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90 day sustainably natural transformation plan


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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90 day sustainably natural transformation plan

  1. 1. 90 day Sustainably Natural Transformation Plan
  2. 2. The ideaOver a 90 day period I willIdentify and align you to your goalsAssess your body for a comprehensive tailored planIdentify your specific mantra and teach you about transcendental meditationDeliver the learning modules in a peaceful and disconnected place for complete concentration and zero distractionTeach the method best for your genetics in:• Nutrition• Supplementation• Relaxation• Training• Rehabilitation• Stress release• Time managementMentor you through the process with regular check upsRe-assess after 90 daysGive you a graduation party to commemorate you creating a Sustainably Natural Lifestyle
  3. 3. The product listGetting started Coaching1 X 120 min Personal Consultation and Goal Alignment 1 X 2 day spa break 1 X DNA seminarTests 1 X DNA Nutrition seminar 1 X DNA Exercise seminar2 X Full fitness VO2 max and max lactate threshold 1 X Transcendental Meditation Stress release seminar2 X Strength and power assessment 1 X Structural rehabilitation seminar2 X Stress adrenal gland blood test 1 X Programme planning seminar2 X Stress lifestyle questionnaire evaluations2 X Body measurement and fat composition tests Follow up1 x DNA Genetic Profile for ideal nutrition1 X DNA Genetic Profile for incidence to risk factors 3 X 60 min Nutritional phone check up1 X DNA Genetic Profile for ideal metabolic activity 3 X 60 min Transcendental Meditation check ups2 X Structural assessment 3 X 60 min Activity technique check up4 X 60 min Transcendental Meditation course 1 X 90 day Online and Phone mentoringTailored On completionSupplementation course 1 X Professional photo shootNutrition plan 1 X Graduation partyPhysical activity plan 1 X Sustainably Natural Transformation forum memberRelaxation plan
  4. 4. Going for goldMeet a professional sports person for motivation talkGet one on one 90 day personal coaching in:• Meditation• Rehabilitation• Nutrition• Weights• Sprint training• Boxing training• Yoga training• Dance training• Pilates trainingJoin the Stronger Fitter Faster Fitness club for maintenance trainingPersonal home and lifestyle assessmentPersonal food shopping tripHealthy cooking course
  5. 5. For more information Please send any comments