how to prevent them from happening

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The five biggest fintess mistakes a modern women neednt make

  1. 1. The Five Biggest Fitness Mistakes A Modern Women Need’nt Make
  2. 2. Who is Tony
  3. 3. Tony McCarthyOwner of Stronger Fitter FasterQualified personal trainerSpecialize in female fitness and fat lossUse diet, nutrition, mind set, exercise and relaxationCreate bespoke sustainable transformation programmes
  4. 4. My Career
  5. 5. Virgin Active, L.A Fitness, Muscle Works Created Stronger Fitter FasterPersonal and Team Fitness and Health Programmes Employ Internationally Recognised Coaches Fully booked every month
  6. 6. The Problems I’ve Noticed
  7. 7. Impatient
  8. 8. Confused
  9. 9. Unrealistic Goals
  10. 10. My Solution
  11. 11. Hottie Forever System 1. Align you with your higher intention 2. Identify your specific needs 3. Create a plan that fits your lifestyle 4. Hold you accountable to every task 5. Track your progress on a regular basis
  12. 12. I am Known ForSculpting everyday hottie’sInfusing passion and energy
  13. 13. Brenda’s Story of Mistakes“I always wanted to have a sculpted body a flat belly and a beautiful booty. I wanted to be confident and wear sexy clothes and I didn’t want to have to struggle to maintain my physique but….
  14. 14. “I never discovered my barriers and goal’s…I never measured my body…I never planned my regime…I never committed myself…I never evaluated my results” I felt like I was going around in circles, I always wanted fast results, so I would read magazines and look through the internet for the best diets and workouts but always stayed the same
  15. 15. Mistake OneNo goalsNo focusNo foresightUnprepared No matter what programme I started I seemed to have no direction and would inevitably fail
  16. 16. You need to knowSelf evaluation is the most important part of the programme design. You needto understand what you want, where you are currently and what will stop you from getting to where you want to be in the future
  17. 17. SolutionWrite on paper What you want to achieve Where you are currently What barriers are stopping you from achieving
  18. 18. Mistake TwoWrong exerciseWrong nutritionWrong dietWrong stress management No matter how hard I trained or how much I changed my diet and nutrition the choices I made never really worked
  19. 19. You need to knowMeasuring is the process of assessing your body, lifestyle, stress, mind and spirit. You need to create a profile of where you are currently so as to establish a starting point you can work from
  20. 20. SolutionMeasure the followingGenetics Body measurementsDietary requirements CompositionHealth risk factors CircumferencesMuscle fibre composition Blood pressureFitness Structural alignmentVo2max SpineLactate threshold MuscularResistant strength JointsResistant power Energy pathways GaitStress OrthoticsAdrenal glandLifestyle questionnaire
  21. 21. Mistake ThreeNo structureDidn’t know howDidn’t know whenDidn’t know where I didn’t plan my regime and this ultimately lead to being faced with a variety of problems which I would be unprepared for
  22. 22. You need to know Planning is the process of taking all of your measurements and evaluations and constructing a programme that is ideally suited to your individualrequirements that will work with your lifestyle and fit in with your obligations and demands
  23. 23. SolutionWrite in your diary Essential appointments for the month Training times Meal times Relaxation times Rehabilitation appointments Assessment days Reward days Challenge days
  24. 24. Mistake FourNo actionNo commitmentNo patienceAlways an excuse Nothing I ever started really worked properly, and any dreams I talked about remained just that
  25. 25. You need to know Follow through is the execution of your programme. It is the daily fight andthe everyday actions that contribute to your goal attainment. By having yourprogramme created for your ultimate intention you will have focus, drive and commitment because you have already decided that you must achieve it
  26. 26. SolutionCreate rewards Use challenges to motivate youHold yourself accountable Set some inescapable deadlinesHave a network to supportyour new lifestyle Give yourself time to adapt to the new lifestyleRemember why you want tochange Anticipate hurdlesLet go of old habits Get started today
  27. 27. Mistake FiveCouldn’t notice progressCouldn’t identify faultsCouldn’t solve problemsMade injuries worse I never knew if I had made progress, I would become demotivated lost interest in my programmes quickly
  28. 28. You need to knowRe-measurement is the process of evaluating your progress and the efficacy of your programme. At this stage you will now want to test and check its results. You will then be able to adapt and/or maintain
  29. 29. Solution Book in your assessment days at regular intervalsCompare your current measurements to your previous measurements Identify what areas you have not progressed in Clarify the reason’s you have not progressed Adapt the programme to suit the new information Continue with the revised programme
  30. 30. Brenda now“I look fantastic in all my clothes…I truly loves myself…I get regular compliments…I radiate with confidence” I feel wonderful, everyday I make a little progress and manage my life so that I can have more success than failure. My boyfriend tells me I’m hot all the time…oh and I love my new clothes