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Stripper Wages


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Rebecca Avalon of compares stripper wages to mainstream careers

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Stripper Wages

  1. 1. Stripper Wages: How Much Money do Strippers Make?<br />By Rebecca Avalon<br />In the current recession, there are hundreds of women who have turned to stripping to make ends meet for their families.  Despite the decrease in overall strip club attendance and spending, their new career wages are comparable to some very esteemed professions.<br />I get asked all the time, “How much money do strippers make?”  Well, it varies from a good night to a bad night, but suppose a stripper only averages $200/shift and she works 4x a week.  That is $800/week or $40k per year.  If she works 5x a week that is $1000/week or $50k per year.  When I first posted this article in the fall of 2007, most of the strippers I knew were averaging $500/shift, working 4 shifts a week, which translated to a 6 figure business.<br />Some strippers are still making that kind of money (the ones who have taken DancerWealth certainly are!) However most of the exotic dancer I know have taken a 20% or more hit to their profits due to the slowing economy.<br />I spent a good 2 hours researching the Bell Curve Statistics of Professional salaries.  If you are not a statistician, let me explain.  In this case the bell curve measures the distribution of salaries from the lowest 10th percentile, the middle 50th percentile, and the highest 90th percentile.  The bell curve measures data more accurately than an average does.  The average is a poor measurement of data because one very high or one very low number can completely skew your average.  (Snooze, snooze….I was a math teacher remember???)<br />All Figures are Given in Thousands of Dollars except M means Million.<br />DOCTOR.10th Percentile50th Percentile90th PercentileAnesthesiologist200250400Psychologist587096Radiologist250300450Psychiatrist130180210Brain Surgeon185300400Surgeon185300400Family Practice120150202Dermatologist160200300Plastic Surgeon186300450Neurologist135200260Orthopedic Surgeon200350540Heart Surgeon210450600Chiropractor5175115Ob/gyn160230320Pediatrician110150190Emergency Room170220260ATTORNEYAttorney I6585115Attorney II81115148Attorney III107140185Real Estate Attn.75100146Patent Attorney I3870118Top Patent Attorney125200240Intellect Property I95125150Intellect Property IV130200250Tax Attorney115175204Employmt Law6290110ENGINEERElectrical I467596Electrical III617596Civil I415057Civil III607085Aerospace455063Mechanical546580Project Mgr77100113Top Eng Executive100180235InvestmentsStock Broker405060Floor Broker70120170Financial Analyst I354557Financial AnalystIV6485100Retail Sales Assist263238Real EstateSales I324552Sales III130200288Appraisal Resident.304049Appraisal Commerc607587Loan Officer I466093Top Loan Officer82100155</P>< TD>EducationUniv Professor45100181University Dean88120150VoTech Teacher284560Private Consultant6580100Public school315065Day Care192530Business Admin.Executive I516580Top Executive124175233Client Rel. Mgr I305075Senior Relations Mg74100125Bus. Development305087Systems Analyst I374560Systems Analyst IV6480100Bus Banking I81100115Bus Bank Exec76150250Biotech Dev Mgr76100114Supply Chain Mgr71100124Top Supply Ch Mgr117200346Baseball PlayersMinor League101825Dbacks3804003.9MYankees3801.5M11MA’s3804502MCubs3853M8M..><br />I included baseball players because it cracks me up how these Minor League guys waltz into the Strip Club during Spring Training.  They love to tell the doorstaff that they should get in for free because they’re baseball players, and they think the girls should give them free dances because they’re baseball players.  The new girls eat it up because they think they’re sitting on the lap of the next Derek Jeter.  Uh….nope….homeboy is only making $2500 a month!! Also notice that even though the newspapers report that the average baseball salary is 2 million, most of that money is going to the top players like Bonds, Jeter, Sosa, etc.  The majority of the guys in the league are pulling $385K.  Not too shabby…but a far cry from the “average” 2 million.<br />What I found most depressing was the salaries for higher education.  Everyone knows public school teachers don’t make much money…but university professors aren’t far behind.  Look at the salary range for University Deans!  These are some of the brightest minds in the world…and they’re not making much more than a stripper?<br />It drives home the fact that EDUCATION does not equal MONEY anymore.  I wish I could change that equation but I can not.  Going to school, getting an advanced degree does not guarantee you a safe job with a pension, as many college grads are now finding out.<br />I am not saying that stripping is the solution for every attractive woman.  However, if you are considering becoming a stripper or want to make more money stripping, I teach women how to do this at<br />