Opeening New Restaurant: Business Plan


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This is an example of Investor Memorandum for new restaurant

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  • Hey great here you displayed each and every thing in very sequential and throughout informative what I want to ask it displays at next slide and it seems beautiful and your information is very helpful to me as I was finding such stuff for a long time and got it from Alberta business now I'm suspensive about what you have exactly to taste for that I'll must visit you soon, Thanx for being there and keep it up!
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Opeening New Restaurant: Business Plan

  1. 1. Restaurant, Lounge Bar, Music Club in downtown Toronto with modern marketing policy Investment Memorandum Toronto April 2012* - Draft name
  2. 2. Dmytro UsmanovI am passionate about two things: cooking and marketing.It is our family tradition to cook and experiment in the kitchen toimpress and satisfy people who surround us.Sixteen years in marketing for international companies, ownerof the advertising agency, intercontinental traveler who’s alwayslooking for something new in multicultural cooking traditions ofMediterranean, Asian, American, and European cuisines.A connoisseur of fine wines. A great music and art lover. Great food & Cell: +1 (416) 389.54.42 Great Business E-mail: dmytro.usmanov@gmail.com
  3. 3. Urban Philosophy World Menu: The restaurant is committed to serve food that is healthy, delicious and at reasonable prices. Cuisine is a matter of change due to seasonal products and includes a wide range of soups, salads, and specialties. Our restaurant changes and moves forward together with the whole world! Every day we prepare something new for our guests.Entertainment : The program features a wide rangingentertainment - live shows, dancing, performances, DJsets, and other talents, etc. Community: The restaurant and music club will be a community center for young professionals in the art and advertising business, film and TV production, hip culture, and music industry.
  4. 4. Menu ConceptTransforming MenuThe menu will vary every day but the most popular dishes willremain. There will be “months” or “weeks of a cookbook”. We willfind and choose a definite old cookbook and prepare dishes fromits list which mostly suite our idea using local products.Fresh and Seasonal ProductsThe restaurant will feature a direct delivery from organic food &drink producers. Producers may have their presentations andspecialized “promotion weeks” introducing their unique product.Best World ExperienceWe travel around the world and collect the best recipes. Some newand rare cuisines for Canadian market will be introduced to theaudience: Georgian, Ukrainian, Middle Eastern etc.Exclusive Own ProductsAs a house specialty the restaurant will produce fresh home madesauces. Also, we will prepare home made liquors from seasonalberries, fruits and spices. Special deals with wineries who will makethe exclusive branded wines.
  5. 5. EventsOn the weekends during the day there will be a cooking school where common patience forfood will be combined with networking, hanging out and tasty lunch.We are open to corporate events, private parties, world national holidays, etc. We will getkosher products for Hanukah, sell food after sunset during Ramadan, bake blinis in the endof winter celebrating Maslennitsa, propose fresh herring when New Catch Holland Herring -”Hollandse Nieuwe” - days begin, Catholic or Orthodox Easter - we celebrate both!The venue will also be equipped to handle small rock bands performances and otherartists. Trendy musicians, DJs and artists will be invited to dine and play.
  6. 6. CommunityOur restaurant doors are open for everybody who is seeking for a good meal.We are glad to see young professionals from advertising and design agencies, fashiondesigners, architects, OCAD University students, film producers, musicians and artiststo dine, party, drink and meet each other at our place. We welcome people who arefond of music, always seeking something new and exciting, ready to meet like-mindedpersons. Lots of young talents will be opened on our stage with our help. There’s aplace of freedom and expression!
  7. 7. Interior and Mood Open kitchen - so the guests may see the process of cooking, clean working place, fresh products, and cooking over an open fire Music policy :  NYC jazz compilations during the morning breakfast;  Latest American & European indie releases during the brunch and lunch;  Latest dance floor fillers or lounge classics during the lunch and evenings;  Vinyl playing DJs will be welcomed Interior: - Tables for 2/4 persons - Bar counter Max. Capacity Max. weekly traffic - Chairs and armchairs - Little stage for artists and DJTables: 42 1.960 - Patio for warm season Bar: 20 650 - NYC style urban lounge
  8. 8. Go-To MarketSpecial offers, events and promotions will beconstantly announced in social media.We will meet and invite interesting people to ourrestaurant telling them about our new propositionsand events.Journalists from NOW Magazine, CTV and CP24channels will be our guests.As a part of marketing policy some evenings will bededicated to “Be A DJ For Your Company” eventswhere everyone who can use turntables mayintroduce himself/herself to the audience and playhis/her selection of tracks.
  9. 9. Milestones Expected starting date: 2012 June Positive Income: 2013 July Break-Point: 2014 December 2012 2013 2014 2015Staff 18 23 25 29Table customers, persons 9,594 39,780 58,500 77,220Bar customers, persons 3,100 12,852 18,900 24,948Events customers, persons 1,328 5,508 8,100 10,692Out customers, persons 11,176 44,880 66,000 87,120Revenue, ths $ 583 $ 2,405 $ 3,537 $ 4,669Cost, ths $ 1,176 $ 2,327 $ 2,463 $ 2,709EBITDA, ths $ (592) $ 77 $ 1,073 $ 1,959Cashflow $ (982) $ (926) $8 $ 1,713