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IBM Rational Integrated development environments such as IBM® Rational® Software Architect and IBM® Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere Software improve code quality by making it easier to catch defects earlier in the development cycle. Because it takes longer to analyze and design changes to software than it takes to implement the changes, an IDE must provide automated tools to help visualize the impact the changes will have. Such an IDE minimizes the likelihood of negative impacts from changes and simplifies the impact analysis process.

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  • Use sample-based to identify suspect areas of solutionDrill into those with trace-based analysis to isolate nature of offending behavior
  • DANA
  • DANA
  • DANA
  • DANA
  • DANA
  • DANA
  • DANA
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a peer-to-peer protocol used to establish, modify, and terminate multimedia internet protocol (IP) sessions between two endpoints including telephony and instant messaging.A SIP application is a Java™ program that uses at least one SIP servlet where a SIP servlet is a Java-based application component that is managed by a SIP servlet container (for example, WebSphere® Application Server).Here are some common uses of SIP in telecommunications-based applications: Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Instant messaging Click to call Call notification, forwarding, blocking SIP servlet specifications were developed under the Java Community Process: JSR-289 SIP Servlet 1.1 APIJSR-116 SIP Servlet 1.0 APIBoth the SIP 1.1 and SIP 1.0 specifications are based on the Java servlet application programming interface (API). SIP Servlet v1.1 (JSR 289) is a revision of the initial SIP Servlet v1.0 (JSR 116) Specification with additional enhancements. It defines the API for the SIP servlet programming model, clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the SIP servlet container, and describes the convergence of SIP with Java EE components.Converged SIP applicationsA converged SIP application is an application that uses both HTTP Servlet API and Java EE components. A converged SIP application can be either of the following combinations:SIP and HTTP converged applications, hosting SIP and HTTP servlets SIP and Java EE converged applications, hosting SIP, HTTP, and Java EE components such as web services Converged SIP applications created in the workbench are packaged as a WAR file in an EAR file.Differences between SIP 1.0 and SIP 1.1There are some key differences between Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) 1.0 and SIP 1.1 in areas such as the deployment descriptor, annotations, and servlet specifications.
  • DANA
  • DANAService Mapping provides a way of insulating an application that consumes a service from the details of that service provider's interface or location. This is achieved by providing a simple way of performing content-based routing and message transformation. This helps in many scenarios – for example,Service versions: When a service is modified to cope with additional requirements, its interface and location are likely to go through modifications that, although small, are likely to break existing service consumers'Meet in the middle': When a business unit defines the service interface that it expects to use to perform some task, this may well not match the details of an existing 'enterprise service' owned and offered by the IT organisation...and many more
  • Rational Application Developer Overview

    1. 1. Why Rational Application Developer? What’s New in RAD v9.0? 1
    2. 2. RAD uniquely addresses these challenges Challenge • Software is fantastically complex Challenge Solution Automation Challenge Solution High Initial Code Quality Challenge Rapid Comprehension Solution • Maintenance burden limits innovation • Defects are a huge time sink • Repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone implementation tasks Collaboration Challenge • DevOps is a rate-limiting bottleneck Challenge Solution • So many client platforms, devices, and APIs Comprehensive Multi-tier, Multi-channel Dev Tools Challenge www.strongback.us • So many systems of record to integrate with Solution
    3. 3. Business objective: increase business agility and speed of development Challenge • Software is fantastically complex Time Spent Understand Implications Reach Decisions Implement Activity Challenge • Maintenance burden limits innovation – Portfolio keeps growing – Defect density isn’t shrinking – Grokking unfamiliar code bases is a huge time sink www.strongback.us
    4. 4. IDEs including RAD help with things like… • Dense, graphical, composite views that show multiple aspects of a solution under development • Global search www.strongback.us
    5. 5. RAD uniquely helps with things like… • Code visualization and ‘visual editing’ using UML-like notation • Visual SCA tools for composing SOA solutions www.strongback.us
    6. 6. Business objective: increase business agility and speed of development Challenge • Defects are a huge time sink Challenge • Many execution tasks can be repetitive, timeconsuming, and error-prone www.strongback.us
    7. 7. IDEs including RAD help with things like… • Pervasive assists, automations, & “instructors” • Autocomplete • Autocorrect • Code snippets • Code templates • Refactoring www.strongback.us
    8. 8. RAD & WDT help with things like…  XML mapping editor  WSDL Editor  Web services creation Wizards  Deployment Descriptor Editor  Mobile UI Pattern Gallery  … and much more www.strongback.us
    9. 9. RAD uniquely helps with… Dynamic Analysis • Profiling ‒ Trace based ‒ or Sample-based (integrated with Health Center) • Supported for remote systems via Rational Agent Controller • Find memory / object leaks • Find performance root causes • Find undesirable threads Supports WAS V6.1 to V8.5.5; supports Java 5, 6 and 7 www.strongback.us
    10. 10. RAD uniquely helps with… Static Analysis • Find anti-patterns and lame code • Over 200 Java rules with quick fixes • Highly extensible www.strongback.us
    11. 11. RAD uniquely helps with… Code Coverage Analysis – Find bad code or test suite gaps – Use coverage statistics to manage risk, quality, and investment – Dynamically reset coverage statistics at WAS launch Team Lead Coverage results on the latest build are sketchy. I’ll open a bug, and may enable check-in advisor. RAD RTC client Continuous builds – Integration with Rational Team Concert: • prevent checking in of code with missing or poor results • open work items directly from undesirable coverage results Check-in advisor Developer RAD RTC client www.strongback.us Oooh – A bug! I’ll import the results, study them in the Java editor, and resolve the issue.
    12. 12. RAD uniquely helps with… Collaborative Debugging • Diagnosis may lead you into somebody else’s code – You could spend hours or days learning their code – They could spend hours or days reproducing the bug (or not) I just debugged into your code. It appears to be evil. Please help! Developer RAD/RDz RTC client • Don’t bring the bug to them, bring them to the bug – Transfer debug sessions in real time, along with the source – Park debug sessions for later www.strongback.us Developer RAD/RDz RTC client Transfer your session to me. I’ll take over [bet it’s your code’s fault after all]
    13. 13. Business objective: increase business agility and speed of development Challenge Customers • DevOps is a rate-limiting bottleneck Business Owners Development/ Test Release Develop Agile Development Fast and continuous innovation Plan experience development delays www.strongback.us % 34 experience deployment delays Stable Operations Monitor Deploy Test % 41 Operations/ Production % 45 experience production delays Optimize weeks 4-6 to deliver code changes
    14. 14. “DevOps writ small”: RAD and WDT help with… • Deep integration with WebSphere Application Server / Liberty, and Portal Portal v7.0 Portal tooling available only in RAD Liberty Profile feature extensions WDT WAS v8.0 Web 2.0 & Mobile Feature Packs WAS v7.0 Web 2.0 SCA XML CEA Modern Batch OSGi & JPA 2.0 • Simplified Liberty Profile server creation wizards • Modular Liberty run-time target installation via drag & drop • More Liberty features – Minify, clustering, password hashing, LDAP federation • Remote deployment to all servers (except Liberty), web Preview server for Web apps www.strongback.us Production Environments WAS v8.5.5 RAD Test Environments JAX-RS JAX-WS JAXB JSP JPA EJBlite JSF JMS CDI OSGi Portal v8.0
    15. 15. RAD uniquely helps with… RAD Build Utility  automate unit tests  A stand-alone offering supported on Windows, Linux, z/OS, AIX, Solaris  Enables scriptable, automated & headless projects builds created by RAD  Output consists of compiled/packaged code in the form of JAR, WAR or EAR, etc  Includes general purpose & specialized Ant Tasks  Integrates with WebSphere Application Server & WebSphere Portal Server  Integrates with RTC (to automate checkout) projectBuild, launchJUnit, earImport, osgiBundleExport, xmlCatalog, autoAppInstall, scaArchive, startWSserver, ,,, and more! www.strongback.us
    16. 16. “DevOps writ small”: RAD helps with…  Automating…  builds, unit tests, static analysis, and code coverage analysis  middleware provisioning and configuration  app deployments  through integrations with…  RAD Build Utility  Rational Team Concert  Rational Software Architect (for Deployment Planning and Automation)  Rational Build Forge  Rational Automation Framework www.strongback.us
    17. 17. “DevOps writ small”: RAD uniquely helps with… Virtualize developer desktops into a cloud • Support for cloud Deploy applications and workload patterns into a cloud ‒ IBM Cloud Client IN  manage IBM SmartCloud resources and deploy to WAS & Portal in the cloud, from your IDE IDE ‒ Tools for IBM Workload Deployer and PureSystems  develop virtual application patterns in Workload Deployer, linked with normal projects & source code in the RAD workspace ‒ 8.5.1 IDEs in SmartCloud Enterprise and Rational CLM in SmartCloud Application Services  reduce time required to set-up, configure and maintain development environments www.strongback.us WITH Integrate with team lifecycle services running in a cloud IBM Rational solutions on the Cloud Collaborative Lifecycle Management Integrated Development Environments Build and Asset Management
    18. 18. Business objective: quickly deliver robust multi-tier, multichannel business and social business solutions Challenge • So many client platforms, devices, and APIs • So many systems of record to integrate with www.strongback.us
    19. 19. RAD or WDT + Worklight together, help with the front end… • Tools for rapid development of Web, Mobile Web, and Hybrid front ends, optimized for many devices, but with high level of code re-use – Rich visual development tools (e.g. Rich Page Editor) – Comprehensive set of source editing capabilities – Automated management of device-specific extension/customization code – Rich test support (device simulators, test servers) (1.9.0) www.strongback.us
    20. 20. New in RAD & WDT v9.0 : jQuery Mobile Development • Unified editing experience through Rich Page Editor • Instant graphical feedback for jQuery selectors using “jQuery Smart Highlights” • Over 20 reusable & fully extensible mobile web patterns to speed up development • Drag & drop and visualize mobile widgets from the palette • Content assist for jQuery API in source editor • New wizards for jQuery Plugins & widgets creation • jQuery support in Portlet projects • In-editor “Device” rotation and scaling Supports JQuery Core 1.9 and Mobile 1.3 www.strongback.us Mobile web patterns
    21. 21. RAD uniquely helps with… Portal Toolkit • Highlights – Dojo & jQuery configuration settings at project creation time – Wizard to create & configure new dojo mobile views for portlets – Palette drawer for mobile portlet views only Business Process UI auto-generation – Business Process Portlet using JAX-WS for communication between WebSphere Portal & Process Server – Business Process UI auto-generation using page data view – Maven support for Portlet projects www.strongback.us palette drawer for mobile views
    22. 22. RAD uniquely helps with… CommunicationsEnabled Apps • Tools for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) application development – Support JSR 116 (SIP 1.0) & 289 (SIP 1.1) – Accelerate the creation of SIP projects and SIP servlets using wizards – Enhance productivity through content assist, stubs generation, SIP annotation support – Help merge and synchronize converged SIP/HTTP projects between web and sip deployment descriptors through automation and built-in validation – Ease deployment & test using the Import and Export functions of SAR (SIP ARchive file) – Support SIP project deployment to WebSphere Application Server www.strongback.us
    23. 23. … but that back-end should largely be SOA, where… www.strongback.us
    24. 24. RAD uniquely helps with… Service-enabling “recent heritage” assets Locate business logic assets  Annotate, adapt or compose  Consume! Java Compose assets into reusable, multi-lingual services with graphical SCA editing EJB Spring JPA Annotate source or adapt to Web or REST services with editors & wizards @WebService @GET @POST ... JAX-RPC JAX-RS JCA Organize code into OSGi bundles for managed reuse www.strongback.us
    25. 25. RAD uniquely helps with… • Aforementioned Wizardry • Tooling for SCA – SOA programming model for Java, OSGi, Spring, EAR and HTML implementations – WS, EJB, JMS, HTTP, Atom bindings SCA Composite • JCA Enterprise Connectors – CICS – IMS OSGi Application – SAP Bundle Bundle – more • Tooling for Modern Batch (Compute Grid) – For implementing services that perform compute-intensive or data-intensive work Scheduler Container App www.strongback.us xJCL WAS WAS
    26. 26.  Service Mapping – Decouples Web Service client applications from service providers – Insulates applications from evolving interfaces or location changes of service providers through content-based routing & message transformation – Offers a rich set of visual editing tools to easily & rapidly create a service map as a deployable unit for WebSphere Application Server • Key Features – Service-level Mapping Where do I route a request? – Interface-level Mapping What operation to invoke for a given request? – Operation-level Mapping How do I transform the request? www.strongback.us
    27. 27. Rational IDEs (including RAD) uniquely help with… Service-enabling “longer heritage” assets  Part of a broader family of IDEs • Rational Developer for System z • Rational Developer for i • Rational Developer for AIX and Linux  All with common user experience • Reduces learning curves • “Portable-izes” skills  With unique capabilities for service-enabling and otherwise leveraging heritage investments • COBOL • RPG • PL/1  Supported by a rich ecosystem • Partners • Tools • Plugins www.strongback.us
    28. 28. Rational IDEs (including RAD) uniquely help with… Maintaining a heterogeneous application portfolio  For example: seamlessly debug complex solutions across languages & platforms www.strongback.us
    29. 29. RAD uniquely addresses these challenges Challenge • Software is fantastically complex Challenge Solution Automation Challenge Solution High Initial Code Quality Challenge Rapid Comprehension Solution • Maintenance burden limits innovation • Defects are a huge time sink • Repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone implementation tasks Collaboration Challenge • DevOps is a rate-limiting bottleneck Challenge Solution • So many client platforms, devices, and APIs Comprehensive Multi-tier, Multi-channel Dev Tools Challenge www.strongback.us • So many systems of record to integrate with Solution
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